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Stem cells create functioning brain cells

Progress on neural stem cells seem to be picking up.

Scientists create working brain cells

July 28, 2005 -- Reuters -- Swedish researchers have created new functioning brain cells from stem cells drawn from the brains of living adults, sparking hope that effective treatments for devastating illnesses like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's could be at hand, media reported overnight.

Neurosurgeons withdrew the stem cells from the brains of adults during routine surgery for hydrocephalus, or water ...
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Dear all,

The annual ECTRIMS / ACTRIMS get together is taking place in Greece in late September. For those interested I attach a link which sets out the programme. Neuro-protection is being discussed - which is good. As usual the same old companies are sponsoring the event. I particular like the tours that are offered.

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Additions to David Wheldon's MS pages.

Over the last little while, my husband, David Wheldon has made many adjustments and fine tunings to his MS pages, so it might be worth re-reading them to keep up to date. For instance, the adjuncts section has been much changed, using the both of us, for testing purposes, as the guinea pigs. I copy it here, but there is much more new.


The brain has extraordinary powers of repair, but must be ...
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From The Radical Academy....................

Just for the fun of it! After all --The Human Condition needs some lighter fare now and then, so..................

"Think before you do bad things!"

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Myelin development protein identified

Maybe myelin isn't the only thing going wrong in MS, but a better understanding of its development should still be important for MS researchers.

NUS scientists discover protein

July 27, 2005 -- Today -- Scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have discovered a novel protein that can provide fundamental clues to better understanding of neurological disorders such as schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis.

The team of scientists from the Department of Anatomy at the ...
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MS and Celiac disease! These seem to be similiar!

Check this link out. Very interesting! Let me know what everyone thinks!

Mulcher 8O ... /108/2/e21
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Free MS Yahoo Group, Check it out!

Check out the free ms group called Multiplesclerosispolls. Great USEFUL links, discussions and interesting polls. Here is the link to it: ... osispolls/

Mulcher 8O
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Nanoparticles that activate brain stem cells

Not an MS-specific article, but very cool stuff...

Using Nanoparticles, In Vivo Gene Therapy Activates Brain Stem Cells
Technique may allow scientists to repair brain cells damaged by disease, trauma or stroke

July 25, 2005 -- Using customized nanoparticles that they developed, University at Buffalo scientists have for the first time delivered genes into the brains of living mice with an efficiency that is similar to, or better than, viral vectors and with no observable ...
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Goats and autoimmune diseases

Interesting -- I wonder if they will test this for MS. I wonder how similar it is to Aimspro.

Using goats to solve autoimmundisease

July 26, 2005 -- Checkbiotech -- People suffering from autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis or multiple sclerosis, may be aided in the future: Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is developing MM-093, a recombinant version of human á-Fetoprotein (hAFP), which is believed to have a beneficial impact on many autoimmune disorders. The ...
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Hot off the presses, folks! Here are the preliminary findings from the investigation into the Tysabri incidents.

This first one pertains to the poor woman who died:

Please read this one (above) carefully. MY question from reading this is: Did this woman even ever have MS at all??? Did the autopsy ever find lesions indicative of MS at all? Her neurological examination and symptom(s) presentation is/was almost exactly ...
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