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Is this optic neuritis?

Hi all-

Lately, I've been feeling a little more "MSish". Some of the stuff is stuff I've had before. But, lately, I also have been feeling an odd sensation around my eyes. It is as if they are a little achy. My vision doesn't seem to get blurry, but I find myself having to make a little extra effort to focus (sorry if that doesn't make sense). FYI...I started a new job recently and my ...
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Western Blot Results and Treatment MS now Lyme ???


I got the results of my Lyme test and started treatment.

IgeneX Western Blot:
IGM - 28 ++, 31 IND, 39 +, 41+, 58 +, 66 +, 83-93 IND.
IGG - 39 IND, 41 +, 45 +.

I started IV antibiotics (Rocethin or Rocephin???), not sure on spelling. Will be doing this 2hrs 4 days a week with evalluation/testing every 4 weeks. Lyme Doctor said with Lyme Disease the rule is for every year ...
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Hollis-Eden reports promising results for multiple sclerosis treatment
14th September 2007

Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals has announced new data showing that its pre-clinical drug candidate provides benefit in an animal model of multiple sclerosis.

The company is planning to present the results evaluating HE3286 at the 2nd International Congress on Immune-Mediated Diseases being held in Moscow, Russia. The company is also presenting preclinical data demonstrating that HE3286, along with other novel compounds under investigation - HE3413 and ...
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Virtual reality device improves gait in MS

This press-release introduces a new devices to help MS patients improve their gait.

Here you can find the products homepage.
The complete (audio+video) device is available for 1145$.

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Peptide which can cause autoimmunity

This article doesn't mention MS, and its relevance depends on whether you stand by the "autoimmune" theory or not, but the identification of a key part of the immune response to tissue damage sounds as if it might be important. What triggers it in the first place, and why it remains active for too long, are yet to be answered, but the fact that LL 37 is released by epithelial cells is intriguing:

Public release ...
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Genetic Predisposition

I know I brought this subject up about a year ago but there is no doubt that we have all learned a lot in the time since.

The assumption of genetic predisposition is one of the earliest and longest held assumptions in the history of modern MS research.

The assumption of genetic predisposition was/is based on incidence data showing that MS predominantly, at that time almost exclusively, affected light skinned caucasians, seemingly regardless of location ...
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PPMS Seminar from John Hopkins Group

Here's a link to something rare --- a seminar on PPMS. ... essive.asp
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Scared Daughter

Hi, I'm new here, but not to MS.

My mom was diagnosed when I was 8 years old, and I'm 25 now. She's had relapsing remitting for years, she could walk, but tired easily and required a cane.

She tried Avonex for a while, and it didn't do too much, so she went on Copaxone, and it did wonders, she got much stronger. She still had MS symptoms when the weather got very hot, or ...
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Worms (one for Lyon)


As the "worm man" you might be interested in the following. A different kind of worm, but British, so a superior worm than those you have promoted.

All the best

Ian ... 9&w=464753
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More T-reg cells not necessarily better

Boosting the number of regulatory T cells sounds like a good idea because it calms down excessive immune activity directed against the body's own tissue. However, this research suggests that because T-reg cells also recognise foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria, boosting their numbers could calm down the response to these things as well, which would be unwelcome,

Public release date: 14-Sep-2007

Contact: Toni Baker ...
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