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diff diagnoses?


For the past 1,5 years I have had several episodes with symptoms that could fit MS. I never made the link, because about half of those also fit a previous mechanical lesion in my lower back. The other half were symptoms in my face and eyes, though. During the most recent episode (numb toungue, lips and cheek and double vision, all one sided) an MRI of my brain and neck was done. My GP ...
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difinative diagnosis

Starting at around the age of 35-40 I began experiencing clusters of symptoms that no doctor was able to put a firm diagnosis. It started with balance issues, feeling like I was walking on a rolling boat deck, then my eyes began quickly going in and put of focus. The symptoms snowballed from there, muscle spasms, back pain, muscle and nerve death in my right leg with no obvious cause, bouts of insomnia or fatigue ...
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How can I help a friend whose spouse has severe MS?

Hi all, I've just signed up to this forum. I'm not using names or gender for privacy reasons out of respect for my friend...
A friend of mine, their spouse is suffering from severe MS. They are now bed bound, with depression and many other issues. My friend is really struggling, they are physically and emotionally exhausted. Close friends and family are very supportive to them, which is great.
I work with this friend, work ...
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Migraine lesions vs MS lesions

How can migraine lesions not have the same effects on the body as MS lesions? Diagnosed with migraines but no previous history. Told that there were "silent" migraines and should not cause any MS symptoms, like dysautonomia and non-epileptic seizures. I have been placed on depakote for my silent migraines which have helped my non-epileptic seizures tremendously (light doesn't bother anymore) but, my body temperature has recently started going up again (100°) for no reason. ...
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New symptoms, trying to find out what questions to ask doc

My daughter is still a teen but has been sick for a number of years now. She already has an auto-immune disease and a couple of rare disorders, and she's high functioning autistic, so there are a lot of symptoms she has on a daily basis plus sometimes it can be hard for her to describe.

For the last year or so, however, some symptoms have been getting worse. Fatigue has been so crushing that ...
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Stem Cells in Israel

Great Article on Stem Cells in Israel ... ine-459639
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NEW to Avonex

Hi All,

I'm new in the forum and was diagnosed with MS few months ago.
My first symptom was back in 2010 and was only local as Optic Neuritis. No other symptoms whatsoever.
I got Corticosteroid treatment and vision got back to normal in 4 weeks.
I was Not diagnosed with MS since it was considered as CIS.

My second attack was last December 2015 again with Optic Neuritis on the same eye and again ...
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TENS ‘may be option to treat spasticity’

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) might be an option to treat spasticity, one of the more common symptoms of multiple sclerosis, according to a review conducted by researchers from Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, Toledo, and Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos de Toledo, both in Spain...Read more -
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Kind of itching?

Ive read that itching is another wonderful part of ms. I have been experiencing crazy itching all over, mainly my arms but does effect legs and scalp also. Just had some liver tests done to rule out any liver issues. It might sound strange but I am really hoping it is the ms and not some new health issue. Anyone have experience with all over itching??
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Hello all,

My "clear" MRI report did note that I had a "tiny syrinx" on the spinal cord. This is essentially a fluid-filled cyst that develops on the spinal cord (filled with CSF). I have been doing some investigating and it sounds like demylination of the spinal cord can actually CAUSE the syrinx. Does anyone have any insight or experience with a syrinx and how it could relate to MS? The rest of my MRI ...
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