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Suggestion on Sleep disorder as a symptom

I suggest and I’m begging you to create a site where the symptoms can be enumerated and possible diagnoses can be given. That would be a great help to both the patient and the doctor and your site will surely increase in popularity. I'm suffering from sleep deprivation eversince my accident last 6Sep03 which left me deaf and disabled (because I'm not able to balance probably because I’m deaf). I think a brain trauma resulted ...
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Hygiene hypothesis

Summary of an article from Science Direct. I thought at least Bob might be interested in it.

Hygiene hypothesis: Innate immunity, malaria and multiple sclerosis

Received 9 October 2006; accepted 10 October 2006. Available online 21 September 2007.


The establishment of new hygienic conditions plays a role in the appearance of autoimmunity in “westernalised” countries. Consistently, but still unconvincingly, several epidemiological and immunogenetic evidences link the disappearance of malaria with the increase of ...
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Optic Neuritis Help anyone....??

I know that I have seen this type of post before, but I wanted to put this out there again. My ON is really bad now and one of the worst symptoms I have lately. I have been wearing dark glasses inside because I am very light sensitive and it halps mask the vision defects from the ON. I am getting to the point where I will have serious problems going about my day if ...
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Site(s) that explain the theories? Myelin Damage?

I'm googling and searching sites and goggling more. I've used the JI search engine (a good one) and I'm not finding this.

Does anyone know where to find this?

I want to find a list of all the theories of how the myelin comes to be damaged. Obviously we don't know what does the damage, but what are the theories?

I'm specifically interested in how undamaged myelin that's sitting around in the brain minding it's ...
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I have just taken my 8th Avonex pre-filled injection today, but today was my third with the auto-injector... Wow, it is truly amazing.

I was wondering if what I heard is true, that the auto injector is only available in Canada and Europe. Is this true? I figured the drug makers would make it available wherever the drug is sold, in order to make taking the drug easier. Hence keeping people on it longer.

I ...
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cervical spine injuries

Dr. Erin Elster's study of parkinson's and ms patients showed 100% of them had c-spine (neck) injury and have some wonderful results with chiropractic (specific) well worth reading this site...Hello to all! katie
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MS Simulator

I went down to the Mall of America today and saw this exhibit. Although I was unable to try it out (over 2 hour wait), it was interesting to see the number of people who were interested in it.


<shortened url>

'Step inside MS'' National Tour Brings First-of-Its-Kind Multiple Sclerosis Simulator to the Mall of America in Bloomington
09.19.07, 11:02 AM ET

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Secrets Of The Self-Made 2007 ...
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i amin teriflunomide since december 2006 there is side effx

I am new here. I just want to share about the medicine.. teriflunomide.. doctor said it was placebo which every pill could be consist of 7gram or 14 gram of it..

but then the side effect is quite critical.. seems the pill is suppressed the antibody.. and i have hairloss...i kind of scared. my leucosyt is dropped from 4,0 to 2,4.. while that happened..i kinda felt dizzy and no appetite, no encouragement to do things...easy ...

Dating Venting

I know these forums are often best used for discourse on medications...symptoms...and, a host of other relevant material...however, sometimes i need to use it to get something out of my well as support...and, i guess that is what i am using it for today...

tonight i was faced with a topic that i wrote about a 1/2 year that time, I was pretty down after an early relationship didn't work out...although the MS ...
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Rationale for N-acetylglucosamine in MS

Cell-surface sugar defects may trigger nerve damage in multiple sclerosis patients
21 September 2007

Study also suggests treatment for short-term and long-term damage caused by chronic disease.

Defects on cell-surface sugars may promote the short-term inflammation and long-term neurodegeneration that occurs in the central nervous system of multiple sclerosis patients, according to University of California, Irvine researchers.

The findings also suggest that a dietary supplement similar to glucosamine may be useful as an oral ...
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