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Why metronidazole(flagyl) every 4th week?

Remind me again the rationale behind these pulses which cause me to become really WEAK ..... For those who do not know, my history is PPMS, 5th year since the onset of symptoms, slow progressive increase in spasticity, bladder issues and ability to walk. One year on CAP(doxycycline, azithromycin and my least favorite flagyl pulse every 4th week).

Back to the reason of my post.....The flagyl pulse was originally prescribed as 500mg, one tablet 3x ...
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United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

Does anyone know if Copaxone is available in Abu Dhabi in the U.A. E.? I am hoping to relocate there, but only if I can continue treatment.
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New with questions!


The situation is that last March I was diagnosed as having CIS, one attack, one lesion at C4-C5, brain scan totally clear and a positive lumber puncture. No 'official' dx, just a 50 50 chance. My mum also has RR MS.

10 months on, I had another MRI 2 weeks ago, brain scan now has 8 lesions, neuro wants me on DMD's.

Obviously it isnt much of a surpise, but at the same time ...
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Just passing through to introduce myself. :P
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cyclophosphamide patients from Johns Hopkins

Is there anyone that would like to share their experience with Drs Brodsky & Kerr's high dose cyclophosphamide treatment for multiple sclerosis?
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Surprise in Lab Helps ID Drug to Fight ALS

Not sure if this falls under gene therapy really, but seemed as good as place as any.

"It is exciting not only from the standpoint of ALS, but also because of its implications for understanding basic cell biology. Rac1 is implicated in many cellular processes including cellular migration, proliferation and differentiation, and is an important component of inflammatory disease processes," team leader John Engelhardt, head of anatomy and cell biology at UI's Roy J. ...
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brain mapping

With this effort, the Blue Brain project and the Brain Atlas, science is doing some amazing stuff...

Mapping the Most Complex Structure in the Universe: Your Brain

January 24, 2008 - Wired - Harvard scientists have embarked upon an ambitious program to create a circuit diagram of the human brain, with the help of new machines that automatically turn brain tissue into high-resolution neural maps.

By mapping every synapse in the brain, researchers hope to ...
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Nitrous oxide and ms?

I've seen a good few papers on Nitric oxide and MS, but just wondering about Nitrous oxide. <shortened url>
....excuse my ignorance but is it totally different?

It's just that nitrous oxide (tradename "Entonox") is used for pain relief during labour (34 wks pregnant at the moment!) and I'm researching my options - but I don't want to take it if it would increase relapse risk in any way.

Does anyone here know anything ...
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I'm new with a question

Hi everyone, I've been reading these forums for awhile and you all seem quite helpful so I'm hoping you can answer my question for me.

sometimes I my arms (sometimes one at a time but sometimes both at the same time) start to tingle and then I get pain in my upper arm muscle that feels like a really bad cramp. my arm also feels heavy and weak and like I can't move it, but ...
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Teen takes on donor's immune system

Demi-Lee Brennan had a liver transplant after she suffered liver failure. Nine months later, doctors at Sydney's Westmead Children's Hospital were amazed to find the teenager's blood group had changed to the donor's blood type.

Further tests revealed the stem cells from the donor liver had penetrated her bone marrow.
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