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aug 16

does the pain ever stop
i'm still only on 100 mh doxy
i go see my gp on the 13
what is my next step
did anyone ever become unbelievablly stiff. it is like rigor has set in
thanks shell
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SF1019 and Alan Osmand's date has passed...

Another post reminded me of the statement on Alan Osmand's web site of up and coming info on sf1019, so I went back to check it out, only to be disappointed.
alanosmand wrote:Hello! It's August 16th,
Within the next 2-3 weeks, I'll have information on this website, that will be directing you to the appropriate website by Argyll BioTechnologies that contains information about the scientific breakthrough drug that I have been working with the last ...
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How I learned I have MS.

Hello Everyone,

It has taken me about eight months to trip across this site. I'm certianly glad I did. I was diagnosed with RRMS back in January and it came as quite a suprise! I hadn't had any symptoms until I woke up New Years Day with double vision, vertigo, and vomiting. Ok, I know it sounds like a hangover, but I hadn't had that much to drink. I thought maybe I had food poisoning. ...
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ok i'm a pansie, i took mon-thurs off
i felt pretty good, took naproxin for a few days started abx again
fri not too bad
sat worse
sun back to agony
why are roobie and i in so much pain
this can not be herx, can it
sat, i got some sore in my ear, today i got a massive cold sore my life is hell, i bow down to all of you that have ...
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Stem cell trial:Prof Scolding

Here is a report of the work being undertaken by Professor Scolding. I like its optimism!. 8)

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Antibody Promotes Remyelination

Preclinical Study Published in Nature Medicine Shows Anti-LINGO-1 Antibody Promotes Remyelination
Suggests Potential Role in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and Other
Demyelinating Diseases

CAMBRIDGE, MASS., September 30 /CNW/ - Biogen Idec (NASDAQ: BIIB) announced today the publication of findings from a preclinical study reporting that the anti-LINGO-1 antibody can promote spinal cord remyelination and axonal integrity, suggesting a potential role as a treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) and other demyelinating diseases of the central ...
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BG-12 or fumaric acid anyone ???

I've been taking fumaric acid 240mg 3x a day for four months to treat PPMS. I feel like something positive is happening to my immune system, I'm just not sure what. Does anyone know what the mechanism of BG-12 is supposed to be? Any one in a trial??
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Machine that "sees" lesions in gray/white matter

Is there currently a type of machine that can locate lesions in the white and gray matter of MS patients?

I just had an MRI last week and it showed no lesions at all in my brain even though I have had a diagnosis based on symptoms of MS for over 35 years. The neurologist that my doctor called while I was in her office last week told her that if no lesions were showing ...
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Alzheimers may be type 3 diabetes


Here is an article describing how insulin may be the cause of the brain damage in Alzheimer's. Maybe it might also relate to MS.

Theory That Alzheimer's Disease Is A Third Form Of Diabetes Supported By Discovery, 29 Sep 2007

Insulin, it turns out, may be as important for the mind as it is for the body. Research in the last few years has raised the possibility that Alzheimer's memory loss could be due ...
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Psoriasis disappearing since starting Avonex!!

Ive been on Avonex for 2 months and the Psoriasis (which is also autoimmune) I had on both elbows is going away. The surface area that was affected is 95% gone on my right elbow and 80% healed on the left.

I was wondering if this occurrence has happened to anyone else, or anything similar to this. Ive been amazed by this for the past 6 weeks since I started noticing it getting better as ...
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