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Just switched from Avonex - site reactions

Hi All,
I have just switched to Rebif from Avonex. I've had 5 injections at 8.8 mg (Titration Pak) and have had site reactions to 3 of them. I get red circles about the size of a dime. They don't hurt or look inflamed. I know this is common. When should I be worried enough to call my doctor? Will they eventually fade, or am I going to be polka-dotted forever? Will it get worse ...
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queston about ms

How long does it take to get over an attack. My s/o has been having problems for 2 1/2 months now, and was told that it was possibly MS. I know you have to have 2 attacks spaced apart but was wondering how long one attack usually lasts? He is a 30 yr old male.
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antibiotic treatment for teen with mild RRMS

My 17-yr-old daughter was diagnosed with RRMS 18 months ago. She is on Copaxone now and doing alright. However, I'm much more interested in the CPn ideas relating to MS, as she has asthma too. Is Wheldon's antibiotic regimen a possibility for early RRMS with few symptoms?
She takes 100mg of minocycline per day for acne.
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New Zealand mum recently diagnosed

Just want to introduce myself and say hi :mrgreen: and tell you all about myself

I was diagnosed in November - the week before my 30th birthday :( needless to say my friends made sure i had a really good time and forgot about things for a while... my neurologist now thinks that i have ms for about ...
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Let me introduce myself...

Hello everyone,
I seem to have done things a bit back to front here. First, the lurking around, dipping in and out of forums, then, when something motivated me, posting a response and now thinking it might be a good idea to say hello.
I'm a North Londoner, diagnosed last year with SPMS. MS had been on the cards for 14 years before that with various investigations but no dx. Looking back on all the ...
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London calling

Hi Guys,

I was fortunate enough to get an intro to this site by Bromley (also a Londoner!). I am 34 yrs old, male with a wonderful wife and 2 great little boys, 5 and 1. I was diagnosed in October last year and to be honest, the last 9 months have been fairly hard, trying to deal with the diagnosis, the symptoms (mild so far) and of course worrying about the future. Not sure ...
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EAE Model for MS Research

After reading the exerpt from this study, it appears that Dr. Behan was right in his Pathogenesis of MS when he stated that the EAE model for MS research was not beneficial at all for human MS.

How many years has it taken them to come to this conclusion?



Friese MA, Montalban X, Willcox N, Bell JI, Martin R, Fugger L.
MRC Human Immunology Unit and Department of Clinical Neurology, Weatherall Institute of ...
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The old woman on the block!!

I have admit that my husband signed me up for this website. I think he got to the point that he didn't know what else to do with me, so he figured he would hand me over to you guys :lol:!!

I was just reading a few of your comments and I feel like the old woman on the block. I just turned 50. I was ...
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Damn those lucky mice------

Alleviating the burden of Multiple Sclerosis
Researchers discover a cellular signal that aggravates the symptoms of MS and might be targeted in new therapeutic approaches
Depression, coordination and speech problems, muscle weakness and disability are just a few of the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Researchers from the Mouse Biology Unit of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Italy and the Department of Neuropathology at the Faculty of Medicine, University ...
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For those who are interested, Dr Tom Gilhooly, a GP who runs a private ms clinic in Scotland has put together a supplement which is made up of a number of vitamins, minerials etc. that many people buy individually. He calls it "MS baseline". For more info see web site address below. I'm just about to buy a 3rd batch along with MorEpa omega 3 tabs and a multi vit to go with the MorEpa ...
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