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Newly Diagniosed

Hey! I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and did 5 days of Solu-Medrol last week. I met with my neuro yesterday and I have to decide which long term treatment to try. I am really confused and would love any recommendations. The choices he gave me are Avonex, Copaxone, REbiff, Beta Seron, Gilenya, Tectidera. I don't want to do Tysabri. My main symptoms now are optic neuritis (which is better) and numbness from waist down ...
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Doctor is stumped

First off, I probably shouldn't even be posting here because I don't think MS is on the radar at this time. Also, this is not a bash on my neuro. Yes, he is stumped but he told me so AND was not dismissive but pushing forward to find answers. I respect that. So... I have too many MS symptoms to list but the current bothersome ones are neck/back/leg pain and arm hand tingling on the ...
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Just been referred to a neurologist as gp suspects ms

Hi I'm being referred to a neurologist from my gp as she seems lost now as to what is wrong and after a chat today she suspects it's ms.
For 12 weeks now I've had tingling in my lower half with numbness/wet feeling in my knees but over the last 6 weeks ish it is now in my arms and face. I've been on every pain relief going and nothing is stopping it plus With ...
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Spouse with Optic Neuritis

Hi ,

New here today. My late forties spouse sees a neurologist/opthamologist tomorrow and we are concerned her optic neuritis is a prelude to a possible MS diagnosis. She is super frustrated as she has lost a considerable amount of central vision in her left eye, but some has returned. She wants an answer to why she is going through this. She was sent to this specialist by a trusted Neurologist local to us, as ...
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Diagnosed April 2016...Being pushed to start Tysabri

After my initial diagnosis and being misinformed by neurologist, got 2nd opinion and there is a big push to start Tysabri asap. After a few weeks of coming to terms with it, I relapsed 6 weeks later. Had a pretty full on time with multiple side effects from steroid Injections but was advised to finish the course but it was giving over a longer time frame. Went to see neurologist again and couldn't understand the ...
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Numb hands

Have had numb hands for about a month and half now, anyone else experience this?? How long did it take to come back?
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Certain actions cause hands to become weak and tingly

So, this may seem weird, but I've noticed that when I do certain things my hands get very weak and tingly, and sometimes it's worse than others. These things are; (I am a male, please do not judge me haha) when I watch a video tutorial on YouTube on how to style my hair or basically just any beauty-type tutorial in general, when I sit in front of somebody at school and they shake their ...
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Advice Needed-clean MRI-neuro wants another

okay. So about a year ago I started having all the symptoms you can think of. Tingly feet and legs is my one constant symptom. I also have horrible vertigo. Lots of other symptoms but they come and go. These are muscle spasms, burning in my foot, tingly and numb parts of my face.
I had a clean MRI.
Blood tests currently to rule anything else out.
Neuro wants to do another MRI less than ...
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CCSVI exists again and this time is related to more problems


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease of the Central Nervous System characterized by demyelinating lesions with a progressive loss of sensori-motor functions. Mèniére Disease (MD) is a disorder of the inner ear characterized by acute spells of vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss with a progressive loss of vestibular ...

In the clear....well sort of

I've posted a couple of times. Long story short, I had my c spine MRI. My doctor is, well, slooow! I decided to pick up my report. Apparently, I have a bulging disc, some "uncovering", spinal stenosis and an enlarged thyroid. So, it appears that I do not have MS but a slew of other issues. The odd thing is that all the above issues are listed as LEFT yet most of my tingling, pain ...
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