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leukaemia drug can halt, reverse effects of MS

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Study finds leukaemia drug can halt, reverse effects of MS

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Yahoo AFP News

LONDON (AFP) – Researchers at the University of Cambridge said Thursday they have found that a drug originally developed to treat leukaemia can halt and even reverse the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis (MS).

In trials, alemtuzumab reduced the number of attacks in sufferers and also helped them recover lost functions, apparently allowing damaged brain tissue to ...
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Phase 2 complete....results in NEJM

improvements on disability scale in campath group, reduced lesions, better brain volume, no diff. between 12 or 24 mg doses....looks alot better than interferon-

Results Alemtuzumab significantly reduced the rate of sustained accumulation of disability, as compared with interferon beta-1a (9.0% vs. 26.2%; hazard ratio, 0.29; 95% confidence interval , 0.16 to 0.54; P<0.001) and the annualized rate of relapse (0.10 vs. 0.36; hazard ratio, 0.26; 95% CI, 0.16 to 0.41; P<0.001). The mean disability ...
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Death by Caffeine

Ok see how much it will take to kill you.
and no there is no evil man gonna jump out at you when you open this link. Promise :P
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What do you make of my pre-MS dream?

I had this dream in 1994, was diagnosed in 1998.
I kept a dream diary for a few years, and I found a dream I described - once I read it it came back to me with a bang. It was super-vivid, I woke drenched in sweat the night I had it and didn't sleep afterwards.

Does anyone make anything of this (apart from the fact that I'm bonkers ...
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Great moments in modern pharmaceutical research...

I'm not discounting the great benefits we have obtained through research but long gone are the days when Jonas Salk declared the following regarding his discovery of a polio vaccine...

While being interviewed by Edward R. Murrow on See It Now in 1955, Salk was asked: "Who owns the patent on this vaccine?" Surprised by the question's assumption of the requirement of a profit motive for his creation, ...
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Tysabri and Cerebral Perivascular Spaces

I came across this abstract of a study they did involving Tysabri in use with MS patients. I'm reading that long term use of the drug reduces T lymphocytes in the immune system which is not good. Would appreciate any comments.


Decrease in the Numbers of Dendritic Cells and CD4+ T Cells in Cerebral Perivascular Spaces Due to Natalizumab.
Martin MD, Cravens PD, Winger R, Frohman EM, Racke MK, Eagar TN, Zamvil SS, Weber ...
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Speech Problems


I have a question about speech problems. Sometimes when I am trying to speak I will slur my words or not be able to think of a specific word to describe something that I would normally know.

I was speaking with a customer service rep today and I was trying to ask her a question. I could not put my question into words no matter how hard I tried. I knew what I wanted ...
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If coffee is good for you

is tea good for you as well. I mean I know tea has antioxidants etc. and it's the caffeine in the coffee but I much prefer tea. Same benefits?
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Stem Cells May Protect Brain Against Itself

Stem Cells May Offer Stroke-Damaged Brain Protection Against Itself
By Aalok Mehta
October 13, 2008

Stem cells can drastically reduce the amount of damage following a stroke by limiting the body’s natural “overreaction” to the trauma, a new animal study has found.

Scientists have long known that stem cells seem to offer some protection against stroke damage, but how they did it was not clear. Perhaps the stem cells replace the dying neurons and replicate ...
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Gender and MS

The European Charcot Foundation is holding its annual symposium next month which is focusing on gender. The programme is as follows: ... d2-128.htm

There have been several recent MS studies e.g. Denmark and France showing that MS is increasing among women. The following study coveres south east Wales. The final paragraph is interesting. Not sure what woman have been doing differently over the last few decades?

Increasing prevalence ...
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