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Do any of you know anyone with Devics Syndrome?

I've been reading qutie a bit about Devics Syndrome. It is thought by some that it is a varient of Multiple Sclerosis that is very very very bad, with bad prognosis.

The reason I ask is that I have been reading that spinal lesions in MS don't usually cover more than 2 vertebrae.

It was my understanding that the lesions in Devic's cover more than two.

I am frightened to death of this. Even though ...
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I've often wondered why doctors don't use placebo more often for MS, especially if they do it as described in the article below where, "34 percent said they told the patients the substance was something that "may help and will not hurt."

My vote would be for doctors to prescribe vitamin D or omega-3 as they are widely available, won't hurt, might help and aren't expensive.

Doctors say placebo use common

Jan 3, 2008 - ...
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Tips for working out

I am trying to get into a good exercise routine. The way MS has manifested itself in me I do lose control of my left leg if I get overheated and the exertion really makes me extremely tired but I need to get into better physical shape. I used to run pre-MS and really miss the endorphin rush after running for an hour and as wierd as it sounds I miss getting sweaty from a ...
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How does Tysabri work?


Am I just too dizzy and therefor can't figure this out for myself? Or do I just have the wrong idea?
I thought Tysabri worked by being a monoclonal antibody that only attaches to MRTC's rendering them denatured so the T cells won't attack myelin. If that is how it works for MS, then why is Biogen submitting it for Crohn's disease?

I must be missing some vital information.
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Laymans explanation how nerves work

OK, they are trying to sell stuff at this web site, but I found their explanation as something I could understand, so I thought someone else may find it of value as well.
The nervous system is made up of groups of cells called neurons. A neuron is a cell body with a nucleus, a dendrite (which receives input) and an axon (which relays signals to other cells). Neurons transmit information through the body in ...
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Happy New, Healthier Year

To everyone... the protocol veterans of several years and the newbies who haven't yet started, a happier, healthier New Year to us all.
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Invetigational MS drug summary

Happy New Year, below is a easy to read drug summary I found this morning! ... _sclerosis
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Non-stop Eyelid-twitchings - My personal comments

Medication-induced Non-stop Persistent Eyelid-twitching - How I Eventually Get It Totally Cured By Acupuncture & Other Medical Details

Note : The following article is only meant as a reference material to the intended recipients and advices should be sought from the medical experts to establish the authenticity of its contents. For your information, I get this non-stop eyelid twitching sickness which is diagnosed as one of the symptoms of Tardive Dyskinesia (neuroleptic medication-induced repetitive, involuntary, ...
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IL-17 has been researched quite a bit over the last couple of years at least. Here is some interesting evidence of its involvment in MS.

Interleukin-17 Production in Central Nervous System-Infiltrating T Cells and Glial Cells Is Associated with Active Disease in Multiple Sclerosis.

Am J Pathol. 2007 Dec 21
Tzartos JS, Friese MA, Craner MJ, Palace J, Newcombe J, Esiri MM, Fugger L.
From the Departments of Neuropathology* and Clinical Neurology, John Radcliffe Hospital, ...
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To us

Well it’s a new year and we all still have ms, I was thinking how we always are looking for better things to come in the future which I’m sure will happen but tonight one of the toasts you make should be to us the ones that live with this no matter how mild or severe your symptoms. They all put stress on us; they all change our lives in some way. We are surrounded ...
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