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High Blood Pressure

Not being certain where to put this or even certain that that it should be put at all I chose here.

Over on www.CPn there is an amazing thing happening. With four of us, though not all with MS, some very high blood pressures are dropping to normal. One if these was 200/120 and after only 2 months on abx it has dropped to 150/104.

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neuropathic pain

My wife was dxd 6 years ago. For the last 3 years she has had chronic nerve pain (aching, burning, sensitivity, etc.) down one leg or the other (never both) to the toes. It's almost always there at some level, but can be fired up immediately by certain activities or positions (sitting, bending forward, etc.) that are typical for someone with a back/pelvic injury or instability. Every single diagnostic test (including 10 MRI's of lumbar ...
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MS awareness week

Dear all,

Next week is MS awareness week in the US. I personally find these events (and similar awareness days / weeks in the UK) about as useful a a broken wristwatch.

However, there are two webcasts which look interesting.

(i) 13.3 "Repairing MS Damage and Protecting The Nervous System" - Dr Peter Calabresi.

(ii) 17.3 "Discovering Better treatments for MS Today and Tomorrow" - Dr Larry Steinman. ...
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Immersive Resort for MS/physical-therapy...?

Does anyone know of a resort environment anywhere that specializes in immersive physical therapy, nutrition, etc. for individuals with disabilities and/or MS specifically? I've been searching online but haven't found anything. I'm especially looking for something in US, Canada, or Mexico.

Thanks so much for any tips!!

-- Paul
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Looking for MS/physical-therapy Resort

Does anyone know of a resort environment anywhere that specializes in immersive physical therapy, nutrition, etc. for individuals with disabilities and/or MS specifically? I've been searching online but haven't found anything.

Thanks so much for any tips!!!

-- Paul
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Reason for starting treatment?

The CRAB drugs, on average, reduce exacerbations by 30%. When my 'good' neuro recommended that I start one of the CRABs I said why, given their limited efficacy. He said there was evidence that they reduced / slowed atrophy (my nightmare). The following research appears to support this view:

<shortened url>
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Tovaxin Update/Trial

This from BBC news.

MS vaccine testing to start in US

Researchers are working towards having an MS vaccine
A US company is set to begin a trial of a vaccine which it claims halts the progress of multiple sclerosis.

PharmaFrontiers is to test its tailor-made vaccine on 100 patients with MS, after a small-scale study showed promise, New Scientist reports.

MS experts have welcomed the research but urged caution because other vaccines have not ...
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Nose cells

Human trials using nose cells to replace damaged nerves are to begin in the UK this year. This trial is from the US and involves rats.

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The pharma industry

I read postings on this forum on a regular basis and quite often it amases me. We all have an awful disease and it is a rough ride. But i think we are very quick to judge..

common themes include

Anti - CRABS (well I'm on copaxone and doing great - I know its not for everyone, but I cant be the only one who is doing well on it? OK so its not a ...
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Selling Sickness

I just finished reading Selling Sickness by Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels and I wanted to recommend it. The book is well written and documented. It discusses problems with health care that stem from the pharmaceutical industry's financial influence over everything from doctor and patient education, patient support groups, to the very creation and marketing of "new disease conditions" in order to broaden their potential market for both new and old drugs.

Selling Sickness: How ...
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