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Stressed Out!

Good grief, I am stressed and it is making me want to scream.

I work in the mortgage industry and things are coming apart at the seams. All this just make my MS go crazy.

Will I have a job tomorrow or not? Will I have insurance tomorrow or not? Can I find another job? If I do will the insurance cover my MS meds? What next??

Any suggestions?? Thanks for letting me vent....

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firefox addon

you can filter google advertising using adblock; once you download it, a new menu item will appear under "Tools". you can display all blockable elements. select items for filtering that mention ads, syndication, and such. bye bye bikinis. of course this is not desirable for all users ARTI.
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Back on track

Ok guys,

Lets get back on track. I am seriously considering this procedure. Just as Lyon says it is one of the closest things to a cure even if it's not a true cure. I'm thinking about the pros and cons right now. In "your alls" opinions what are the pros and cons?

Obviously this is a major procedure not to be taken lightly. Just the hurdles you must jump through in order to present ...
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Hi from Italy

Hello everyboby, I'm italian so I apologize for all the mistakes I'm gonna make (correct them if you want).
I'm happy I found this web site, I know a similar italian one, but I don't know why I think here i could find something more.
My boyfriend has MS, his story started in 1994. For the first 8 years his doctor and his family didn't even tell his what was the real problem (they just ...
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A tip for helping muscle range in the legs

Spasticity effects me greatly in my legs and I'm stretching all day long to try to maintain the range of my muscles (it's a battle that I am, I'm afraid to say, losing very slowly). One thing that I have found which helps greatly for foot drop and clonus is to sleep with my feet flat against the wall at the end of my bed. I turned my bed around to face the wall just ...
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Copaxone When does the pain end?


When does this shot become less painful? I mean I've been on it since July and its the worst most painful shot ever! The welts are terrible and the itching is insane but I'm trying to tough it out like the new Neuro doc said too till December.....

Has anyone had that horrible flushing side effect they talk about? Thankfully I have not but I have had others but the pain of that shot ...
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Lyndacarol, question.

I didn't want to mess up the liver thread with this.
When pre-diagnosis and after, my upper stomach would burn/itch inside. I set a chiropractor appt for my gait, and went to the GP for my stomach. I thought I had pancreatic cancer. The GP chuckled at me and told me I was much too young for that. I don't have good news, though, he said. Anything you tell me is fine I said, ...
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Plastics cause insulin resistance


Thought this would be of interest to you. If you are drinking bottled water or eating a lot of foods from plastic containers, maybe that is why you can't get your insulin level down.


Medical News Today
Link Found Between Bisphenol A And Metabolic Syndrome In Human Tissue
07 Sep 2008

New research from the University of Cincinnati (UC) implicates the primary chemical used to produce hard plastics - bisphenol A (BPA) - ...
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