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MS and computer screens?


so this might be a weird idea but do you think computer screens can affect/worsen MS? PwMS are light sensitive, the skull is to some degree penetrable to IR and after all the screen is a 40-60-80 W light bulb? And we stare into these screens for hours. I wonder if this can drive up inflammation in the brain.
Maybe PwMS should configure some color schemes that generate less light?

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Diet advice, meal plans, etc?

Hi there,

What does a typical healthy day's worth of meals/snacks look like for managing MS? My current diet is a bit scattered, some days I eat healthily, others I only have one meal a day or don't eat at all. I'm clueless in what foods are best or should be avoided. Plus, I have a tiny food budget for myself, hubby and two small children. Any advice is appreciated! ...
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Old paper from Hans Lassman

I have just found a paper from Hans Lassman from 2007. This author is quite important because he colaborates in the forefront of research, with Lucchinetti, Vanda Lennon and the people from the Mayo Clinic.

Though he has never used the term CCSVI this is what he writes in his paper:

Taken together, all these studies agree that the most initial
tissue changes in focal white matter lesions occur on a
background of mild perivenous ...
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New to MS

I'm waiting for MRI results and expecting a diagnosis of MS. I've had TM since 2006 and had two confirmed attacks, the second in 2009. I had a lesion at C4 in 2009 but brain scans have always been clear, as was a LP in 2007. I was told by my neuro in 2009 that I may go on to develop MS but he retracted this in 2012 as I had no other new ...
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New to ThisIsMS but not to RRMS

I can’t believe it took me so long to find this site - and it was quite by accident! Well, here goes with my story of MS (and what lead up to it).

I got my first migraine in December of 1989. I spent many years fighting the debilitating pain. I took pain medication to stop them. I took prescribed medication to prevent them. Hell, I even washed said medications down with alcohol (not recommended ...
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Any recommendations for a good neuro in Charleston, SC?

Does anyone have any good (or bad) recommendations for a neuro in Charleston, SC or the surrounding areas (Columbia, Orangeburg, Aiken, etc)?

Thank you!
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My symptoms, but confused about MRI

6 years ago I started having 3-5 second blindness in both eyes.
then 3 years ago I had complete paralysis in rt leg, no reflex in that leg. Walked with cane 4 days.
Since then and in between I have had
trouble swallowing ( the muscles in my throat don't respond at all for a few minutes)
Almost blindness or darkening of vision
cramps in my arms and legs
tingling in my fingers
twitching in ...
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Hello... Probable MS, no diagnosis until at least January

Hello all, it's nice to "meet" you!

I'm a soon-to-be 28 year old with two kids, 4 and 2. I've had some symptoms of MS for a few years now, but I'd always attributed most of them to having kids (of course you're exhausted and can't get out of bed, why wouldn't your hands twitch when you work on a computer all day, your vision is blurry because the kids/work are frustrating, it's just stress, ...
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Mediterranean diet promotes longer telomeres


Objective To examine whether adherence to the Mediterranean diet was associated with longer telomere length, a biomarker of aging.

Design Population based cohort study.

Setting Nurses’ Health Study, an ongoing prospective cohort study of 121 700 nurses enrolled in 1976; in 1989-90 a subset of 32 825 women provided blood samples.

Participants 4676 disease-free women from nested case-control studies within the Nurses’ Health Study with telomere length measured who ...
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