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Hi, from MrsGeorge's Husband

Just an introdution to all here.

As you prob konw my wif ehasn't been officially diagnosed yet, but the noises the neuro made tend for it to seem that she does. Still early stages and from what we know it looks like RRMS at the moment. The hospital did take a wad load of blood to test for, whatever they test for, to check for other causes of the symtoms she has.

However with ON, ...
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Cheerleader's Regimen for her Husband

Welp.I thought it was time to put down all the supplement info I’ve compiled into one place. Warning: this will be long, but hopefully of help to others.

Here’s our story. It’s been almost a year since my darling 43 year old husband told me he felt really lousy. Numbness and tingling up and down his left side, sore legs, painful feet. Strange urgent bladder issues. One day, we went for our usual walk with ...
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Not long ago I posted some information about a Wired Science episode on PBS that discussed neuroplasticity. I have recently started reading a book on the same subject which discusses some of the same information, as well as Dr. Bach-y-Rita's work, but in more detail. Its title is The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, M.D. 2007. Although I have just started reading the book, I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested ...
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Small T-Cell vaccine trial results

Nothing is said about the effectivity regarding relapse rate, MRI or EDSS, they just report a favourable effect to immune markers (ie. FOX-P3)

Pubmed abstract

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Inducing Oral Tolerance?

Anyone have any information on these trials?

Also does anyone have any information on the drug glatiramer acetate?

or any experiences?
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loriyas antibiotic log

After much research and deliberating I have decided to proceed with the antibiotic protocol known as the Vanderbilt protocol. I started with the first antibiotic last Wednesday, January 9th 2008. I will post occasionally on my symptoms, side effects, etc. I started with rifampin twice a day, will add azithromycin next Wenesday and then will do a 10 day pulse of flagyl out of 30 days.

Currently my symptoms include some tingling in my left ...
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Can MRI cause headache?

I had my first MRi scan this morning and I have had a vicious headache since that painkillers won't get rid of. Is this coincidence or likely to be a result of the MRI?
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Here's the deal. Attached is a worm / immune system article. The deal is that you take two weeks off from posting.

My inbox is crammed with e-mails asking me to ban you for good. In my recent poll on the popularity of posters you got a worse score than Harry Z.

Nothing personal Bob, but I've got to think of the other users. ... evolution/

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trace elements and abdominal pain

now that i have discovered that my zinc is down, i reviewed some of my other vague and various issues in recent months. aside from the reappearance of the jimmylegs, i considered my three or four episodes of sharp, harsh, all-over abdomen pain. a quick search turned up the abstract below, but i really have only spent a couple of seconds on this so far:

Trace Elements in Human Health and Disease: An Update
The ...
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Hidden pain??

This is probably going to be very confusing for most. I am confused beyond belief.

In the past couple days I've started urinating like I used to be able to. Every time it all comes out. Every single time.

Aside from this wonderous miracle, I feel like I have icy hot in my urethra, all the way to my rectum It does NOT hurt when I urinate (and I did go for a UA, last ...
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