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Chiropractic medicine

Not looking for a MS cure...but I have a lot of muscle tension and pain in my back and hips...numbness/tingling in my hands...any experience with chiropractic adjustment?

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Is MRI really effective in diagnosing MS?

Very interesting information. See link. I would consider this to be very important.
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Aimspro available in the UK

This article was on the MSRC site but it looks like advertising - so please delete Arron if it breaches any rules.

The area where I live in London is where a GP was giving out Aimspro on an informed consent basis. My MS nurse told me that a couple of her patients had used it and she had seen no positive effect on them.

The price seems high for a drug that has not ...
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Given that the Swedes gave us MS (according to some researchers who have tracked the spread), it's good to see that they are doing something to rectify the situation:

Neurons In CNS Can Regulate Immune System And Suppress Inflammatory Conditions Of CNS

The neurons in the central nervous system (CNS) are reported to have a previously unknown ability to regulate the immune system and suppress inflammatory conditions of the CNS.

This was published by ...
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History of EBV and MS

The association between Epstein-Barr Virus and MS has been studied for a long time and continues to be a topic of significant interest. I was curious to see just how long this has been going on. References to EBV and MS in Pubmed start in the mid-1970s.

Anyhow, just for fun (ok, maybe not fun...) here are a few examples of Pubmed article abstracts that are all AT LEAST 20 years old:

Arch Neurol. 1980 ...
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To all:
Contact your rep today as bill may go through today or tomorrow giving the internet over to CEO's of big business whom can decide what and how much to charge users to see information, instead of people like us whom want to share information FREELY and without PARTIALITY!

P.S.---Just to let you know, my story of reversing MS, the website info and my membership has ...
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My up-date

Hi all,
There is quite some time that I don't show up. I started the antibiotics treatment in May of '05 (doxycycline 200mg and
roxithromycin 300mg per day) and since August of'05 flagyl with the help of my GP . Until now I have done 10 flagyl pulses.

I did not react much to the two first antibiotics. But when I add the flagyl
pulses and felt very tired, sleepy, with stomach pain and with ...
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Well, at least there are a lot of early-stage treatments getting mentioned in the press right now -- it's better than nothing...

Argos Therapeutics, Beckman Coulter Sign License Agreement; CD83 Licensure to Advance Work on Autoimmune Disorders, Transplant Rejection Therapy

BUSINESS WIRE - April 26, 2006 - Argos Therapeutics, a company pioneering new approaches in immunotherapy, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with California-based Beckman Coulter granting Argos exclusive therapeutic use rights ...
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Hyperbaric oxygen

Has anyone here tried Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (breathing oxygen in a high pressure chamber)?

Does anyone know of any research into its efficacy?

I just started a course of treatment (1 dx for 3 weeks). The centre I'm going to makes no great claims, only that about 1 in 3 see an improvement in symptoms specifically improved bladder function (frequency and urgency) and improve fatigue levels. Since my current routine is to start yawning at ...
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New research: Chlamyidia pneumoniae in brain cells

This pre-publication abstract looks to be a splendid piece of laboratory work. It strengthens the case for Cpn infection especially in MS and Alzheimer's, and other brain diseases.

I've underlined two findings which seem to me to have particular importance for MS: (1)Neuronal cells: their sensitivity of neuronal cells to infection, as big producers of EB's, and their particular sensitivity to necrosis (tissue death); and (2) the finding in microglial cells that they resist active ...
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