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What is your Vitamin D Blood level?

After being on 4500IU of vitamin D for 5 months my blood level is up from 96 n/mol to 123 n/mol.

I cant remember where i saw it but there was a chart for optimal vitamin d blood levels were for people with an auto immune disease. Anyone know what i'm talking about?
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"Inexpensive" B cell depletion. Low dose IT rituxan... ... 003053.pdf
Rapid depletion of B lymphocytes by ultra-low-dose rituximab delivered intrathecally
Objective: We are conducting an open-label phase 1b study on the efficacy of intrathecal (IT) administration of rituximab, provided via an Ommaya reservoir, for the treatment of progressive multiple sclerosis (PMS). The objective of this initial study was to monitor B lymphocytes in peripheral blood (PB) and CSF from the first 10 patients 1 year ...
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Very frustrated. Can anyone say they've had these symptoms?

Hello, posted awhile back and I am still having a difficult time saw the doc at Cleveland clinic and he sent me for a lot of testing don't go back till August . I had Mri of brain an blood panels. I was diagnosed with fibro and didn't feel it was correct went to doc at Cleveland clinic and he said he wasn't convinced that it was just fibro . Anyhow my Mri report showed ...
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my MRI


I bought brain MRI. I have quite interesting history of my family. 20 years ago my mother was warned by a professor that all members should take vitamin D then she had problems with CNS inflammation. At that time, my mother didn't took words seriously. My grandfather has severe alzhaimer. Mother - depression.
I was diagnosed with RRMS on 2015-02, 30 years old. Looking at my brain MRI and symptoms, somehow I feel this ...
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vit D source

I need to start vit D again. I've taken it in the past and felt much better and did not get the cold/flu going around at all.
1st question: what variant of D should I take for MS? D, D3 or something else?
2nd question: what brand? I've taken Nutri-West HI-D3 before and had good results but it is maddeningly difficult to get. Pureformulas is out of stock with no known ETA. The manufacturer wants ...
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Impaired Blood Flow in Diabetic Brain Tied to Cognitive Prob ... g454846d0r

Thought this was interesting and relevant to the discussion here.

"These correlations suggest that inflammation has a critical role in the degradation of cerebral vasoregulation in the milieu of chronic hyperglycemia regardless of glycemic control," they added.

Inflammation plus starved neurons equals cognitive decline
They said their findings also suggest that endothelial problems may develop early in the course of hyperglycemic damage, before any structural changes ...

Settings for an Effective Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

New research destroys the auto-immune model of Multiple Sclerosis

The Journal of Experimental Medicine said it best in their recent tweet:
“Decades of medical theory which considered the brain as different from other organs of the body and without a lymphatic drainage system were, well...... simply not correct.”

The presence of a lymphatic vascular system:
The University of Helsinki has independently published a ...

Dollars for doctors

"Three out of four doctors in the US have received money from the pharmaceutical industry."
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Brain MRI - what to ask for

My GP has ordered a brain MRI. Could someone please help me understand what I need. This is for my first visit with a neuro and I have never had one before.

Should it have contrast? Are there different levels of MRI and should I ask for something specific. I have the Dr order from my GP but have not made the appointment. Before I do I want to order the correct thing.

Update: I ...
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Appointment with MS specialist

Yay, I have my appointment. Bummer - first available is October 26.
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