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further research on Amniotic stem cells

The researchers at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C., were able to get the amniotic cells to differentiate into fat, bone, muscle, blood, nerve and liver cells.

One advantage is that these cells, unlike embryonic stem cells, don't form tumors when implanted into mice.
Isnt that just dandy for the mouse.

But even more important, because amniotic fluid is so easy to harvest, it would make it possible ...
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MS Podcasts for the newly diagnosed

The Multiple Sclerosis clinic at the Neuroscience Institute of Swedish Medical Center in Seattle has made several MP3 audio files discussing some basic issues of MS which should be helpful for those who are newly diagnosed as well as other MS patients. The files can be listened to using an MP3 player or any computer software that plays MP3s such as WinAmp, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, etc.

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Thought this was kind of interesting

Benefits of Supplements: Sorting Fact from Fiction

Jan. 7, 2007 — The news is filled with stories about the benefits of vitamins — this one helps prevent prostate cancer, that one helps curtail diabetes. But with 29,000 dietary supplement products on the market, it's hard to keep track of what helps whom — and how much it actually does for you.

Dr. Andrew Weil, an integrated medicine specialist and ...
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Use of NAC with Antibiotics

I'm a little confused about the use of NAC with antibiotics for the treatment of progressive MS. Is the NAC used in place of Zithromax or doxycycline, or in addition to both drugs. I just started taking NAC and doxycycline, and would like to know if the Zithromax is mandatory. I also understand that Flagyl should be added as pulses later in the protocol, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there...
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Online Pharmacies

Okay, antibiotics folks, are any of you using an online pharmacy to procure your medicine? I'm on doxycycline, and would like to add Zithromax, but cannot get a prescription for the latter.

I've heard several stories about some of these online pharmacies, people getting bootleg drugs and worse. Any recommendations for a reliable, safe online drug buying experience? I'm in the USA, and I know that location impacts which pharmacies you can use...
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Loobie's second shot update

Hello all,

I still haven't the foggiest if this is real or placebo effect. However, I have a small update that I'm trying not to get too excited about. Although I have RRMS, everything about my progression has been a bit odd. Allow me to explain:

My first symptom was ON. It was (and is) not typical. My eyesight would only get bad when I exerted myself or got heated (it doesn't take much heat). ...
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why do antibiotics and immonsupressing both work?


as far as I understand if MS is caused by CP infection the disease should get much worse if the immunesystem is being supressed - do you agree on that?

As studies show chemotherapy agents like Mitoxantron or Cyclophosphamid and steroids are effective for reducing MS severety - maybe chemotherapy could even halting progression.

How can this be if these agents are heavyly supressing the immunesystem. So that the CP infection should become worse. ...
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An icy subject

I just started my betaseron treatment about a week ago. I've taken 4 shots so far and I am much happier with it compared to avenox. My side effects are almost unnoticable. I'm a little tired, thats it. Avenox made me ill for 2 days!
So here's my question: My beta nurse suggested that I ice the injection site before and after. I did so with the 1st two shots in my legs and 1 ...
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Diabetes Reversed by Neuropeptide

An article published last month in the journal Cell appears to signal a shift in the way the scientific research community will have to rethink the "auto-immune" hypothesis regarding diabetes.

This study is remarkable not only because the researchers reversed the effects of diabetes in an animal model, but that they were able to achieve this result by the addition of a neuropeptide -- substance P. It appers that dysfuncional neuro regulation in the pancreas ...
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