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Physical Rehabilitation and MS

I know I have probably whined too much on this site about the state of MS drug development and the usefullness of existing drugs. I'll probably continue to complain about all that. In the meantime, however, I have been seeing a few interesting articles about physical rehabilitation in MS patients. I became interested about exercise when I saw on TV a few months ago a show about a man in his 60s with Parkinson's disease ...
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simple question

Why don't they prescribe anti-inflammatories like naprosyn or ibuprophen to us? They use steroids to stop the inflammation if we have an attack. They like the anti-inflammatory effect of many new drugs. They are trying to stop the damage of the inflammation of the myelin....
We use anti-inflammatories when people have migraines so they do reach the brain.
I may have missed the explanation before I joined this forum. I will ask my neuro on ...
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Interesting article from the economist that isn't specifically about MS, but about neurodegenerative diseases in general.

From The Economist:

July 6, 2006 -- After the genome, the proteome! That was the cry when the scientific bigwigs running the Human Genome Project were asked what came next. Proteomics—identifying the structure and abundance of all of the proteins in an organism, as genomics sought to identify all of the genes—is a harder and more open-ended task. But, ...
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...and now...the hair loss...

Well...I guess I can not deny it anymore...I am loosing my hair. I think it is because of the Avonex but my Dr. wants to run some tests. I am not sure what to hope for. Do I want it to be Avonex which I THINK is helping me or do I want it to be something else???? What would I pick? This is going to be really vain but I love my hair. I ...
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Th17 (3rd subtype of white blood cell)

This is a very interesting discovery

"For decades, Th1 and Th2 were the twin middlemen of the human immune system. Scientists knew that these two subtypes of white blood cells activated and directed other immune cells in fighting viral, bacterial and fungal infections, and even some cancers.

Thus, the processes surrounding Th1 and Th2 were attractive targets for researchers working on new treatments.

But as it turns out, the twins may be triplets, a development ...
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Seattle in demand on even a molecular level - Tetramers

Widely sought tetramers help diagnose disease.

Thanks to Dr. Jerry Nepom and his gang of scientists at a research facility few people might know by name, Seattle provides much of the world with a spiderlike molecule that has become one of the research community's hottest new tools.

Tetramers are artificial molecules with four arms that can seek out and latch on to specific targets in ...
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Another MRI....

I am going in for another MRI on July 10th (this coming Monday). The last time I had an MRI was June 24th, 2005. This MRI had a lot of small lesions scattered all over my brain. My presenting symptom was Nystagmus of the right eye. Since then, I've had no symptoms that I've noticed. I've been taking Rebif since last August, but as of late, i've not been adhearing to the 3 days a ...
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Family/Friends and how they deal

I have seemed to have a lot of frustrations with my family and friends as of late. I try so hard to get them to understand how I'm feeling and what I can, or can't do. They still see me get up every day, go to work, and i still try to maintain avery plesant aditude. But when I can't do things (ie: run over and help them with an errand, or go out for ...
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Viruses and immune system

A company which is looking at the impact of viruses on the immune system and developing treatments. No drugs in trial at the moment, but has financial backing. ... =printable
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