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Questions from a new LDN user

Hi everyone, just looking for a little info. I started taking LDN 3 weeks ago, 3mg. In the first 5 days I noticed numbness in my hands and feet fading. It was great I could actually feel with my left hand. :) In the last week though I've noticed the numbness creeping back in the hands and feet. Is this normal, will it go away again? I ...
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Shingles after Tysabri

I developed shingles a couple months after having Tysabri treatments. I understand that a person is more suseptible to developing shingles if they have had drugs that suppress the immune system. I want to know if anyone else has developed shingles after Tysabri or if there might be a link at all. If so I'm wondering if it would be such a good idea to resume Tysabri treatment if it becomes available again.


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Treatment for vertigo

Hello All,
I am at a brick wall and to damn old to climb over it lol..I have acute vertigo and have been taking diazepam for the last 14 years for it. Recently my vertigo seems to have taken over. I was wandering if anyone has any suggestions on other medications they take for vertigo? I am assuming that vertigo is from the 8th cranial nerve and maybe inner ear problems. I am pretty desperate ...
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New member, Gillie, M.S. with a smile

:D Hello everyone, Even though I have had M.S. for 32 years I`m still full of life, every kind! only been in a wheelchair for the last year but can get from A to B walking with my frame( not far), still look after myself all over, why not! we are normal human beings with quite a few difficulties and yes I`m a young sixty eight ...
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Calling "Life on the Ice", please read and respond

Calling the female physician with MS who maybe was posting somewhere else last year under the name of "Life on the Ice". I may be completely wrong here, of course.

My husband, David Wheldon has accidentally deleted your email before he had a chance to reply to it, so could you please send it again? He feels very embarrassed about this because he always replies to emails, so could you please send it again? ...
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Revolutionary nanotechnology illuminates brain cells at work

Any brain imaging breakthroughs have to be positive for MS research...

Revolutionary nanotechnology illuminates brain cells at work

May 30, 2005 - - Until now it has been impossible to accurately measure the levels of important chemicals in living brain cells in real time and at the level of a single cell. Scientists at the Carnegie Institution's Department of Plant Biology and Stanford University are the first to overcome this obstacle by successfully applying ...
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IL-12 seems to implicated in MS, and this abstract refers to agents to control IL-12 production. I recently read something in Pubmed about quercetin (found in apples among other places I think) having an effect on IL-12. Anybody know of any other drugs / supplements that could have a beneficial effect on IL-12 for PwMS?

Regulatory mechanisms and their therapeutic implications of interleukin-12 production in immune cells.

Kang BY, Kim E, Kim TS.

Department of ...
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Workplace Solvent Linked to Immune System Disorders

Read this article and it made me wonder. . .

MONDAY, May 30 (HealthDay News) -- The industrial solvent trichloroethylene (TCE) may cause immune system changes in workers exposed to the chemical, Italian researchers conclude.

The study found that workers exposed to TCE showed significant changes in the normal balance of immune system regulators called cytokines. The finding could explain previous research that found that workers exposed to TCE had increased rates of autoimmune disorders. ...
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Elan AGM Webcast Transcript 2005

Élan AGM Webcast Transcript - May 26, 2005

Opening Remarks:

(Kyran McLachlan): Annual General Meeting of Élan Corporation PLC. And the time is just after 10 o’clock and we can start our proceedings. The articles of the company require that 3 or more persons being holders of at least 1/3 of the issued ordinary shares of the company are present in person or are represented by proxy before a meeting of shareholders can take place. ...
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Busy Germans

Dear all,

For those interested, I attach links to three recent research papers (summaries). The summary findings are way above my head but the sense I get is that there is a real acknowledgement of how complex this disease is, but also the sense that some progress is being made which should, in turn, lead to better treatments.

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