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Antegren - Good Things Can Happen

bNot sure if this was posted here, but thought it should be.

(you have to register to search abstracts - its free to register, then search on natalizumab.)

Presented at the 56th AAN Annual Meeting in San Francisco:

1. Single-Patient Study for the Emergency Use of Natalizumab (Antegran) in the Treatment of Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis
Authors: Shehzad Choudry, Shane Maxwell, Douglas R. Jeffery, Wisnton-Salem, NC, Michael Panzara, ...
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Antegren in acute MS relapses

Don't know if you've all seen this before, it came out a little while ago, but I thought it might be of interest here.

Randomized multicenter trial of natalizumab in acute MS relapses: clinical and MRI effects.

O'Connor PW, Goodman A, Willmer-Hulme AJ, Libonati MA, Metz L, Murray RS, Sheremata WA, Vollmer TL, Stone LA; Natalizumab Multiple Sclerosis Trial Group.

St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

BACKGROUND: Relapses in ...
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2015: A World without MS Researchers?

Dear all,

In mid-October 2004, the UK MS Society held a convention titled '2015: A World without MS?'. Researchers were going to make presentations on how this might happen. I could not attend, but waited for the presentations to be posted on the Society's website. Presentations were posted last week but covered the usual suspects - bladder and bowell problems, fatigue, spasticity, cognition etc, etc. I e-mailed the MS society to find out where the ...
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New from Ohio

hi, i'm jill from ohio. i am a newly diagnosed ms'er (9 days ago), but have been dealing with the bizarre symptoms for quite some time. wish i had a dollar for every doc who missed the diagnosis! i'm trying to educate myself, power is knowledge...and seeking peer support. i'm still rather shell shocked about the diagnosis and am waiting to wake up from the bad dream...pinch me someone! i've looked around this site and ...
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Advance in understanding programmed cell death

This research looks potentially promising.

By impounding iron, FHC foils cell suicide, fuels inflammation
12 Nov 2004

A research team based at the University of Chicago may have found a way to manipulate cell suicide, also known as programmed cell death, a normal process that regulates cell number but that goes awry in chronic inflammatory disorders, cancer and other diseases.

In the 12 Nov. 2004 issue of the journal Cell, the scientists show that a ...
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Introducing Myself

Hello everyone!

I'm a new member here, and thrilled to find this site. I'm 31 years old, and I was dx with MS 2.5 years ago. I've only had one exacerbation, but an MRI that showed several lesions and spinal tap to back it up. 6 1/2 months ago, I became a first-time mom to a beautiful and healthy baby girl. The pregnancy was a dream - the best I've felt in years. Since then, ...
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Has anyone noticed bruising at injection site?

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone noticed bruising at your injection sites? I just recently noticed that I have bruises on my arms and on my thighs. It's ugly!

Is there anything I can do to reduce them? As it is I ice the injection sites after I am done.
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NMSS Bulletin on Antegren

I just now saw the NMSS's bulletin regarding Antegren that was just posted on their website (dated 11-8-04).

Well, I have to say (for what it's worth), that I approve. I couldn't have worded it better myself for them (given their "leadership" role in MS). :wink:

They basically are doing what I said I was doing just a minute ago. Letting the FDA deal with it. HAH! ...
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Thyroid Hormone

This is still being tested on rats, but I like that it seems to enhance the replacement of myelin.

Thyroid Hormone May Help Repair MS Damage
Tue 9 November, 2004 20:19

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Treatment with thyroid hormone enhances the replacement of myelin -- the insulating sheath around brain neurons -- in rats with a chronic demyelinating disease, researchers report

Since loss of myelin is the underlying problem in multiple sclerosis (MS), the ...
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Chiropractic Correction

Can anyone help with info. on Erin Elster's treatment for spinal mis-alignment? Her theory does sound logical and I should like to hear the views of someone knowledgeable on the subject.
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