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MS Society in Australia TV Show

The following page has downloadable and viewable episodes of a TV show on MS, presented on a public broadcast channel here in Australia. Its a series, so every week they release a new one. I think there may be 12 in total, and about 6 are available now.

A lot of it is about the services offered by the MS Society in Australia. The "presenter" himself has MS, and during the filming of one of ...
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I've been offered a good job with a large organization that has full benefits, yet I am struggling with the decision whether to accept or not. I also have an opportunity to join a small start up company that I find to be a lot of fun (same kind of work, just different environment). This start up may offer benefits in the future, but it is uncertain and not something that is available right now. ...
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ABX, pregnancy and possible MS


I have read many months in this forum, that gives me a lot of hope. About me: female, 31 years old, I started to have ongoing weird neurological symptoms in September/October/November 2006: tingeling and burning sensations in hands, legs and right side of the face, problems with balance, weakness in my left arm and leg, eye pain, weak voice, brain fog. I was lucky to find a nice neurologist right from the start. He ...
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Sorry for ignorance,just curious to know if any1 can relate?

Hi all My name is Eva.....

Im not diagnosed with anything as too scared to see GP, but heres whats going on with me..

I have recently given birth (11 months ago) to my second child and feel like my body is out to get me. When I googled my symptoms i was thrown into looking at these boards and can relate to a good few symptoms. Im pretty concerned about my health as of ...
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Flaxseed oil

My local health food shop do not refrigerate their flax seed oil.

Is it likely to be an oxidized and therefore compromised product?

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Peptides and Re-Tests / Trials

I was wondering, Opexa have made major improvements on the efficacy of Tovaxin by increasing the number of "Peptides" used, to identify MRTC's. In each case, they did not appear to be required to go back to Phase I trials.

Does this mean, that after it has gone through Phase III, they will be able to improve the process by increasing the number of Peptides without needing to go through the 3 phases of trial ...
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What i love about MS is that it's like religion, you can believe what ever you want because no one really knows..
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Survey on Adjustment to Multiple Sclerosis


I'm a Master's student in Health Psychology at the University of Southampton in the UK. I'm researching adjustment to multiple sclerosis. The aim of the study is the development of a new scale '' the Multiple Sclerosis Adjustment Scale (MSAS) '' for assessing the process of adjustment in people with multiple sclerosis. We are trying to understand better how people with multiple sclerosis attempt to adjust to the challenges of their illness. The study ...
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Can doctors really predict a persons course of ms?

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my crystal ball questions but unfortunately i can't switch off the "continuously thinking about ms button" :roll:

I have been told by my neuro that they can get a better idea of what a person's ms will do after observing what happens in the first 5-10 years.
I have also read that this may be an indiction of how benign/aggressive your ms ...
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