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Here's an interesting article about one MS patient's experience with a haematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT).
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EBV: now infected b-cells can be detected

Now EBV infected b cells can be detected ... int/39949/

Defining latent EBV load in B lymphocytes: Application to multiple sclerosis


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a complex autoimmune and neurodegenerative disease affecting more than 1 in 1000 people. The disease is characterized by T and B lymphocytes attacking the central nervous system, leading to demyelination. This can lead to symptoms affecting the motor function and can result ...
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Use of cannabis for medical treatments

I'm talking to you from portugal. I'sorry about my english.
here the use of cannabis is illegal. But more and more here we hear about the therapeutic purposes that cannabis has in MS patients. What do you think about this? our government is resistant to the approval of legality in portugal. cannabis is exported here, but it is prohibited to trade. sad reality. We have heard some anonymous reports of people who illegally can use ...
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Iron in the brain by a new MRI technique (QSM)

Significance and In Vivo Detection of Iron-Laden Microglia in White Matter Multiple Sclerosis Lesions ... 00255/full

This article debunks a lot of myths. Some extracts:

... A striking feature of chronic active MS lesions is that iron is highly enriched in activated microglia and macrophages at the lesion edge (27), which has implications for their function and in vivo detection in MS patients,

... Furthermore, high iron induces ...
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NAWM damage correlates to disability

Maybe lesions are not so important as we have always supposed.

Despite they are invisible to normal MRI, it seems that damage in the "Normal Appearing White Matter areas" (NAWM) correlates to disability, while number and amount of lesions do not (this is sometimes called the clinical-radiological paradox)

New modalities of MRI and PET now allow to see those NAWM areas.

Restriction spectrum imaging of white matter and its relation to neurological disability in multiple ...
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Twilight fatigue and aspirin

What experiences do people have with MS and aspirin? Here is my story.

In the middle of some afternoons, I get a little MS fatigued. This happens especially when the morning hours are active. The fatigue is pretty easy to identify as MS related because the legs will experience some tremors and simple cognitive activity like conversations become disconnected. I refer to this situation as twilight fatigue. Since the event happens in the afternoon, the ...
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Gut microbes and the brain

Gut microbes and the brain: paradigm shift in neuroscience.
J Neurosci. 2014 Nov 12;34(46):15490-6.

    The discovery of the size and complexity of the human microbiome has resulted in an ongoing reevaluation of many concepts of health and disease, including diseases affecting the CNS. A growing body of preclinical literature has demonstrated bidirectional signaling between the brain and the gut microbiome, involving multiple neurocrine and endocrine signaling mechanisms. While psychological and physical stressors can affect the ...
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FMT Substitute?

So I've tried a couple of rounds of David Perlmutter's 90 billion CFU probiotic. I took one capsule/day for the 30 day regimen. The effects were negligible. It occurred to me that even though this is a fairly high CFU count probiotic, that it is likely akin to the proverbial spit in a hurricane when compared to a fecal microbiota transplant (FMT). Has anyone pondered, or even tried perhaps, a much higher dose, e.g., splitting ...
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Herpes viruses in the CNS including EBV. What do we know.

This review is centered in herpes simplex virus 1 and human herpesvirus 6, but they deal with all the family, including EBV. Recently it was found that EBV infects several kind of the cells in the brain and also the B-cells of the immune system ( ... ne.0192109)

To put it in context, the whole family of Herpes viruses HV known to produce diseases are: HSV-1, HHV-6A, HHV-6B, herpes ...


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