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Weird visual symptom...

Had a really odd visual thing last night - went up to check on my son asleep and as I looked at his face in the near-darkness I could see his eyes, nose and mouth, but then all his features disappeared and I was looking at a blank face-shape. God MS is so horror-film-ish sometimes. Then as I kept looking his features reappeared, then disappeared etc. ...
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Heeeelp please...spasms are killing me!!

Sat watching tv last night and suddenly my feet felt hot/burning sensation.. then leg cramp kicked in.. this is a new symptom for me as i get it allot in arm. Suddenly my foot went crazy..i had no control over it unless i pressed it hard to the ground.. The muscle went that tight my foot went stiff it felt like my anckle was being strangled and my bones were going to snap. omg ive ...
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Autoimmune Disease Treatment May Not Dampen Immune System

THURSDAY, June 19 (HealthDay News) -- Researchers have uncovered cellular proteins that may be key to certain autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, according to a new study.

The findings, performed so far only in mice, point to potential new treatments for a range of human diseases that are mediated by immune system T-cells. These include many inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, illnesses that involve an immune system run amok.

More important, such a treatment might provide patients ...
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Tovaxin and LDN

I don't know if this question has been asked before so smack me if it LDN allowed if you are in the trial for Tovaxin?

I am so tired of all these drugs I am taking that aren't working that I am ready to stop taking everything except the Topamax for my migraines and try LDN....seriously. But, I cannot find anything about whether or not it is approved....

anyone know?

I am tired of ...
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Chris' update

I got one up on my site.
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Newly Diagnosed and Entering Campath Trial

Hello everyone. I am new here and I have been reading this forum since my diagnosis in April 2008. I had an incident in 2006 where my right forearm/hand went numb and I didn't have much muscle control. My neurologist could not find anything conclusive and decided we would monitor the hand. 2-3 weeks later I was back to normal and I never gave it another thought. In March 2008 I experienced numbness in my ...
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I didn't want to jinx it but.......

Seven weeks out from HiCy, Melissa has zero MS symptoms.

She also has zero hair but anyway!

The quickest recovery was bowel symptoms. This righted itself about a week after HiCy.

She's pooped daily since then, missed one day but so did I that day - I cooked the night before.

Last April (pre-diagnosis) she didn't go for three weeks. She had strong enemas, a scope up her arse, daily laxatives and didn't go. Eventually ...
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What to do now??
I copied info I entered previously.

OK-- I just got off the phone with Dr. Hammond and I was told that Revimmune is not very effective in people with SPMS. I am soooo finished now. I was diagnosed with RRMS and he said they are using RRMS patients. So if I had the treatment when diagnosed RRMS (2002) it would have been better????????? :roll: ...
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Emotional shocks

What do you do when you're presented with a huge emotional shock? My girlfriend of three years, we were starting to talk about marriage, is leaving me. She's moving out and taking with her much of my emotional support/confidence with her. I'm already depressed as it is, MS related. but have put off seeing the doctor for it. I'm afraid if I go in now they will just cast it off as depression linked only ...
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