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needles and brusing

My wife tried the rebif injector ...whew and that went like crap. Then we went to manual injections, that went better but site brusing was common. Then we found the answer to the rebif needle problem. Order yoursefl insulin syringes off the internet we use BD ultra fine either 29 or 30 gauge (30 is the smallest) 1cc size with 1/2 inch needle. I transfer the medicine from the rebif (dart ha ha) syringe to ...
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MS Research

Folks, ' ' May answer some of our questions. They have just posted some of their research findings on cell life cycle and myelin cycles, and possible preservation. A foundation of ONE of us, working to find a cure as quickly as possible. Take a look! HaGrtD ZZZZ
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help finding type of MS info

I just can't find it again. I was recently reading a piece explaining the types of MS. The types were not the usual ones (RRMS, etc...), it was more of a detail of what was happening inside.

Do you know what I am looking for? I can't find it!!!

Thanks - and I'm going nuts - yes I know.
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Which Supplements for Neuroprotection & MS?

Odduck wrote:
Raising BDNF is only one of many ways to help provide neuroprotection. Maintaining neuronal (via ion channels) sodium density is also a form of neuroprotection. (Keppra - i.e. levetiracetam - helps to provide neuroprotection, also.) Most of the AEDs have neuroprotection mechanisms of action. There are several neurotrophins that will help provide neuroprotection.

And can/should it be inexpensive? Absolutely! It's fairly easy to find substances/drugs that will assist with neuroprotection.

Neuroprotection is a ...
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Older MS Patients

How about a thread for us geezers with MS? (I was diagnosed at 52)
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FDA news

This might be a little OT, because it's regarding the flu vaccine. But I just saw this news release and thought I'd post it.

It just seems that lately, the FDA "appears" to have had a recent past practice of being a little "lax" shall we say?

You can't help but wonder what in the world is going on there at the FDA? Ya know? (I've highlighted a couple of statements in this news release ...
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Glossary (Interesting Website!)

Hey, folks!

Just now, while posting to the "gray matter" thread that billf started, I ran across this website that I had never seen before. I haven't looked at it in depth yet. It isn't directed to MS, but it looks interesting. It appears to be something on the "philosophical" edge of life in general (mscaregiver may find this one interesting, also, if he hasn't happened upon it yet). Combines biology with neurology, etc.

Anyway, ...
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An English translation of an LDN trial protocol is available at the Evers Multiple Sclerosis Clinic in Germany

This should encourage other researchers to proceed as well, and it will make it easier for patients seeking LDN prescriptions, now that a trial has launched.

The protocol calls for a very short duration trial (10 days). Dr. Mir indicates this is an initial pilot study, to be followed by ...
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metallic taste

i have some of the most bizarre symptoms, sometimes i feel like i'm crazy. does anyone here ever have a metallic taste in their mouth? i've never read it listed as a symptom of ms. the metallic taste began a year ago, when the trigeminal neuralgia started, exact same day. the taste is really one of the minor problems i realize, but it is just so odd i wanted to ask if anyone else experiences ...
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OddDuck / Harry Z – Peace

The exchange of views that we had in the thread “Antegren - Debunking Urban Myths” was useful to the degree that differing viewpoints were exchanged. It was counterproductive, however, in that the language that I used led to both of you being insulted and offended. I apologize that my words have caused you distress. Whatever my enthusiasm for my position, the exchange of views ended badly, and I take the blame for the result.

I ...
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