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Small molecule research

Biotechs Expand Into Small Molecules For Drug Discovery
Main Category: Biology / Biochemistry News
Article Date: 03 Nov 2006 - 12:00pm (PST)

Biotech companies traditionally focus on large proteins in their quest to find new drugs. But faced with the complex nature of disease, these companies are increasingly turning to small molecules as well. This new push into small-molecule drug design, which researchers hope will deliver better and more effective disease treatments, is explored in ...
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Loobie's Tovaxin trial experience

Opexa has successfully made a vaccine formulation from your cell line. Your first dose should happen the week after thanksgiving. We have to split up the first visit. Let me know if the following schedule works for you:
27 NOV 2006 - MRI 9:30 at DMI, with your labs, and doctor visit occuring immediately after at St. E's.
28 NOV 2006 - 1st dose 10:00 at St. E's

Well this is an email from ...
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Hello, Ewizabeth here

Hi Everybody,

I'm known online as Ewizabeth at several websites. I'm married for 26 years, we have two sons, 23 & 25.

I work full time, four 10.5 hour days per week. I'm going to online college fulltime also, to finish my BSBA degree, should be finished in one year.

I was diagnosed with RRMS in January 2003, but probably had it for decades before. I'm 48 yrs old now.

I started with Avonex, then ...
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Retired and unable to enjoy it! Are you driving?

:?: So after fighting SSA for two years I finally achieved the bliss of full disability. It is not enough to use for exotic travel, but it came with Medicare and at least my medical expenses have gone down.

Now how do you/we cope with empty nest syndrome, children who won't accept the diagnosis and that constant feeling of the need to do be doing something we ...
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when it rains...

it pours and then some.

more than a month ago, my symptoms - fatigue, numbness a few others started to intesify but still manageable.

please forgive any spelling errors - this message was written with the right-hand hunt n' peck method ;-)

a week ago i was treated for UTI symptoms...

this monday i called my neuro to give him an update, and he told me to ...
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Giovannoni - "The infectious causes of M.S."

This is the Lancet Neurology link to the review article, but there is no abstract:

However, there is also this:

Summary: The cause of MS is unknown but some infective agents are thought to play a contributory role. This review article discusses two of the possible candidates, Epstein Barr virus and Chlamydia pneumonia, and the evidence for each of them.

authors: Giovannoni G, Cutter GR, Lunemann J, Martin R, Munz C, Sriram S, ...
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New to injections and bit freaked out!

Hi All,
I was diagnosed with MS in Aug this year and am now on my first week of injections with Copaxone. It's been a bit of a whirlwind from diagnosis to this point and am feeling a bit scared and alone with this whole injecting thing. When I inject I get a stinging sensation afterwards... this I can cope with but it's much worse on my arms and bottom. Really painful, has anyone else ...
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health thru biodiversity

so, i'm writing this essay on the importance of biodiversity to the healthy function of ecosystems. the issue has its critics i know, but that's my assignment. so anyway, i'm reading on the david suzuki site:

"The world food supply today is derived from 30 crops which supply about 90 per cent of calories to the human diet. And just 14 animal species make up 90 per cent of the livestock we raise" and he ...
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hey guys i have an idea for a fun project. i haven't checked if it's been proposed on here before, but let's edit the hell out of the multiple sclerosis page at wikipedia. we can each do a section on our favourite topics (all appropriately referenced of course!) or elaborate on what's there if it's already mentioned.

i want to start compiling a list for the serum values of nutrients in ms patients in remission ...
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Myelin Repair Foundation

I urge everyone to take a look at the Myelin Repair Foundation site. The Foundation is ahead of schedule (goal was five years to develop a drug for myelin repair)

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