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Side effects...

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Another one bites the dust

Hi everyone. I am new here- diagnosed spring of 2006. Diagnosis was quick and I have since learned that this is indeed a blessing. No numerous trips in search of answers for me.
I just came across this site, and am amazed at the level of knowledge here. I am also amazed at all the treatments! I didn't know there were so many.
Of couse I wish I didn't need to be here, but since ...
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Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes

I am halfway through Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes and think it expresses ideas very important to our general health, as well as MS in particular (tho he does not mention "MS", but speaks of "chronic disease")

Starting in his prologue, he writes: "One consequence of this sub-specialization of modern medicine is the belief, often cited in the lay press, that the causes of obesity and the common chronic diseases are complex and ...
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Antibiotic resistance in Chlamydia pneumoniae?

The possible development of antibiotic resistance in Chlamydia pneumoniae

This is often a cause of deep concern for those who begin combined antibiotics to eradicate a chronic infection with C. pneumoniae. There are many good reasons why the development of resistance in C. pneumoniae is likely to be a rarity provided an appropriate antichlamydial combination is used. Here is a list of such reasons:

A new page on David's site which should put many ...
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Melatonin effects question

While looking up info on something else (which lead to this one, which lead to another post...), I came across the following statement:
... administration of melatonin (3 mg, P.O.) produced in this patient a rapid exacerbation of disability ...
at PubMed Link

I know most people on the ABX's should be taking melatonin as part of the therapy, but has anyone outside of this tried it and had an exacerbation? I have tried taking it, ...
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Magnetic Field Therapies...

Successful treatment of an acute exacerbation of multiple sclerosis by external magnetic fields.
Sandyk R. wrote:A 55 year old woman with multiple sclerosis presented with a 5 week history of an exacerbation of symptoms. Prominent among these symptoms was trigeminal neuralgia, migraine headaches, blurring of vision, and ataxia of gait. While treatment with carbamazepine (TegretolR) (800 mg/d) and oral prednisolone (15 mg/d) over a 4 week period produced no improvement in symptoms, externally applied magnetic fields ...
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Hi all

I’m happy to report that I think it’s finally time to start a progesterone thread.

I know the confidence level in mouse research (mine included) ranges from 0 to –0, but I wanted to initiate a timeline of the development of progesterone starting with the early research in mice. And, the mouse trials are off and running…..

Here’s some postive info (for the mice at least) and the studies have been on the ...
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worried about work :( ...brain fog

Hi everyone,

I'm getting a bit worried about my job. I really really love it, its just I'm starting to make some mistakes which I know is cos this MS gives me what I call brain fog...I just can't work things out logically and I'm so worried I'll do something seriously wrong and get fired.

I can't talk to my manager or anything, what can they do? And also Id worry that they would make ...
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The spasms I have in my legs are getting worse my right leg mostly jumps all day long; it is jumping as I write this. Also when I straiten my legs or stand up they hyper extend at my knees and spasm badly in my calves, it is very painful. I have baclofen but it seems in order for it to help I have to take so much that it leaves me useless and unable ...
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