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I'm picking up good vibrations...

I hope this works.

MS sufferers feel the benefits of vibration trial

A trial to determine the benefits of vibration therapy for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers is having an immediate impact on participants, one stating that she could feel her feet again, and another saying the treatment left her legs tingling and buzzing like they hadn't felt in years.

Study supervisor Dr Steve Stannard says the trial was devised to see whether side-to-side alternating vibration therapy ...
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stem cell discovery

Sounds like good progress...

Unlocking Stem Cell, DNA Secrets To Speed Therapies

ScienceDaily - October 11, 2008 - In a groundbreaking study led by a molecular biologist at Florida State University, researchers have discovered that as embryonic stem cells turn into different cell types, there are dramatic corresponding changes to the order in which DNA is replicated and reorganized.

The findings bridge a critical knowledge gap for stem cell biologists, enabling them to better understand ...
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25-foot walk rules question, is jogging allowed?

So here's the shocker of the week.

Last night Kim "reacted" to my racing around before bed (turning off the lights and locking the doors, etc.) by racing me to the stairs. Kim was just trying to be faster than me, but without thinking about it, she ran. I saw her run. You could call it a light jog, but for the briefest of moments, she was completely airborne!

I looked at her in shock ...
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Symptoms there for good?

Hi! This is only my second post here. I posted earlier today in the Introduction section.

I have been diagnosed with MS in June this year, and I've had tingling in my hands for months (about 6 or 7) and stiffness in my left leg for a month now.

I started taking Rebif 3 months ago, and since I have started it, that's when I got my lastest relapse (the leg stiffness). It has gotten ...
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Hi from Quebec, Canada

Hi! I'm 29 years old. I was diagnosed with MS late June this year, after going through several tests and an MRI. What started the tests is that since January I had tingling that started on my legs, then went to my hands. I still have the tingling in my hands (especially the right one), and for the past month, I've had stifness in my left leg, which seems to have gotten worse this week. ...
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Oral Chemo using Cyclophosphamide

Not really an option right now, but I would be surprised if some Dr in the world does not try this path for MS, if IV HyCy proves itself effective.

I also noticed the small Roche emblem in the bottom left of the page. Clicking to other pages makes it clear the site was clearly created / maintained by Roche.
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Stopped copaxone

Since I started copaxone I have been battling my weight. Gaining despite dieting etc. Plus I got pregnant whilst on copaxone but ost the baby last month - I don't know if the 2 are linked. Ultimately though i made the decision to come off copaxone and my neuro says he's ok with it. We're going to try and start a family now, something we had put on hold.

I'll see how life without copaxone ...
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LDN and Alcohol

We finally got the Dr. to let us try LDN will start as soon as we get it. We have one question Barb likes to have a glass or two of wine from time to time I have read that small amounts of alcohol is ok but the pharmacy told us no anyone have any thoughts on this. Thank you Rick
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Food Allergies

I have just been diagnosed with an allergy to eggs, seriously eggs!? I eat a lot of eggs. Studying this I have learned of the immune response related to it and as I was reading that info it sounded like I was reading MS 101. Maybe it's time for a food allergy poll. By the way, I have also discovered there is egg in certain vaccines and I have always been suspicious of a battery ...
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New here, though not really, I've been reading for years.

I am a 43 year old wife and mom of 2, diagnosed in '04 with benign RRMS. My first symptom however was in 1988 with numbness that lasted about 4 months, saw a neuro at that time but was never diagnosed. More of a wait and see.

Fast forward 16 years later and same symptom crops up again, had MRI and was diagnosed. Had one ...
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