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Sarah, your husband's neck swelling.

I was looking at the Cpn site and was reading your husband's story. The change in his looks is amazing. I would have asked this over there, but am not familiar with blogs yet. The pictures really caught my attention, because it looks like my son's neck. Is swollen glands a part of what your husband was experiencing?

My son has had numerous gland's that would literally swell up huge over night. He was treated ...
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I am SOOOO exceited to find all of you!!!!!

My mom has a diagnosis of MS for about 5 or 6 years now. She has been sick for at least 30 years with what was FM. My whole family is sick. I have been sick for 25 years with FM and recently diagnosed with chronic late stage Lyme. My daughter has also been diagnosed with a very clear Lyme that was likely passed from me to her. My son is also sick but not ...
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Modern Medicine: The New World Religion ... e&n=283155

Put forth in this book is the assertion that medicine is actually ruled by a set of beliefs, myths, and rites of Christianity it has never freed itself from. Supporting this claim are discussions about the ways in which physicians have taken the place of priests, vaccination plays the same role as baptism, the search for health has replaced the quest for salvation, and the hope ...
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need help!

hello, I'm Géraldine, 33 years old, French. I've been taking LDN for 2 years and I now have a very big exacerbation... my last IRM shows 5 new scars and I've had sensitivity symptoms for 4 or 5 months.

I don't want to take steroids because it's not compatible with LDN, but friends tell me to take steroids despite this....

I would like to ask Dr Bihari and Dr Lawrence their opinion about my problem. ...
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Announcement, Aimspro availability on "specials" i

Saw this on the Proventus site, breaking news section.

23 January 2006
Announcement of imminent Aimspro availability on "specials" in the UK!

Aimspro on the verge of availability in the UK...

In February or March 2006, Aimspro will finally be imported to the UK from
Australia, where it is now being produced. Australia, unlike the US, is free of
BSE, and patient safety has been of paramount importance ...
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Hype? Rituximab

As we all know there are multitudes of drugs in trial.

Rituximab is being trialled with RR, SP and PP sufferers. Although other threads have discussed the possibility of MS being one disease with the immune system response / or not, differentiating between the various types.

The media coverage of Rituximab has been very upbeat as illustrated below:

"In patients who have been treated with rituximab and haven't responded to other treatments, Dr. Stuve says, ...
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I eliminated my post

I eliminated my post
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My Neurologist Sucks, how about yours?

O.K. -- So I had my second 3 month check-up with my Neuro on the 26th.

Uh,Where can I begin? I'll begin by saying that I didn't chose this man to be my Neuro, the hospital did, and he just stuck. I didn't like him to begin with, but I figured I could live with him since he was allowing me to order lab tests that I thought I needed (Lipid, and Hepatic panels..). I ...
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Avonex and yeast over growth

Wow! I am so happy to find this site. I come from a family with a strong history of autoimmune problems. My mother has a diagnosis of MS and has been on Avonex for about 4 years, with good success. She claims she is really healthy now, but I had her here for 3 weeks and she seemed pretty sick to me still. Primarily her energy is very low.

What I am wondering is, have ...
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I removed my post

I removed my post
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