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Article about MN-166 Phase II trial

This is one that's been talked about before, but here is a new article.

Doctors to Test Stroke Drug for MS

09-02-05 - A medication currently available in Southeast Asia to treat asthma and vascular disorders in the brain is now undergoing clinical testing as a possible therapy for multiple sclerosis. The drug is known as Ketas® (ibudilast) in Japan and Korea. But it uses a code name, MN-166, in its current clinical scrutiny as ...
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I'm scared...

It's September, my left leg is not responding the way it should.
I'm afraid of another attack. More prednisone, more solumedrol....
I don't want it... I have a good job, a great family, if only I could just stay the way I was 2 weeks ago. I don't want to loose all this...
There are stressors in my life but I am handling them. Feel more tired so I sleep more and make sure I ...
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On way back ? But fewer sales ??

Two articles of interest from The Boston Globe about Tysabri commercials.

Biogen Idec to seek stronger warning label for MS drug, CEO says
By Mark Jewell, AP Business Writer August 31, 2005

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. --The head of Biogen Idec Inc. said in an interview Wednesday his company will recommend to regulators within a month that the warning label be strengthened on a multiple sclerosis drug the company hopes to return to the market despite safety ...
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Molecular switch that activates myelin production identified

This should prove to be a pretty important discovery.

Scientists Discover the Molecular Switch for Nerve Cells’ Insulating Jelly Rolls

Aug. 31 - Scientists at New York University School of Medicine report in a new study that they have identified the molecular switch that turns on the production of myelin, the fatty insulation around nerve cells that ensures swift and efficient communication in the nervous system. The study, published in the September 1, 2005, issue ...
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Myelin Repair Foundation

Dear MRF Supporters,

We wanted to let you know that we currently have an opening for a Development Director as well as various volunteer positions at the Myelin Repair Foundation. As a staff member or volunteer, you will be part of a pioneering team of highly-motivated professionals working hard to develop treatments for individuals with multiple sclerosis in the shortest timeframe possible. Please visit: for more details and ...
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Research fund for LDN & MS

Hi everybody, you’ve all heard from me as I’ve have been recovering from secondary prog. MS for 1.5 years on low dose naltrexone. I attended the 1st annual LDN conference in NYC, and spoke on the LDN advocates panel. In addition to the exciting news that international researchers are going to start trials for MS, I met Art Mellor of Accelerated Cure Project, and he agreed to help organize a fund raising effort for trials ...
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Drop FOot

A lot of us have a trippy toe or a drop foot. I tried and AFO but I can still walk , so a rigid brace that did not allow ankle flexion at all was uncomfortable and I felt would make me weaker.

I noticed the dorsi strap here has anyone tried it?

Has anyone found another solution to the droppy foot problem they like?
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Hello to you all

Hi there

I was diagnosed in Feb/March this year, after 5 years with a deteriorating leg, and of course foot drop. 8O

It's not so bad - I can walk a bit but I limit myself, and the foot drop is something I watch carefully. My limp is only noticable when I am tired or I have had a few!!

I have been on the Swank diet ...
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LINE L1 elements in neuronal precursors

Here is the abstract for an article reporting on LINE L1 pseudogenes possibly moving around in neuronal precursors. I thought it was interesting. Don't know if I can set a link to the full article.

"Nature. 2005 Jun 16;435(7044):903-10.

Comment in:
Nature. 2005 Jun 16;435(7044):890-1.

Somatic mosaicism in neuronal precursor cells mediated by L1 retrotransposition.

Muotri AR, Chu VT, Marchetto MC, Deng W, Moran JV, Gage FH.

Laboratory of Genetics, The Salk Institute for Biological ...
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Bugs in AD even CPN

This article on the Boston Cure points to bacteria in the brains of alzheimers patients...including CPn. ... 29/1140239

It is interesting to note the article discusses some ways bugs adapt and are insidious as well as the trend in science to ignore their presence.It is pertinent to our discussion here in that is also the trend in MS.

quote: Balin: There is a presumption that the presence of ...
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