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How do you handle MS and a stressful job?

So I was diagnosed about 6 months ago, pretty much after the very first symptoms displayed. (I got a numb hand and was convinced it was MS enough to demand an MRI, and turned out I was right). I have been on Tecfidera since then, and haven't had any further relapses that I can definitely identify. But as such a new diagnosis I am still very stressed about it, worried about what it could all ...
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Pretty Sure I Have MS - Does Fatigue Get Better?

Hey, so new to all of this but curious of a few things about MS.

The basic gist of my story is as follows:

I have been experiencing fatigue for a while, maybe 2-3 years. If I'm sitting and not actively engaged (say in a college class or a boring work meeting), I almost literally cannot stay awake. I used caffeine to cope.

This didn't set off major signals because a) I've never been on ...
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Is calcium carbonate intake harmful?

Hi there,

Following the vitamin D protocol also means taking a lot of water and reducing the calcium intake.

I would like to know if this means also avoiding "calcium carbonate".

For instance, here in the UK the government regulations demand that flour used for baking bread should be enriched with calcium carbonate (between 235 and 390mg of calcium carbonate per 100g of flour).

These 235-390mg of calcium carbonate translate directly to 235-390mg of calcium ...
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Brain plasticity revisited

I have posted previously about Dr. Norman Doidge's book "The Brain that Changes Itself."



Dr. Doidge was recently interviewed about his new book, "The Brain's Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers." You can listen to the interview and also download it from the Brain Science Project at . Better yet, ...
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I live in California assisted suicide is legal if you have less than 6 months left to live. That does not apply to us that have ms in lots of pain. I know I will end of a vegetable. This is all to much to live with. I heard this person shot them self in the chest and lived now in much worst shape now. I don't want to attempt suicide. I always think about ...
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Lawsuit against Dr. Arata is dismissed ... story.html

The lawsuit made it all the way to the closing arguments and then was dismissed.


A part of the disease you may have not known had a name, cachexia, i.e., the loss of muscle mass commonly seen in many chronic diseases including MS. ... ss-1.18961
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10 Foci Bilaterally in Frontal Lobes

So I had my MRI follow up yesterday and the result said, "There are about 10 foci of increased T2 signal intensity in the frontal white matter bilaterally. These are nonspecific. While most commonly associated with chronic small vessel ischemic disease, other etiologies should be considered given the age of this patient (40). Some infections, vasculitides and demyelinating disorders can have this appearance. There is also an association with such foci and migraine headaches." (I've ...
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Aubagio - side effects

hi and help

after taking aubagio for only 5 weeks my hair has been falling out for the last 3 months and shows no signs of stopping.

I really dont know whats going on - ive refused any additional medication until this stops. Neither of my doctors both men even
mentioned this as a side effect and to be honest if they had i probably would not have opted for this. I am feeling a ...
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Is It All In My Head?

Hi Everyone!

I'm sure I arrived here like so many others because of the symptoms I've been having, Google-ing those symptoms and the start of tests from my PCP to rule out MS and other things.

I'm hoping just sharing with you and reading your input will help me to feel better on this journey I've found myself on.

The most recent episodes began about two yaers ago. (Prior to that, I had a month-long ...
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