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Tysabri Mechanism of Action

Three minute Video on Tysabri Mechanism of Action ... ring7.html
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MS and Crohn's Disease

Hi - I'm new to this site. Am very interested in hearing from anyone with both MS and Crohn's. I'll be starting on Tysabri March 1, so also very interested in your stores re: Tysabri!

Was diagnosed with Crohn's disease about 30 years ago and with MS in 1991. MS has been relatively 'benign', but have had about 39" intestine removed in 1988. Currently on 6MP and sulfasalizate for that, but nothing yet for MS. ...
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Different Types of Demyelination

Now, this is interesting. I'm not sure if this has been posted here in detail before or not, but I believe we've all at one time or another speculated about it.

It is regarding demyelination occurring from totally different originations and pathogenesis, which would require totally different types of therapy. I think most of us believed that, but here is some actual detail!

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Drs. Claudia Lucchinetti ...
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Hi Ya'll

I am currentilly in hospital. I found your site researching Tysabri. My doctor is talking about putting me on it. This is a great site. You will have to excue my typing as I am on so many drugs to deal with the pain that I am stoned out of my mind. Not a good feeling.
Could any one tell me how to deal with the pain with you being on all these brain drugs. ...
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OddDuck's "odd" regimen

Someone asked if I would post my regimen. I think I did somewhere else before, but here's an update.

-Low fat diet
-Mild exercise (stationary bike and stretching mainly)
-Eat nuts every day (for vitamin E, etc.)
-Green tea
-Multi-vitamin (for "mature" people, loaded with extra Bs, etc., and also has lycopene and lutein and bilberry, on and on)
-L-Carnitine (250 mg once in the morning and once at night)
-Grapeseed (50 mg tablet - ...
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PPAR Agonists

Ok.....this is a spin-off from the "Nerve Regeneration" thread I just started. I mentioned the commonality of PPARs in it.

I see now, that a researcher has found the same thing I was about to post (several abstracts), so I'll save time and just post his synopsis, which I retrieved from the NMSS website. He has been given a pretty large grant to proceed with his research. This sounds promising:

Douglas Feinstein, PhD
University ...
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Nerve Regeneration

Hi, folks!

Just when I thought I had "read it all"! Here's something I ran across that I found interesting. Don't ask me who this gentleman is exactly , but s/he's from the Brain Research Institute at the University of Zurich (that's Switzerland, right? :wink: )

Anyway, it's pretty easy reading. For some reason, I found "something" in it interesting, and maybe with ...
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Easier to read postings, how?

Something I have seen mentioned on other forums:

Some MSers have trouble reading postings that have alot of sentences run together. Separating paragraphs like this is apparently a help.

I know I am especially guilty of running sentences and paragraphs together in some of my long posts.

Are there other suggestions you folks can give to make it easier to read posts? Perhaps some pointers on making posts more easy to follow.

Bigger fonts? There ...
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To Dr. Scott's patients...

Dr. Scott is no longer doing phone consultations for LDN scripts, so if you are using him, you need to make other arrangements to get your LDN for now. I wish I knew more to tell you, but I don't.

If you would like to write a letter to him stating how much difficulty you had in finding someone to prescribe LDN and how it helped you, that might be of some benefit to help ...
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anyone happen to be from the island, ny

had to recently switch insurances, and my neuro just called and said they dont accept my insurance i need to find a new doc, :evil: i am planning on calling NMSS for a refferal but was wondering if anyone on here happened to know of anyone .

thanks a lot
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