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Is this just a misunderstanding between my GP/Neuro?

I saw my GP today for the first time since I was diagnosed with MS in March (the 5th). At the time of my lumbar puncture, 11 vials of blood were taken, and I was certain that the tests would include everything I have heard others speak about (including lyme, hiv, lupus, thyroid, vitamin deficiencies).

I asked my GP today, and she pulled the results from a computer. She showed me the sheets, which I ...
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I have been lurking on the site for yrs. DXd 5 yrs ago w/MS; RRMS or PPMS was not determined @ that time but it looked progressive. I had been experiencing symptoms that clearly indicated something was WRONG for 2 yrs before breaking down and dealing w/it. My early symptoms, foot drop mainly after strenuous exercise, seemed like they could indicate not only MS, but ALS or Parkinson's. My feeling was, I am in no ...
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The Burning Question

I refer y'all to p.2 of our new protocol/consent form stuff.

p. 2 of 14


· You cannot be in this study if you did not receive at least one dose in the previous TERMS study...

Is this "one dose" Tovaxin? As you all may recall, I stirred up a hornet's nest when I reported back that my first injection was different "stuff" than what I received subsequently.

My wild ...
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NMSS Summer research bulletin


There's a bit on EPO and an article on channel blockers (sodium) ... px?id=1088
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New to LDN

Thought I would let you all know that I decided to go on LDN. I started last week at the 1.5 mg dosage. Thanks to the LDN website and the links to Crystal's website, I was able to find a prescribing doctor, who coincidentally spoke at the 2007 LDN conference - Dr. Terry Grossman. Dr. Grossman has me on the 1.5 mg dosage for 30 days, and then I will go to the 3.0 mg ...
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Welcome Tidbits for the "Second Half"

Guess what? During my visit last Friday for Week 52/0, I got some news "hot off the press" for us.

We will no longer have to endure that "memory/math" torture with the Hal9000 voice. This is a real relief--I was a wreck before each and every one of those "tests." It was too much of a habit to make a running total of those numbers... I'm sure my b/p spiked 50 points during those few ...
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If you already had your big blood draw

I go in at 1pm EST today for the big blood draw. How do you feel afterwards? I used to give blood regularly but only weigh 107lbs. I've never had an issue giving but LifeBlood told me they were going to take the pint plus 20 vials. That equivocates to 1.5 pints. I'm used to giving a "blood light" which is less than a pint since my weight is under 115lbs. The blood draw hasn't ...
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A new, much faster, way to produce mAB

Its no longer one new mAB line in a year or two, but 100 per year.

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DaVinci Code by Dan Brown

A fabulous mystery filled with a lot of factual historical data.???
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first of all i should say sorry for not writting sooner
it's been an off and on nightmare since coming back

my major MS issue is pain, not rare but not too common either
my neck, hands, arms, shoulders and ribs are agony i haven't been able to walk because of pain, i've had very little to no relief in 3 years

so my first visit was to the ms clinic in kingston
saw the ...
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