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just curious

for those on Copaxone, why do you take it and why does your neuro prescribe it? I'm not trying to be negative here. But this is a drug that leaves bruises, requires a daily shot, (ouch), and as far as we know from the research, does a whole lot of nothing. The FDA clearly states in the prescribing guidelines (heck it's even on the wikipedia page), that this drug does NOT delay disability. Sooooo, why ...
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look what can be done when money is on the line

with Biogen at risk of losing billions on this blockbuster when patients keep getting PML, it's amazing to me how much progress they have made and how fast with this PML stuff. They now have specific tests, they understand the mechanism, they have some potential treatments. hmm, imagine what would happen if they got that fired up about actually solving diseases

BG 12

My ins won't cover tecfidera, I found a compounding pharm where I can get 115 mg Di methyl fumarate for 150.00 per month
Tec would cost 11,000 per month.......they are proud of
I started it 3 days ago, feeling very this common when first started? I will keep pushing forward. I was on BG 12 yrs ago before tec came out. I don't remember the tiredness. But I have been taking sleeping meds ...
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WalkAide for sale $500, like new.

I have a WalkAide model 20-0100 in excellent condition, in box with all attachments and book.
My father bought it for $4250, can't walk anymore so am selling to someone who needs one for less. Just trying to help someone else walk right.
Will let it go for $500.
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Blood pressure drug protects against symptoms of MS in mice

Blood pressure drug protects against symptoms of MS in animal models

An FDA-approved drug for high blood pressure, guanabenz, prevents myelin loss and alleviates clinical symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) in animal models, according to a new study at the University of Chicago in Nature Communications. The drug appears to enhance an innate cellular mechanism that protects myelin-producing cells against inflammatory stress.......... Read More -
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MS fatigue ‘depends on task length’

Fatigue exhibited by multiple sclerosis (MS) patients is related to the task they are involved in, according to findings published in Frontiers in Neurology............ Read More -
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Novel switch for autoimmune diseases could play role in MS

Scientists at America's National Institutes of Health (NIH) say they may have discovered a critical immune system switch that could affect genes involved in autoimmune diseases. The ground-breaking work, published in the journal Nature, may be useful for developing treatments for autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS)........... Read More -
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More about NPH. A Pulse Wave Encephalopathy?

This time I have found the paper of the week faster than Cece and Cheer !!!!

Is There A Pulse Wave Encephalopathy Component To Multiple Sclerosis?

The dominant hypothesis in multiple sclerosis is that it is an autoimmune disease; however, there is considerable evidence that the immune attack on myelin may be secondary to a cytodegenerative event.

Furthermore, the immune modulating therapies longest in clinical use, although ...

Aspirin as treatment for women with PMS psuedoexacerbations

Hi -

I am not sure what forum to post this but I came across an article about a study of 3 women with MS who were treated successfully with aspirin. They took (650mg) twice a day for 12 days and it stopped their fatigue and other MS exacerbations in all 3 women.

I am very excited about this because every month it has been getting worse to the point that I feel like I ...
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MS Symptoms

I apologize for probably being one of many asking these same questions but whatever I have has slowly debilitated my life. I am trying to find out if anyone here has symptoms such as these.

For over 30 years, I have enjoyed the epitome of health. I never got the flu or hardly a cold. Then, about 10 years ago, I slowly started to lose my energy. Went to numerous doctors and nothing showed up ...
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