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minocycline vs. doxycycline in CAP protocol


I have a few questions about using doxy vs. mino in the CAP protocol. So as I understand it:

* Doxy is officially used in the protocol
* Some people use Mino instead
* Mino may have some neuroprotective properties

My questions are:

1. Is there any reason to believe Doxy would be more (or less) effective than Mino? If they are assumed equal, I'd think Mino would have the edge b/c of its ...
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Drug companies ghostwriting research

Research ghostwriting common, insiders say
Drug companies seek recognized authors

By Jonathan Bor, Sun reporter, April 18, 2008

The news this week that Merck & Co. conducted research on its own drug and paid prominent scientists to lend their names to the studies came as no surprise to many people in medicine.

Researchers and ethicists say scientists are often paid to be listed as authors of ghostwritten studies in scientific journals, a practice they say ...
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Stem cell doctor in Costa Rica

I am writing this on behalf of my uncle to find the legitimacy of Dr David A. Alanis M.D. He is from the Institute of Cellular Medicine:

Dr Alanis claims that he will treat MS with a Series of intravenous and 5 intrathecal injections consists of ambbellical chord over a two week time period.

Have any of you heard of this? Is this a scam?
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AAN 2008 roundup?

In the previous years Art Mellor always had a roundup of the AAN conference on his accellerated cure website.
This year it does not seem as if he had attended the AAN 2008.

Is there an other source for a roundup of AAN 2008?

By the way, last year there was a conference at Harvard Medical School and the lectures where online as audio documents.
Has a similar conference of HMS been done in 2008? ...
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New Brunswick, Canada!

Diagnosed March 5, 08. After a course of aggressive steroids by IV for 6 days, and then a month of oral steroids to tapper off, feeling better now than I had been for years. I'm 31 years of age, and moved to New Brunswick (originally from Ontario) at 19 for University. Decided to stay here, I love the Maritimes!

I have a long, involved story about what it took without a family doctor to get ...
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Side Effects

I have been on Betaseron for a month now, and well I am just about to up the dosing to .75cc
I am having a lot of side effects, I dont eat right (im never hungry, so I just eat when I believe it is time). I have a hard time the day of my shot getting to sleep I seem to stay up forever, my betanurse said try taking the shot earlier in the ...
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Next weekend I am going to my first ever driver's ed class. Finally, at 28, I decided it's time to get 'er done.

But now I am terrified, because a month ago I had my second attack of vertigo in a year. I am so scared that it will happen again while I am driving. 8O

How do you guys handle it? Is having MS considered an ...
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History of MS

Interesting, interactive german web site ( press the english flag for english language). MS vaccine .... not happening for a long time :roll:
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Just FedExed My Records to JH.


I am brand-new in this forum. Just today, I FedExed a CD of my brain / spine MRIs to JH, and the rest of my paperwork should be there within 7-10 days. I am crossing my fingers for everything to go smoothly and for my insurance to comply with paying for the protocol.

My stats:
-27 years old, turning 28 next Tues. (on 04/22)
-Have probably had MS for around 2 years, but wasn't ...
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More WalkAide info needed

I am currently doing a "test-run" on a WalkAide and have it for only 2 weeks. My leg seems to want to swing out rather than the foot pulling up - would this be a sensor location that needs to be played with? Has anyone got info on insurance paying for this devise? Would I be better off to wait a few months to see if it becomes covered by insurance? Would love to hear ...
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