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The attached article may (or may not) be of relevance to MS as its about cell death following a stroke. But one could look at MS as lots of little strokes. And the symptoms are very similar - slurring of speech, paralysis. So many of the brain diseases seem to have common links and findings relating to one are likely to be of benefit to the others (I hope). ...
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Does anyone participate a clinical study with CNT 1275 (CENTOCOR). I´m patient from Czech republic and we are only free persons ivolved in this study in my MS centrum, where I´m cured. Please anybody, who has inspierence with this, answer me.

Can I recognize, that I use placebo?
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Who has the most accurate numbers?

I keep hearing the numbers 300,000 to 500,000 people in the U.S. have MS, and about 2.5 million worldwide, is the estimate. Seems terribly low, and I know others on this board have mentioned under-reporting in those figures.

I also understand that Montel Williams, the host of a national talk show who was diagnosed with MS and went public in 1999, has said something about under-reporing. Indeed, his personal statement on his site says "The ...
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Any opinions and/or data on which of these drugs in the pipeline shows the most promise for becoming a viable and effective treatment in the next 2-3 years? Tovaxin, Neurovax, FTY720 seem to have the most "buzz" at this point. $12,000 per year for a possible 30% reduction in relapse rate just doesn't cut it.
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MS YAHOO GROUP! Free to Join

If you have not already, check out multiplesclerosispolls yahoo group. I've been a member for almost a year. The more members that join the better the group!

Here is the link: ... osispolls/
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Tovaxin, oh and abx...

Just a thought which keeps bugging me.

Tovaxin (the MS "vaccine") appears really positive. And from my understanding, its based around killing the immune cells that attack myelin. The doctors breed these from the sufferers own blood.

The thought is, it would be interesting to see if these same T-cells would attack, oh, i dont know, say CPn.
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Shot-Night Numero Uno

(By the way, I'm going to post this kind of stuff in my journal from now on but leave it public, in case any of you wish to read it.)

A nurse came to my house, we filled out a bunch of paperwork, then she showed me how to stick a needle into a mango (usually it’s oranges or apples, she said, but a mango was all I had—we agreed it seemed more like human ...
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dx in april 05 started copaxone june 05 off work due to extreme fatigue and cognitive issues found this site on the msmeans site. :roll:
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Snarky Website about TV

Hi all,

Time to reveal my other favorite Website

It's a website featuring professional writers who write recaps of television shows and forums for discussing shows. It's a dual American/Canadian website so it focuses on shows from those countries but there are also threads for shows from other countries (like Sabado Gigante, New Zealand Idol, Queer as Folk)

Three warnings though:
1) The humor is very dark. For example: the thread about how disability ...
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Who do you tell?

I recently worked with a woman on a short-term basis. Intelligent, an elder stateswoman in my field, and the sort of person who has the tendency to talk as if you're having a conversation and then not listen as you respond.

At the beginning of our assignment, she was catching a cold and inevitably, by the end, I had picked it up. She gave me her remaining cough drops and condolences, saying something to the ...
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