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pregnancy and Avonex

Plenty of info warning women to get off Avonex if they become pregnant. Also a handy registry to register yourself if you're pregnant and on Avonex at ... tml#Avonex.

That's all well and good. But where's the research? Where are the outcomes? Avonex has been around for years now, as have the other MS drugs. Aren't there any conclusions or initial hypotheses yet beyond just "don't do it"? ...
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I had read some positive effects for acetyl-L-carnitine on fatigue in MS patients, based on a double-blinded study. I had also had some non-MS friends claim some energy benefits. The abstract on the MS study is below, I'm sure it has already been posted elsewhere.

I thought I would give it a go, starting with 250 mg with the idea of walking up to 1g total/day (in 4 250 mg increments), taking 250 mg for ...
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Australian MS researchers

The Howard Florey Institute in Australia seems to be doing some interesting stuff on MS.
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Trauma and MS

Dear all,

The New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis website has a page called world news which pulls in all press articles around the world which include a reference to MS. On the whole, the articles are not for the easily depressed (like me)as many are obituaries e.g. John Smith 52, after a long battle with MS. Many of the articles in the last few days have been about the case in Canada where a mother helped ...
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Money for nothing

Dear all,

The following was posted on the MSRC website:


Sales of the multiple-scelrosis drug totaled $1.18 billion in 2005, 26% more than in 2004.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. has announced, in conjunction with the release of the Sanofi-Aventis group's financial results, that global in-market sales of its multiple-sclerosis drug Copaxone reached $323 million in the fourth quarter of 2005, representing an increase of 24% over the comparable quarter of 2004.

For the full ...
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Abx Folks - Minocycline Question


My doc prescribed Mino for me last week, 100 Mg 2X/Day. He's prescribed it for it's immunomodulating properties, not its ABX properties, but at least he prescribed it.

Started it last week, and found it very hard to take. Lots of dizziness, nausea, feeling very spacey. So much so that I had to stop, because I needed to function at work. I'm anxious to start up again, but would like to slowly build up. ...
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Sarah, your husband's neck swelling.

I was looking at the Cpn site and was reading your husband's story. The change in his looks is amazing. I would have asked this over there, but am not familiar with blogs yet. The pictures really caught my attention, because it looks like my son's neck. Is swollen glands a part of what your husband was experiencing?

My son has had numerous gland's that would literally swell up huge over night. He was treated ...
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I am SOOOO exceited to find all of you!!!!!

My mom has a diagnosis of MS for about 5 or 6 years now. She has been sick for at least 30 years with what was FM. My whole family is sick. I have been sick for 25 years with FM and recently diagnosed with chronic late stage Lyme. My daughter has also been diagnosed with a very clear Lyme that was likely passed from me to her. My son is also sick but not ...
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Modern Medicine: The New World Religion ... e&n=283155

Put forth in this book is the assertion that medicine is actually ruled by a set of beliefs, myths, and rites of Christianity it has never freed itself from. Supporting this claim are discussions about the ways in which physicians have taken the place of priests, vaccination plays the same role as baptism, the search for health has replaced the quest for salvation, and the hope ...
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need help!

hello, I'm Géraldine, 33 years old, French. I've been taking LDN for 2 years and I now have a very big exacerbation... my last IRM shows 5 new scars and I've had sensitivity symptoms for 4 or 5 months.

I don't want to take steroids because it's not compatible with LDN, but friends tell me to take steroids despite this....

I would like to ask Dr Bihari and Dr Lawrence their opinion about my problem. ...
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