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Enfin un site LDN en francais :
Fin du message 1 sept 2013
I'm a french 57 years old man, with RRMS since 1992, EDSS about 3 today. I have been taking LDN for a few 3 weeks, and I'm happy to tell you that I feel rather better in my body and in my head. A little bit hope after 13 years without it. Please ...
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BG-12 Oral Fumarate Phase II ... ewsLang=en

Biogen Idec also announced that a Phase II study of BG-12 in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) was initiated in November 2004. The study, being conducted in Europe, is a placebo-controlled, dose-ranging study designed to assess the efficacy and safety profile of BG-12. The primary endpoint of the study will be an MRI measurement of the amount of brain lesion activity at six months. Approximately ...
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Regular Aerobic workout improves MS?


I've been hearing a lot of people recently who claim that having good cardiovascular fitness (i.e. frequent aerobic workouts) actually makes the immune system "healthy" and therefore means that the MS will run a more benign course. Is this true? It seems a bit illogical though. Howcome athletes who exercise regularly everyday still get MS? Howcome some of these athletes, despite remaining active, end up in a wheel chair? Does this not disprove this ...
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Cognitive losses with MS


I am the mother of a twenty year old young man, who has had a very hard five months. He had a bad exhacerbation back in november/december, and even though he has improved about 70% his cognitive skills, mainly memory and visual attention, have been badly affected and he is finding it very difficult to learn. He had to drop out of college in January and is currently taking a Spanish course at the ...
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USA treatments for Optic Neuitis

Are there any treatments for ON other than 4 aminopyridine?
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No treatment effect for hydrolytic enzymes

Interesting, but disappointing...

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of oral hydrolytic enzymes in relapsing multiple sclerosis.

Baumhackl U, Kappos L, Radue EW, Freitag P, Guseo A, Daumer M, Mertin J.

Department of Neurology, Central Clinic, St Poelten, Austria.

Oral administration of hydrolytic enzymes (HE), such as bromelain, trypsin and rutosid, may have beneficial effects on the clinical course of neurological symptoms related to multiple sclerosis (MS). This is supported ...
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I'm a newbie here.....

Glad I found this site....toons12
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Aimspro - not looking so good

Dear all,

The UK MS Society has posted the following on its website:

Further evidence needed after disappointing Aimspro trial results, say neurologists

The results from the recently completed small study of Aimspro (goat serum) in optic neuritis (a common symptom or model for MS) were presented at a scientific meeting last week. They make it clear that the main measures used to evaluate its effect were negative. Tertiary outcomes, while not showing a ...
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Hey there!

Hello everyone. :D

My name is liane and as I am new here I thought I ought to introduce myself.

I am 39 and female. I have had MS for about five years, been diagnosed for two and a half. My first symptom was ON and I have been on Avonex since September 2004.

Anyway, I don't want to blah on for ages, just to say ...
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Statin activity in treating MS

This paper from the journal Nature may be old news (it's from 2002). However, I just ran across it and I thought that I would post the abstract here since it discusses some of the actions of statins that explain their efficacy in treating MS.
The HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, atorvastatin, promotes a Th2 bias and reverses paralysis in central nervous system autoimmune disease.

Youssef S, Stuve O, Patarroyo JC, Ruiz PJ, Radosevich JL, Hur EM, ...
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