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Stem Cell Therapy vs. Multiple Sclerosis

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Cleveland Clinic neuroscientists get grant to develop adult stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis.

The Department of Neurosciences at The Cleveland Clinic has received an $825,000 grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to further research in the area of stem cell biology as it relates to multiple sclerosis (MS), a debilitating disease of the central nervous system.

Bruce Trapp, Ph.D., chairman of the ...
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An additional moderator

Hi everyone,

Just FYI-- I'm VERY happy to announce that Philip, mscaregiver, has graciously volunteered to help me moderate the forum. Philip has been a long-time member and has earned the trust and respect of us all.

This will be a valuable boost for our site. Thanks again, Philip.
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found new company Nutra Pharma with a promissing MS drug

:P going into phase 2 human trials. The article I read talked about the amazing success in their animal trials. i'm so glad i found this and wanted to contribute. full article is here:
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Advice on antibiotics while in diagnostic limbo

I just saw an MS specialist, a nationally renowned one at that, and he came to the conclusion that I do not have MS. He said I probably have an unknown inflammatory condition of the CNS and/or peripheral nerves. He also mentioned fibromyalgia as a possibility.

I am greatly relieved but at the same time I am a bit confused since I had positive visually evoked potentials...which I believe are not caused by inflammation, but ...
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Anyone know of any long-term side effects from 4-AP? Does the body eventually build up a tolerance to it so it's not as effective. I have been taking one tablet/day (can take up to three) for about a year. Just recently took two and found that my stamina improved significantly. (Haven't tried the three in one day.) I have PPMS, use a cane and have an AFO. With the improvement in stamina, comes the improvement ...
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Any good news?

Dear all,

Is it me or are MS good news stories drying up? Will another year pass without any real progress in finding out what causes this disease?

I've been reading lots of recent research papers and a number are suggesting that MS is more akin to Parkinson's disease and Alzeimers (?)than other auto-immune diseases. That really cheered me up.

I've only been diagnosed since May but have seen the regular reporting of better treatments ...
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Does anyone wake up?

Does any one wake up early at 5 am everyday then takes about an hour to go back to bed? I also use the restroom. Just wondering. This is still 10x better than I was feeling before Ldn. :roll:
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Of Mice and Men........

Hey, here's a new one. Unless someone has posted this prior to my joining this Board.

Anyone seen THIS article yet? It's dated 2004, so it's fairly new.

It basically explains all the DIFFERENCES between mice and humans and is specifically directed at immunology!

Oh, boy.....when I read this one, I thought, we ARE in trouble now! HAH!

Take a gander at this when you get a chance. (Note the main differences of MHC, caspases, ...
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The Role of IL4 in MS (Antegren vs. Aimspro)

I have a question to throw out there. (Wesley, I hope you read this also, this should be a good exercise for you.)

IL4 and its role in MS is very controversial right now. I have my own opinion on it, but I'd be interested to see what others think.

I see two very distinct totally opposite theories regarding MS therapy between two of the newest drugs. Antegren and Aimspro. A goal of Antegren is ...
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Ok, regarding the predominance of MS in women, here is something more recent which supports part of what I was saying in another thread.

Women produce and utilize progesterone at a much higher rate than men. But men need some progesterone, also. Since progesterone is increased in women during pregnancy, and women with MS seem to do better during pregnancy, I believe that benefit is linked to levels of progesterone. I'm not saying this is ...
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