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avonex + methotrexate

Is anyone else on the avonex + methotrexate combination?
I had been on avonex + cellcept but the cellcept side effects
were not worth it (finally figured out that was what was
causing the diarrhea). So the (new) doc has switched me
to methotrexate instead. The little research I did showed it
to be "mildly" better than avonex alone.

Does anyone have better info on methotrexate and its use
in MS?
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MS and viruses

Another day, another research paper, another theory about the cause of MS.

At least the poor old mouse hasn't been involved - they're now using monkeys. Couldn't they use convicts on death row for some of these experiments?
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A proper Introduction

I've started on doxcycline after contacting David Wheldon. :D

1998 i was admitted to hospital with retrobulbar neuritis and spastic weakness.I was told they thought I had MS, however MRI scans were normal.I was discharged from first Neuro going from MS to ME.

I got a second opinion with an MS Specialist who said he thought it was MS but rare not to show lesions.I do ...
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Hollie and Art from the Boston Cure Project attended the ACTRIMS / ECTRIMS 2005 conference (the annual get together of US and European ms 'experts') which took place last week in Greece. A link to their note of the sessions they attended is attached.

Overall, no real breakthroughs in understanding this disease were announced. In fact many of the sessions seem to highlight the fact that this disease is much more than just de-myelination and ...
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Hubby's Appointment

Hubby had his appointment at Sunnybrook today and he is at an EDSS of 1 now and it would have been zero without the eye(optic neuritis) counting in. Back in June he was EDSS of 2.5 They were very pleased. They are pretty sure since he just started copaxone on July 4.2005 it is not a controlling factor. They asked what else we were on so I gave them the list. Kathleen says it is ...
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Melatonin info. for Marie


Sleep disorders are common in MS, with a flattening of the normal circadian sleeping/waking rhythm, leading to wakefulness at night and somnolence during the day One cause of this may be decreased nocturnal biosynthesis of melatonin [Wu YH et al., Molecular changes underlying reduced pineal melatonin levels in Alzheimer disease: alterations in preclinical and clinical stages. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. ...
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Easing mitochondrial stress in chronic CPn infections

Apart from slowly working his way through some rewriting to his first page:

David has made a new page:

Easing mitochondrial stress in chronic Chlamydia pneumoniae infections: the use of dietary supplements

In health a balanced diet provides all the vitamins and antioxidants necessary to maintain vigour, and supplementation cannot reasonably be recommended.

In disease states, however, the situation is different. Chronic persistent infections with Chlamydia pneumoniae are characterized by high levels of ...
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Dear all,

Earlier this year I posted the following research about Epstein Barr virus and MS.

<shortened url>

I got a very bad bout of EBV (often called Glandular fever in the UK and sometimes referred to as mononucleosis) at age 16 and never had any other illness until my first MS attack at 39. One of the neurologists I saw also noted that most MS patients have a run in with this virus. MS ...
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starting a wanted

Hello Everyone,
I'm newly registered, but have been following this forum for quite a while now. Although things have been not so great, they have gone to very bad lately, due to a recent move and switch in jobs...rather a disaster in the eyes of my husband (who is the one with MS). We only just got back on line after a month (!) without it, at a time we needed it most.
The situation ...
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