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Welcome to the world's leading forum on Multiple Sclerosis research, support, and knowledge. For over 10 years, This is MS has provided an unbiased community dedicated to Multiple Sclerosis patients, caregivers, and affected loved ones.

New restrictions enforced on MS drug daclizumab

Back in July 2017, the Medical and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) highlighted restrictions on the use of daclizumab (Zinbryta) for relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) during an urgent EU review into the risk of severe liver injury... Read more -

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An optimistic review of the MS research status

It is nice to see an optimistic point of view from time to time, even though they still do not know what MS is.

Advances in multiple sclerosis: from reduced relapses to remedies ... 2217304179

Progress in multiple sclerosis research continues at an impressive pace, with contributions from basic science, translational research, and experimental therapeutics. Several publications in the past year have had a major impact on both ...
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From the herpes virus research front (HERV)

Antibody response against HERV-W env surface peptides differentiates multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder.


A specific humoral immune response against HERV-W envelope surface (env-su) glycoprotein antigens has been reported in serum of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). However, it has not been evaluated to date in patients with neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD).

The objective of this paper is to investigate whether antibody (Ab) ...
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Jugular Anomalies in MS associated with collateral flow

Jugular Anomalies in Multiple Sclerosis Are Associated with Increased Collateral Venous Flow

CONCLUSIONS: Compared with healthy controls, patients with MS exhibit reduced venous flow in the main extracerebral drainage vein (internal jugular vein). In contrast, flow in the paraspinal venous collaterals is elevated in patients with MS and exacerbated by venous stenosis. Collateral drainage may be a compensatory response to internal jugular vein flow reduction.

slamming the zinc reference range

they say zinc just gradually 'gets lower' as part of the aging process. but what does that mean exactly? lower than what? how do we know when to take action?

to my mind, zinc (and other) 'normal' ranges are massively and ultimately unethically deceptive

case in point. here is a selection of zinc reference or normal ranges

Zinc, Serum ... etive/8620
Normal serum zinc is 0.66 to 1.10 ...
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I have a question about nystagmus. I tend to notice mine when I am really focusing on something, like when I am reading, for example, and my eyes will jerk left to right really quickly. Sometimes they'll just jerk once or twice, and sometimes they'll go back and forth a few times before they stop. I don't remember when this started, but I do know it's been happening for awhile. My mother never has this, ...
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Rituximab ‘superior to all other DMTs...'

Rituximab ‘superior to all other DMT in terms of drug discontinuation’ study finds

Scientists have conducted a study that looks at how traditional initial disease modifying treatment (DMT) choices, including dimethyl fumarate, fingolimod, or natalizumab compare with rituximab in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) in terms of drug discontinuation and clinical efficacy…Read more -

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Long shot but I thought I’d ask...

So I’ve been very hesitant over the the last 3 years to come to this kind of speculation, but it’s been bothering me for a long time.

So my mother had ms and as far I was told, I would never get ms, which I still want to believe however, in the recent years, things have gotten worse health wise.

So around 3 years ago, After I started driving for a year, I stopped being ...
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BIONESS L300 used Available

Left 2009 Model. for more info.
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bioness l300 available

All parts included. Including 6 sets of electrodes.

2009 Model. for more info.
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