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new PML case

"..."Since the last two cases were disclosed we've had about 3,000 patients on the drug -- about 1,000 a month ... I think every case that comes along next will have minimal impact as long as that rate stays about 1 in 1,000," said Cowen & Co analyst Eric Schmidt..." ... 029?rpc=44

This ist just sad....
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another herb to strengthen the vasculature

This herb is Chuanxiong. From Wikipedia:
Ligusticum wallichii is a flowering plant in the carrot family best known for its use in traditional Chinese medicine where it is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs. It is known by the common names chuānxiōng (川芎) and Szechuan lovage. Biologically active compounds in the plant include tetramethylpyrazine. It is native to India and Nepal.

and from pubmed:
1: Microvasc Res. 2002 Mar;63(2):218-26. Links
Studies on single-cell adhesion ...
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Ethanol and the vasculature

I'm afraid to note that in my experience and from research on pubmed, it seems very likely that over-indulgence with alcohol will negatively impact the vasculature by causing excessive endothelin 1 reactivity.
1: J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2006 Aug;318(2):819-27. Epub 2006 May 1. Links
Ethanol consumption enhances endothelin-1-induced contraction in the isolated rat carotid.Tirapelli CR, Casolari DA, Montezano AC, Yogi A, Tostes RC, Legros E, D'Orléans-Juste P, Lanchote VL, Uyemura SA, de Oliveira AM.
Department ...
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Leaving a Job???

Would you leave a job, that is recession proof(I live in US) , for a job that may not be recession proof and pays over double what you currently make?
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MN-166 Data

I found this on the ECTRIMS website. Not sure if it has already been posted:


Clinical effect of the neuroprotectant MN-166 in relapsing multiple sclerosis: year 2 data
R. Gammans1; F. Barkhof2; J. Drulovic3
1. Development, MediciNova, San Diego, CA, USA.
2. VUMC, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
3. Institue of Neurology, Belgrade, Serbia.

MN-166 (ibudilast) is an orally administered small molecule with neuroprotectant and anti-inflammatory properties. In year 1 of this 2-year study (Drulovic et al., ...
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Imuran anyone

I searched the forums a bit, but too many off topic hits. Is anyone on Imuran for MS. My ahole neuro gave me an Rx for that crap like passing out M&Ms on Halloween. I am skeptical of the immunosurpressant. I got a jar in my Rx graveyard though.
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what is the value of a partner?

My husband is leaving me after 22 years of what I thought was a healthy and good marriage. I was blindsided by this. He feels that he has fallen in love with someone else. I do not think his reasons are at all related to my MS. Instead, I think this is a full-blown mid-life crisis complete with a variety of cliches and well known syndromes.

I was diagnosed 4.5 years ago. I was never ...
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hello again

Hey guys
I have been absent for so long, thought I should maybe introduce myself again :oops:
Sorry about that, really, just a rough patch, we all have them, I know, back and ready to interact again with all my friends here, all the amazing and wonderful folks who make up this community...
Big hug to everyone - look forward to getting back in the groove and ...
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New IL-6 blocker for arthritis. MS?

A new drug for arthritis is all over the news today called Actemra (tocilizumab). From what i gather it is very effective at stopping the IL-6 pathway for inflamation, with a monthly injection.

I quickly searched the net to see if it was trialled on MS, and couldn't find anything. But when I searched ThisIsMS for IL-6 I get a lot of hits.

Does anyone know why? has it been trialled and failed?
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Reversing Endothelial Dysfunction

Overwhelmed: Reversing Endothelial Dysfunction in Autoimmune Disease by Cheerleader

-edited to explain the endothelium for those new to this concept...
the endothelium is the single cell layer of our blood vessels. This lining utilizes nitric oxide to control blood pressure, vascular dilation, and immune response. I've come to see that my husband's MS (and perhaps others) is linked to his vascular system. His current program was put together with new research on molecular medicine, antioxidants, ...
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