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Finish the job

Attached is yet another research article about this disease which like many others is a statement of the bloody obvious - I could have written it.

I might submit a research article to see if I could get way with it. Here goes 'MS is a disease of the CNS which destroys myelin, axons and neurones. Current treatments are only moderately effective and future treatments need to protect the CNS from the on-going neuro-degeneration etc ...
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New culprit for neurodegeneration

This is a new one for me...

Scientists find new mechanism by which brain cells can be damaged during chronic neurodegenerative diseases

7-Nov-2005 - Scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center have targeted a new culprit and method of attack on neurologic functions in diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia associated with HIV.

In an article in the Nov. 1 issue of The Journal of Clinical Investigation, the Rochester scientists describe a new mechanism ...
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LDN & Lipitor

OK having a few dramas with the above combination. Not sure what one is making feel crook. I have been on the Statins for quite some time without any dramas but once I added LDN into the mix I haven't felt well at all. I was fine for the first 2 months but now I feel like I wake up with a hangover every morning. Upset stomach and bowel and headaches and nausea. Getting ready ...
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I find myself depressed most of the time these days.
I now exercise several times a week and that was
helping, but now I'm back to being constantly depressed.
Nothing interests me anymore. This has been going on
intermittently (but getting worse) for a couple of years
now. Maybe it's time to consider taking something for it.

What medications have others found to work well?
I'm just starting to look into this and am wondering ...
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Did any of you have Lyme testing?

Before we found your board and the MS-bacteria connection, my husband was in the process of being tested for Lyme again. Last year both the Elsa and Western Blot were negative/indeterminate.

Igenex the lab we used has a broader view point than CDC. We received the last results this week, the IgM was negative by CDC and indeterminate by Igenex, his IgG was positive by both criterias.

IgM indicates a current infection and IgG indicates ...
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red wine and resveratrol research

Interesting stuff from an article about resveratrol and alzheimer's (see link)...

Marambaud and colleagues want to tweak resveratrol to make it a drug.

"We're going to take this natural compound as a scaffold and modify chemically to make it more active and ... more stable," Marambaud says.

"It is known from previous studies that if you isolate, purify, or produce the compound directly and you inject it in mice, the compound is very rapidly ...
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Question re: when to get steroids

I would like your advice/opinion on this.
When do you decide that you will ask your neuro for steroids? I know they say that if a new or old symptom stays for 10 days, that this is probably a flare up.
But, I have had weeks in the past where my leg was not the greatest and then, things would get back to normal without treatment, like mini-attacks
I guess, by using just common sense, ...
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Received this in my inbox


Does 'Hubby' have a name? Every time I see you referring to 'hubby' I am reminded of how awful I would find it to be referred to as 'the wife'.

Just to set the record straight hubby is a tad paranoid about having his name over the internet it was in no way disrespectful. I've mentioned the inbox to him and he has sanctioned the use of his first name. ...
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Neurovax article

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