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Inside-out model: Axonal damage mechanisms in early MS

Early axonal damage in normal appearing white matter in multiple sclerosis: Novel insights from multi-shell diffusion MRI


Conventional diffusion-weighted MR imaging techniques provide limited specificity in disentangling disease-related microstructural alterations involving changes in both axonal density and myelination.

By simultaneously probing multiple diffusion regimens, multi-shell diffusion MRI is capable of increasing specificity to different tissue sub-compartments and hence separate different contributions to changes in diffusion-weighted signal attenuation. ...

Quote of the day...

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world, the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

George Bernard Shaw, 1903
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Microglial activation and NAWM appear together

Microglial activation and NAWM appear together. A study found that microglial activation (shown by PET imaging) and Normal appearing white matter (NAWM, invisible damage shown by DTI MRI) appear together.

Both things appear before the immune infiltration and the demyelination and are thought to be the primary cause of the MS lesions.

Microglial activation, white matter tract damage, and disability in MS

Objective: To investigate the relationship of ...
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CCSVI angioplasty procedure ok to do unless called research ... race/72033

The FDA could intervene in the cases of Arata and McGuckin because they were calling their procedures research, over which the agency has jurisdiction. However, the procedure can be done without federal scrutiny if there is no research involved. It is viewed as akin to the "off-label" use of a drug, in that the stent devices were approved for use in arteries, not veins.

Just one ...

Please help me cope with my symptoms

I think my anxiety is going to get the best of me before my medical issues. In August 2017 I was diagnosed with crohns they told me I needed Humira which I started in December and stopped on Feb 1 due to neurological issues. My left leg has strange pressure feeling on my hip and I get tlngling and tightness in my calf and toes get cold feeling which hurts. I also get tingling in ...
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Interesting Information About Lectins

I know I am affected by gluten. I am pretty sure that I also have issues with lectins and, as such, have stopped eating vegetables (and most fruits). As I had already cut back dramatically over the past couple of years anyway the adjustment is minimal. I do and have been taking numerous supplements that are high in potency in the nutrients we are supposed to get from vegetables and fruits and seem to be ...
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Activated FoxO3 blocks myelin production

Links: ... ment-83964

Results showed that one specific-size fragment of Hialuronic Acid affected OPCs. Treating rat cells modeling white matter disease with this specific fragment initially activated myelin formation, then completely shut down.

Researchers noted that this is similar to the immune tolerance mechanism, which is used by the immune system to prevent severe tissue injury from an ongoing, damaging ...
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If MS is because of Lyme disease?

How on earth this man is still alive? :D

Warning: Contains insects, bugs, nature blabla

I busted scientists hahahahahah
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MS & Dr. Wheldon


It's been a while I do not post into this site, I use to post in CPn, though...

I was MS diagnosed in September 2016.

I have been following Dr. Wheldon's Protocol. I am at the 11th month of it. I seriously advise you to take a look:

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