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Help needed

] I'm new here and in limbo. I am on oxybutynin (bladder), meclizine (dizziness), b12 shot, vitamin d supplement, I have nonspecific white matter something or other on my brain which requires a repeat mri in a few months, itchiness, twitching muscles, facial numbness, I stumble over one foot and drop things all the time, and my right eye freezes up daily. My neurologist keeps bumping my appointments out months at a time and just ...
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HI Friends new plant extract drug called T20K soon in the market please read more ... mal-models
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LDN + Vitamin D3?


Are there people here on LDN thread taking Low Doses of Naltrexone together with High doses of vitamin D3?

What are the results?

I'm asking it because here in South America people are combining these two approaches and they are getting much better than taking one of them alone.

We are discussing it on Coimbra Protocol thread too.

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Mitoxantrone may be linked to increased risk of cancer...

Mitoxantrone may be linked to increased risk of colorectal cancer

The multiple sclerosis drug mitoxantrone may be associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer, according to a study published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology...Read more -
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Study Shows Lack of Palliative Care Coordination in MS Care

Patients with neurological conditions are likely to need palliative care near the end of their life, but UK researchers say they have found a wide variation in the coordination of palliative care and neurological care services—with multiple sclerosis (MS) patients having the least integration...Read more -
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Diet & Gut Bacteria Linked to Neuroinflammation

Researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital have published a paper in Nature Medicine that shows how the metabolism of certain compounds in the gut by bacteria is linked to neuroinflammation. The full summary of this article can be found on our website: ... lammation/
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How severe to be considered a flare-up?

I have not been diagnosed with MS but I have been slowly accumulating symptoms: extreme fatigue, night bladder issues, dizziness, tingling in hands, electric shock feeling in hands and feet, bad balance/coordination, hot flashes, constipation, spasms and twitching in legs and feet, lower back pain (may not be related), random pain in knees, ankles, and wrists, short term memory loss (husband will tell me things I've said and i have no memory of it happening), ...
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Frustrated with no diagnosis

I had anxiously awaited an appt on Monday following a long 2 months of testing but ended up with no answers :sad: . I have had a wide variety of symptoms,most of which since January and many of which are "MS-like" so my PC doc referred me to a neurologist. The following are my symptoms which recur at least once a month and last 1-3 days ...
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Unsure and undiagnosed

I recently had a CT scan due to having a constant headache and neck ache with pressure behind the left eye for a few weeks which came back normal.
I also have the following symptoms:
Muscle cramps
Joint pain
Numbness to outer arms from little finger to elbow
Tingling in fingertips and feet
Bumping into walls/door way on right side
Aching/dragging pain in arms when above my head
Hoarse/croaky voice
Restless ...
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Spinal MS

I have an issue where I live. There are few specialist in this field. I have some medical training and see lesions on my spinal chord which leads me to blieve I have ppms. My brain scan is normal. They are visible on axial and sagital views and in localizer mode they point right to what I'm looking at in all of my different weighted images. I would seek a second opinion elsewhere but my ...
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