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Thimerosal has just been withdrawn in the UK because it may be linked to autism.

Thimerosal is a mercury preservative used in the whooping cough vaccine (among others since the 1930s). It is given to babies at 8 weeks old. Now, the UK is always extremely reluctant to withdraw a vaccine, for example despite the pressure from parents and some doctors about the risk of autism from MMR vaccine they have consistently refused to withdraw ...
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Air Bubble

This might seem like a silly question but that has never stopped me before.

There is an air bubble in every syringe of Rebif. As I am currently on reduced dose, I get rid of the bubble when I dump part of the syringe contents before injecting. Next week I go to 100% dose, therefore no dumping of serum. Now what about the air bubble?

The nurse Serrono sent to provide instructions said just to ...
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Dr. Bernard Bihari, M.D.

While doing a search on Dr. Bernard Bihari, M.D., I found a lot of info that some may be interested in if you haven't seen it. Especially on LDN and an article from 1999 at
It ticks me off that LDN has been used for years and some doctors, actually most that treat MS don't have open minds to try this. I was DX in 1993, I'm tired ...
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From the annals of neurology-response by Prineas and Barnett

*See post 5 for summary/explanation of these articles*

First the response to the Prineas findings...

Evidence for Pathogenic Heterogeneity in Multiple
Claudia F. Lucchinetti, MD,1 Wolfgang Bruck, MD,2
and Hans Lassmann, MD3
Barnett and Prineas recently described extensive oligodendrocyte
apoptosis in the absence of inflammation in a pediatric
multiple sclerosis (MS) case, who died 9 months after disease
onset and 17 hours after presenting with acute pulmonary
edema.1 To what extent perimotem hypoxia may ...
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Another hello - this one from Limbo

Hi. Absalom here. Not diagnosed with anything after 1 1/2 years of one-sided numbness, tingling and occasional unsteadiness/limping following a mystery attack. I'm grateful to find this site, as with the summer heat I am worse in my symptoms (I feel like an old doorbell going off sometimes) and have decided that I need to deal with the facts, even though I don't know them all yet. I'm getting good care, I think, after some ...
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On-line users

How do I know which registered users are on-line? is there a way to know their names? Under "who's on-line" it always just tells me there are so many guests and ## members. How can I know their names?

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Clinical effectiveness

I've browsed many many MS sites and if nothing else, there is much research to support the use of ABC's. I've been on Betaseron since April and the side effects are all but gone. My wife is a Pharmacist of 20 years and we feel we made a well educated choice over the others available. My question to all. Although the research supports Betaseron and all the ABC'c available, from a real life standpoint........DO THEY ...
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The substance used for treating diabetes mellitus type II, Pioglitazone, previously mentioned here on, has been tested on a single patient for three years. The patient had secondary progressive MS. The study concludes that "MRIs carried out after 10 and 18 months of treatment showed no perceptible change in overall brain atrophy, extent of demyelination, or in Gd-enhancement. After 3.0 years on pioglitazone, the patient continues to be clinically stable, with no adverse events" ...
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Can anyone tell me how long it takes for Novantrone to have any effect? My daughter has had three doses over the past three months and is to have one injection every three months for the next year to 18 months. She has very aggressive MS abd has been in sharp decline for 2 years and so far teh Novantrone has shown no effect/
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Psychological Aspect

I hope someone here has an encouraging word or two. In April I was diagnosed with RRMS after having some strange neuro. symptoms. Looking back over the past 6 - 8 yrs., I had other indicators (2 or 3 other strange occurences) that went away 100%. My strange symptoms this time are almost gone. I started on Betaseron right away and am tolerating it just fine I guess. My latest MRI showed possibly 1 new ...
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