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PML death linked to Tecfidera

The brain infection progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) has killed a Dutch psoriasis patient who was taking a high dose of a drug with ingredients similar to Tecfidera.

Tecfidera is used for multiple sclerosis, which the Dutch patient didn’t have, and the medicine was made in a compounding pharmacy and not by Biogen. Yet, according to, doctors claim the case suggests the infection could emerge in people who aren’t showing warning signs...... Read More - ...
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types of cannabis

Hi, I have been taking cannabis in milk at night to help me sleep which is great but finding it hard to buy so thought about growing some but I didn't realize there were so many different types, does anyone know what type is best for pain/spasms? or will any do.
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Optic Neuritis - how long to recover?

Hey guys.

Im new to this board so I just wanted to share this information. I recently had my second attack of optic neuritis - my first one was nine years ago.

I recovered fully from the first one. I was pretty young back then so I dont fully remember how long it took and also it was quite a while ago.

So now I had my second attack on the same eye. Luckily I ...
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New MS Society "Wellness Program"

Looks like Dr. Roy Swank was on to something sixty years ago.
National MS Society is finally considering impact of cardiovascular environmental factors on MS progression---and recommending nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, smoking cessation. ... -from.html

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Thinned eye nerve indicative of MS?

I had an eye health test and the eye doctor told me I have a thinned left eye nerve. She showed me the pictures and how cloudy it looked compared to the right eye. I am going back to her next week to do another eye health test so she can make a definitive diagnosis regarding the nerve. I read that a thinned eye nerve may be indicative of MS? I know that I have ...
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How come no one is posting about their CCSVI procure?

I haven't read any new posts about someone's recent CCSVI treatment. Are people not having it done anymore or am I looking in the wrong spots?

does this seem right?

Sorry to go on about myself here. But does all this sound right to you?

I had optic neuritis (right eye), about nine years ago. It didn't resolve. Ten months later, ON again in both eyes. Left me visually impaired with very little resolution. (see halos at night as I described here, color loss, central vision field loss, kind of like looking through a smoky/dirty room). A few months later, small episode again in my ...
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America’s National MS Society invests $28m in new research

America’s National Multiple Sclerosis Society has committed $28m to support an expected 84 new MS research projects and training awards, it has been revealed.

This financial commitment is the latest in the Society's projected investment of over $52m in 2015 to support 380 new and ongoing studies around the world..... Read More -
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Insurance being a poop

Hi, how do you guys deal with your insurance being a giant poop monster? :crazy:
I'm "undiagnosed" by my neurologist who says "it's probably MS we just need to wait for another flare up." (I'm three years into it, but only started pursuing answers last year). Since then I have been tested for, well you know the drill, EVERYTHING. My insurance has just decided I'm pathalogical and ...
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Progressive MS treatment phase III study update

MedDay, a biotechnology company focused on the treatment of nervous system disorders, has provided further information about the design of its pivotal clinical trial (MS-SPI) to investigate the efficacy and safety of MD1003 in the treatment of primary and secondary progressive multiple sclerosis..... Read More -
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