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LDN so far-will start antibiotics in Feb. 2006

Hello everybody,
I am Orestes, a 59 yr old male from Athens, Greece, who was diagnosed with MS, chronic progressive, about 10 years ago. I am an architectural painter by profession, and since I retired, draw for pleasure highly detailed, quirky caricatures of famous people.
I've been in a wheelchair with left leg/left arm weakness for about 3 years. I can walk very short distances holding on to a wall. There are no additional health ...
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CK count

We have reduced John's lipitor dosage to 10mg from the original 40 mg dose as his CK levels are still slightly elevated. He started on lipitor in Aug 2004 at 40mg then reduced in Aug 2004 to 20 mg now as of November 2005 we are on 10mg. He might end up off it all together at this point.
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Flagyl dosage


I was wondering if anyone knew how flagyl builds up in the body over each day. For example, how long (how many days) does it take for the flagyl to reach its peak levels in our blood?
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MRIs - waste of time?

I came across the attached which really shows how little the so called experts know about this disease. It also puts a questionmark over the use of MRIs in drugs trials. What are they really measuring - they are just a snapshot of the poor old brain etc trying its hardest to fight back against this disease. ... sage/21350
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just wanted to send this question out to u guys and hopefully i wont be crazy...but this morning i woke up and seemed like i felt mentallly fine..have held up fairly well for still not knowing what is going on and all..but i all of a sudden got the feeling when i got to work and started working a hoorrible feeling of panic and sadness...panic of what will i do with the boys and stuff ...
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Moving the treatment goalposts

Here is a link to neurologists who met in Australia. It contains lots of video clips which I can't be bothered to watch at the moment. Would be grateful if someone could tell me what the upshot was?

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Watching the immune system at work

This looks very promising...

PET Imaging Reveals the Immune System at Work

For clinicians, the ability to look routinely inside the body and see — at the level of the cell — how it confronts disease is a distant dream.

But in a series of experiments with genetically engineered mice, a team of researchers from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) at the University of California Los Angeles has taken a key step toward realizing ...
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Copaxone and neuro protection

The four CRAB drugs reduce, on average, relapses by 30%.

However, it is now recognised that damage to axons is the real problem leading to permanent disability. In addition to treatments that reduce relapses, neuro-protective agents are required to protect axons.

This research suggests that Copaxone also has a neuro-protective effect. Some time ago I posted a video featuring Dr Gavin Giovannoni of the Institute of Neurology in London. He ran through the CRAB drugs ...
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