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Trial funding

Shall we put our heads together and brainstorm ways that funding can be found for trials that are meaningful to the MS community but not necessarily for the big pharma companies? We currently have these big pharmas funding a trail of rebif vs. copaxone (<sarcasm>so that we can find out that one is 30.13% effective and the other is 30.12% effective</sarcasm>). Who cares!!!??? What about trials for antibiotics, LDN, and so many others? Yes, I ...
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Something to think about

Professor Janet Polivy at Department of Psychology, University of Toronto has developed a theory about False Hope Syndrome which she has applied to those faddy diets one sees in magazines and cheap TV programmes.
People appear to behave paradoxically, by persisting in repeated self-change attempts despite previous failures. It is argued, though, that self-change attempts provide some initial rewards even when unsuccessful. Feelings of control and optimism often accompany the early stages of self-modification efforts. ...
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Concerns about stem cells

Dear all,

As usual with this disease what looks like a promising avenue turns out not to be as promising as initially thought - see attached article from the BBC website:


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New data on Chlamidia presence in MS

Citation from ... ode=nested

"Three research papers recently came out, one finding a link between infection with C. Pneumoniae and another that found no link and a third study is sort of in-between, saying that Cpn seems to be present, but for a number of neurological disorders, not just MS. The debate rages on."

There are links to the abstracts, which are written in a very professional language. ...
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Copaxone effects they dont tell you about!!!

I was currently recieving avonex treatment (for a year and a half), and stopped a few months ago because the side effects were worse than having the MS itself. After a wonderful couple of months treatment free, I have been given copaxone as an alternative because my neuro thought the interferons didnt suit me!

So far I have done 5 injections and feel worse than I did on the avonex. I am getting the usual ...
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LDN Survey Form

Well, we made it to the 200 mark, many thanks to you all, it is very much appreciated by all in The Trust. The results should appear on the Trust site later today. :D

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Experiences with pioglitazone ?

Effect of pioglitazone treatment in a patient with secondary multiple sclerosis

This article tells the story of a person with very progressive MS who became stable (and even better) after taking Pioglitazone.

Questions :
- Are there diabetic MS patients who for the diabetic had to take pioglitazone and felt improvements on the MS as well ?
- Other MS patients already on PIO ? What is the ...
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Iron compunds and ms

Dear all,

The role of iron in cns degenerative diseases has been discussed before on this site. The attached BBC article should be of interest.

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What exactly is an infusion?

Is this an IV drip? Can someone describe it?

Many thanks! :oops:
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Moving from Italy to Canada to work...

Hi everybody!
I´m new here and I hope some of you can help me.
I have a question: I would like to move to canada for working reasons (I´m from Italy). And, of course, the problem is how to get Rebif over there without spending all my money. So the question is if anybody knows somebody that moved from Europe to America and how they could deal with burocratical stuff and money. I´ve already asked ...
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