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Very Mind Opening

Faith and the Placebo Effect by Lolette Kuby. The author's personal experience was with cancer, but her theories apply to every health condition.

With MS we get so scattered and fragmented keeping up with research, changing our individual tactics, etc. This author's ideas have helped me streamline some of the mental clutter and focus on the larger most important part of the picture.

Don't be put off by the title. Well researched, well written.
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Trial / Drug Approval Question

When a promising drug is tested and approved outside of the US, how stringent does the FDA's testing/review of the drug have to be before we get approval in this country?

Do we review thier Phase I & II then jump in on our own Phase III? Surely we don't re-invent the wheel.
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Dr. Freedman

Hubby and I actually went to this and it was interesting to say the least and we even had a women there from our area in the actual study. She is doing great and has noticeable as he said(Dr. Freedman tried to get her up but she did not)improvement. Keep in mind there has been the one death to date or as far as I know I think he was the 41 year old. Have ...
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Summary of the pipeline

Here's a summary I just put together for myself that I thought I'd share. I've compiled all the substances I could find on the net currently in the research pipeline as disease-modifying treatments for MS. I didn't include detailed information, I just wanted to list what is out there and where it stands (to the best of my ability). Generally, I've included the name of a substance, the brand name (if applicable) and the name ...
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Are any neurologists taking notice?

Dear all,

One of the most visited areas of this site is on anti-biotics. Sarah (Anecdote) by following her husband's regime has reported impressive improvements. Others are reporting some beneficial changes and some are perhaps too early in their abx regime to report anything.

The question that must be asked is are neurologists taking note and, if not, why not? Sarah has reported improvements in both MRI and clinical measures (EDSS scale). Given that this ...
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Dear all,

Paper on re-myelination and the benefits in spinal cord injuries.

Wish I was a rat (or a mouse)! They seem to get much better (and effective) treatment than we humans.


PS The UK MS Society, the Candaian MS Society and the Myelin Repair Foundation (and others) are all investing in projects aimed at re-myelination. Really hope this approach works but I'd feel a lot better ...
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MN 166

Another drug in trial.

May be, just one day, one of these drugs will be really effective and actually come onto the market!


PS I like the way the trials are taking place in eastern europe. There can't be many MS sufferers in western europe who haven't been on a trial.
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Can I take LDN + ABX + Copax?

Anyone on all 3, LDN, a CpN protocol as well as copaxone?

Can you take all 3 safely and effectively?

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WHere is the best info

HI! It's me Marie. I have another question. I have been reading this forum until I'm bleary -eyed the last few days and have a tablet full of notes to compile into something coherent that I can present to the doc who treats MS with minocycline. What fabulous information from everyone who generously donates their time. Thanks!

I find I am confused as to the life cycle of the CPn and the cryptic form etc. ...
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Brain's response to injury better understood

This is research that will take a while to trickle down to therapies to help PwMS, but it seems like an important advance.

How the Brain Responds to Injury or Disease Described by University of Virginia Researchers

August 1 - AScribe Newswire - When the brain is threatened - from trauma or stroke or from diseases like AIDS, multiple sclerosis or cancer - the body's protective immune system is usually activated to try and repair ...
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