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Here's another link to an AAN abstract. This one is a study of lipitor (atorvastatin). It looks promising. Still looks to me like it's not beneficial to combine a statin with an interferon. ... 8L_P02.145
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Hi All,
In doing some Internet research focusing on the MS/Sinusitis connection, I stumbled on some web articles about Serrapeptase. Like all things at this point, I am always initially skeptical. Does anyone have more info about this?
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If you're running out of injection sites....

I've been on Copaxone 5 years (or is it 6 :oops: just can't remember!). I took a year off to have my son who is nearly 4 weeks old now.

I have started back on Copaxone last week.

Just to say, before I took the break from Copaxone I had run out of usable sites because of lipoatrophy and hard lumps. It was getting very hard ...
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Mamahawk March 2008

I'm trying to remain calm.

I've been slacking. I admit. And now I guess I'm paying for it and need to get back on track ASAP. Any help appreciated.

For the past 18 months, I've had no symptoms - occasional tingling in the feet and lower legs during a flagyl pulse - but felt great with no issues in between. Last summer - - because I was feeling SO good... and was so busy, ...
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I'm so upset right now

....and just need to vent to my friends on this website.

I was just approached (or should I say confronted) at the grocery store by this woman who asked "are you REALLY handicapped?" (because I parked in the handicapped parking)

My response was "well yes, I have multiple sclerosis...and what is your problem, are you just rude?" She responded..."really?" and my response was "REALLY!"

WTF, where do these people get off?

Thanks for listening.
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ABX Blog jak7ham9

I started abx on oct15,2007 so I am at the 5th month mark. I want to start a blog of my experiences changes improvements .
The first 2 months on doxy 200, azith 250mxf roxy150 bid
Nac 2400
The first week or two on doxy alone I had immunomodlatory improvement of walking which faded with additional abx. I must note here that I generally had improvement in walking at least during week of menses ,ok ...
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My MS Mis-Diagnosis please read!!!

I will get tested for Lyme makes sense to me because all my symptoms of MS started again when I stopped taking antibiotics(for acne) and I have pulled to many ticks from my body to remember how many!
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Anaylsis of the American MS Market

Forgive me if this was already posted, but investor research has a pretty good outlook for the MS Market.

Market Overview

Underserved Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Market Gets a Lifeline with the Development of Numerous Treatment Options

Healthcare companies across all tiers of competition are beginning to sit up and take notice of the U.S. multiple sclerosis (MS) market, following a spate of innovations in therapies. Big pharma, specialty pharma, niche pharma, biotechnology, and start-up companies ...
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Does she really have MS?

I'm sorry to bring this subject to this site but I have questions that I need some help with. Long story short, I've dated a woman for 6 years and three years ago she told me she had MS while we were in the middle of having some relationship problems. Since that day I'm having some trouble understanding why she would tell me this at that time. She has no answer for me when I ...
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I know it's mice but.....

New Drug Protects Nerve Cells From Damage In Mice
ScienceDaily (Mar. 13, 2008) —

Individuals with multiple sclerosis develop progressive neurological disability that is thought to be caused by degradation of nerve cells. A new study has characterized an agent that protected nerve cells from damage in culture and markedly reduced disease progression in a mouse model of MS.

The authors of the study therefore suggested that agents similar to ...
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