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you know i'm a pretty easy going person
i have a very high pain tolerance
but WOW
first of all this is not a plasebo effect
from aug 16 until aug 31 i felt awesome on 100mg doxy
had the bump with NAC
i expected to breeze through the next 100mg doxy added
i woke up a little more sore than usual because of the weather
but an hour after upping my dose ...
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Copaxone Sting Reduction Technique: A Personal Breakthough

If you try this, please post a reply. I know that typically there’s only about 1 reply post for every 30 or so views, but honestly I really think this is very important and I hope that with frequent replies we can keep it on the front page near the top of the Copaxone message board.

I’m not one to accept what I’m told, at least not without a lot of (seemingly annoying) follow-up questions. ...
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See what antibiotics can do...

I've had reason over the past week, to recall how ill my daughter was 18 months ago, lying in a hospital bed, unable to do anything for herself, not even essential things like breathing and sitting up, or simple things like feeding herself and brushing her teeth.

Her condition deteriorated over a period of 3 months and in spite of two courses of steroids the trend was downwards. At the beginning of the relapse, around ...
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Nightly Night Sweats

Hi there everyone - I am new to this Board and am in need of some help please! I am suffering from dreadful drenching night sweats and have done so for months and months. Doctors are at a loss to explain this which has been very frustrating. Does anyone else suffer from this and if so, how often do you get them? Is this related to MS? I am on Avonex and have been so ...
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Any Advice, Have Appointment Monday!


I have been diagnosed with MS 6/12/07, but also have a Lyme Literate doctor to rule out Lyme Disease. I will get my results from iGeneX on 9/10/07.

Please let me know of any information, advice, or questions I should know about before going to this appointment.


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Amoxicillin, Steriod Treatment, which one helped?


As I am not sure what to think or which one helped me, please read my story and let me know any thoughts or experiences!

I have been diagnosed with MS 6/12/07, but also have a Lyme Literate doctor to rule out Lyme Disease. I will get my results on 9/10/07. I am on imoxicillin 2000 mg a day for 30 days, started on 8/23/07 due to a bad sinus infection. On 8/31/07 I ...
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hey i was on this alot of iv and 11 days of oral
could this have caused such a reaction from NAC
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What is Cpn?


I read a post stating Cpn and lyme disease are covered by the same treatment - meaning antibiotics.

What is Cpn?


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next step

Pain is still an issue but i'm going to next step
do i double up on doxy or wait for an rx for Rox
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By the way, congratulations Art!

This from the Sept. 2007 "Health Informatics Journal" article "Assessing the quality of websites providing information on multiple sclerosis: evaluating tools and comparing sites"
IQ Tool
One quarter of the websites scored zero according to the IQ Tool because they either did
not disclose authorship or did not provide contact details for the author. No website scored
perfect marks of 100, but two websites, Boston Cure and All About Multiple ...
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