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Dr. Michael Arata;Autonomic Specialists

Anyone have any info on him and his procedure, TVAM?
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Cognitive fatigue in MS depends on task length - study

A study from a team of researchers at the Kessler Foundation provides new findings on multiple sclerosis (MS). According to the study, published in the journal Frontiers in Neurology, cognitive fatigue exhibited by MS patients is related to the length of the task they are involved in..... Read More -
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Feeling overwhelmed

I am new to the idea that I may have MS and my ability to cope varies from day to day. I am waiting for a neurologist appointment at the moment. The earliest I can get is in May (I also may be insane with anxiety by then). I had sudden onset hearing loss about 7months ago. The ENT sent me for a MRI to make use there was no tumour. Fortunately no tumour but ...
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My colonoscopy cancelled in BC because I have MS

Here's my situation for which I'm pursuing a solution - tell me what you think.
In the middle of December 2014 I was turned down by VIHA (our local health authority in Victoria BC)  for a colonoscopy because I have MS with bladder, mobility and spasticity issues which I was told cannot be  dealt with by the facility/team doing colonoscopies at our local hospitals.
I was told this by the booking person from VIHA who ...
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A year ago my boyfriend was paralyzed from his neck down. He was told that he would never walk again. I went to hug him goodbye while he was in intensive care and he tried moving me off his leg (I wasn't near his leg-his sensations were off)-his leg moved! Soon after his other leg began to move. His body went against all the medical evidence. We were told that 99.% of the time people ...
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Tysabri Law Suit

Does anyone know the name of a good law firm or lawyer working on tysabri lawsuits -PML?
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20y female, discouraged "Perfectly healthy" but MS Symptoms

I'm posting in here because while my symptoms do not include depression, I am just totally worn down.
I was presumed to have Multiple Sclerosis after two years of symptoms:

Worsening vision
Electric shocks in head
Severe Vertigo
Extreme Fatigue
Tingling, numbness, and electric shocks in arms or legs
Difficulty thinking/focusing/finding words
Altered Reality

My doctors gave me the following tests:

MRI Brain
MRI Cervical Spine
EMG - Left Leg
Nuero-Opthomologist visit
Lyme, ...
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CSF from MS patients produce "angiogenesis"

First evidence of in vivo pro-angiogenic activity of cerebrospinal fluid samples from multiple sclerosis patients.

Increased vascular density and endothelial cell proliferation have been demonstrated in multiple sclerosis (MS) white matter, as well as an elevated vascular endothelial growth factor expression was detected in reactive astrocytes of both active and inactive chronic demyelinated lesions and in sera of MS patients during clinical relapses. In this study, we have investigated the angiogenic activity of cerebrospinal fluid ...

Trigeminal Neuralgia

I know it's been a while since I've been here - it's been a difficult few months!

Anyway here I am with a diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia. I don't want it to be that and I am trying to hold off taking the carbamazepine because of the side effects. It seems that if it's caused by 'MS' there is no surgical solution, just hard core drugs.

I'm not sure what triggered it - I haven't ...
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