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Dear all,

Paper on re-myelination and the benefits in spinal cord injuries.

Wish I was a rat (or a mouse)! They seem to get much better (and effective) treatment than we humans.


PS The UK MS Society, the Candaian MS Society and the Myelin Repair Foundation (and others) are all investing in projects aimed at re-myelination. Really hope this approach works but I'd feel a lot better ...
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MN 166

Another drug in trial.

May be, just one day, one of these drugs will be really effective and actually come onto the market!


PS I like the way the trials are taking place in eastern europe. There can't be many MS sufferers in western europe who haven't been on a trial.
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Can I take LDN + ABX + Copax?

Anyone on all 3, LDN, a CpN protocol as well as copaxone?

Can you take all 3 safely and effectively?

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WHere is the best info

HI! It's me Marie. I have another question. I have been reading this forum until I'm bleary -eyed the last few days and have a tablet full of notes to compile into something coherent that I can present to the doc who treats MS with minocycline. What fabulous information from everyone who generously donates their time. Thanks!

I find I am confused as to the life cycle of the CPn and the cryptic form etc. ...
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Brain's response to injury better understood

This is research that will take a while to trickle down to therapies to help PwMS, but it seems like an important advance.

How the Brain Responds to Injury or Disease Described by University of Virginia Researchers

August 1 - AScribe Newswire - When the brain is threatened - from trauma or stroke or from diseases like AIDS, multiple sclerosis or cancer - the body's protective immune system is usually activated to try and repair ...
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Faster Genetic Sequencing

Anything that speeds up decoding DNA is good news...

DNA Machine May Advance Genetic Sequencing for Patients

August 1, 2005 - NY Times - A new kind of machine for decoding DNA may help bring costs so low that it would be feasible to decode an individual's DNA for medical reasons. The machine, developed by 454 Life Sciences of Branford, Conn., was used to resequence the genome of a small bacterium in four hours, its ...
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There's a lot of talk on this site about fatigue, sleeping a lot, naps, etc. My problem is LACK of sleep and NOT being able to sleep. Is that just the old menopause thing (I've been doing that for 10 years) or is MS contributing? When I don't get enough sleep, my MS symptoms are worse but I can't seem to fall asleep and stay asleep at night.
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HarryZ, in a recent post regarding spasticity, mentioned that his wife was finding some relief from Sativex, a newly introduced product, in Canada. I thought it might be appropiate to put the subject to a new thread.

It would be good to hear more about this treatment from our Canadian friends. Presumably it can be prescribed only to people residing in Canada or can it be exported? How does the treatment rate given the ...
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Treatment for nerve pain caused by diabetes

This is a drug for nerve pain caused by diabetes but if it works should be of use in MS. Some with MS must also have diabetes - their poor old nerves!

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"De Nile" is not a river in Egypt

Hi everyone - This is my leap into accepting diagnosis and identify as a person living with MS. I have been searching the sites for about a year now, after hearing "Possible MS" about 2 years ago, with the confirmed diagnosis in October 04. Looking back, my story is much like so many of you - odd things happening since my late teens; but always attributed to other possibilities - then they were resolved and ...
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