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Using nanotechnology to grow cells

As a treatment option the use of nanotechnology is still a long way off, but this announcement gives a tantalising glimpse of its possible potential. As usual, scientific journalists trundle out their stock phrase, "... such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's", whenever they think about neurological conditions -- MS seems to be off their radar unless the news item is specifically about it -- as the most common neurological cause of disability in young people, I ...
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Treosulfan for SPMS

Possible new treatment for SPMS 23 April 2007

Treatment of active secondary progressive multiple sclerosis with treosulfan.

Wiendl H, Kieseier BC, Weissert R, Mylius HA, Pichlmeier U, Hartung HP, Melms A, Kuker W, Weller M. Dept. of Neurology, University of Wuerzburg, Josef-Schneider-Str. 11, D-97080, Wuerzburg, Germany.

OBJECTIVE: To study the safety and efficacy of treosulfan, a cytotoxic alkylating agent, in patients with active secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

BACKGROUND: Treosulfan (L-threitol-1,4-bis(methanesulfonate)) is a bifunctional alkylating ...
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Accelerated Cure Project

Just noticed that the Accelerated Cure Project has their biobank program on now. I hope they are having an easy time recruiting, this is a really worthwhile effort I think.

Biobank For MS And Other Demyelinating Diseases

This study is currently recruiting patients.
Verified by Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis March 2007

To establish a large, longitudinal collection of high quality samples and data from subjects with MS, selected other demyelinating diseases ...
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Yikes! Tolerating Abx?

I'm in week 13 of a regime of doxycycline, azithromicin and metronidazole pulse every 4 weeks. When that 4th week rolls around, my stomach goes on strike. I'm pretty religious about either eating yogurt and taking probiotics but I get to the point where one more pill will throw me over the edge. Anybody have any diet suggestions? I'm following the Swank diet as closely as I can, but some days I feel that I'm ...
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Remyelination can be extensive in multiple sclerosis despite a long disease course 21 April 2007

Patani R, Balaratnam M, Vora A, Reynolds R. Department of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, UK MS Tissue Bank, Division of Neuroscience, Imperial College London, Charing Cross Hospital Campus, London, UK.
Experimental studies using models of multiple sclerosis (MS) indicate that rapid and extensive remyelination of inflammatory demyelinated lesions is not only possible, but is the normal situation. The presence of ...
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Gene needed for nerve cell insulation found

The end of the article has a sentence about MS. ... wsid=68071

Gene Crucial For Nerve Cell Insulation Discovered By Researchers
21 Apr 2007

Researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health have discovered how a defect in a single master gene
disrupts the process by which several genes interact to create myelin, a fatty coating that covers nerve cells
and increases the speed and reliability of their ...
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Does Tysabri infusion hurt?

Hello everybody
i should be soon on Tysabri, i am aware of the risk and seconday effects(headache,...) of it.

MS Society of Canada also says that the infusion is painful in itself:
"A person getting an intravenous infusion will probably feel a sharp pain or some discomfort when the needle penetrates the skin and vein, but then the discomfort should subside as the infusion proceeds. There may also be discomfort when the infusion needle is ...
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CDP323 Oral treatment in trials

Hi Everybody,

My neuro said I could have Tysabri, OR, he offered me the chance to be in one of two trials. The one he thinks I'd be good for is CDP323. I can't find any info on this, does anybody else know anything about it? Here is one link. ... wsid=17278

He said its mechanism is similar to Tysabri, but he thinks a daily pill will have ...
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WM and GM lesions occur simultaneously

Abstract from PubMed:

Inflammatory demyelination and neurodegeneration in early multiple sclerosis.

Charil A, Filippi M.

Neuroimaging Research Unit, Department of Neurology, Scientific Institute and University Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan, Italy.

A number of recent magnetic resonance imaging studies have challenged the classical view of multiple sclerosis (MS) as a "two-stage" disease where an early inflammatory demyelinating phase with focal macroscopic lesions formed in the white matter (WM) of the central nervous system is followed by ...
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