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Wondering if I might have MS and how do I learn for certain?

A few weeks ago I had transient vision loss in one eye, not blindness, just severe blurring. It happened spontaneously and gradually improved over 10 hours. When it happened I was concerned about possibly having a stroke or a pre-cursor to one and I went to the E.R. They checked me out and said it wasn't a stroke and referred me to an ophthalmologist. The earliest I could see him was 2 days later and ...
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Tuberculosis vaccine halves the lesion load

Source: ... rogression

Cheap Vaccine Slows MS Progression
A one-time vaccination halved the rate at which early neurologic episodes progressed to diagnosable MS
Patients with early signs of multiple sclerosis (MS) given a single injection of a cheap, safe, and common vaccine against tuberculosis (TB) were significantly less likely to develop full-blown MS than controls.

In a 5-year, double-blind clinical trial conducted by a team ...
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What is wrong with MS research?

We all have seen CCSVI prevalence in MS patients oscillating from 0% to 100% according to who the researcher was. Most of us have supposed dark interests or weak skills as explanation for the discrepancies.

Recently the same has happened in other field. Kir4.1, once thought as a MS specific autoantibody, is now a theory nearly dead. (,

But the situation is ...
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Amputation for foot drop?

As I sit here with my sore back due to always dragging my foot around I have been wondering if I would be better off with an artificial foot!
I have the Bioness l300 which helps when I do have shoes on, but it doesn't totally work. I am just so tired of this foot always being in the way...
A few years ago as a friend was helping me get my leg into a ...
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Could I have MS

Hi Everyone !!
I'm 32. I have been feeling unwell for nearly 6 months now.

It started with a strange sensation as I'm walking- not a dizziness in my head but rather in my body- sort of feels like my body is swaying or moving as I walk ( though i know that it is not).... then I had extreme fatigue for about 2 and half weeks ( I was off work at this time ...
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Bladder spasms

About three months ago I had a suprapubic catheter put in. At the beginning I have no problems with it. One night I ended up in the emergency room because the catheter got blocked. They changed the catheter from a 20 F to a 24. A little while after that I started having an intense and very painful bladder spasms and my bladder hurts all the time. I can't even sit in my chair ...
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WalkAide System for Sale (w/ 3 packs of nodes)

I have for sale a VERY gently used WalkAide system I purchased from Hangar in Golden Valley, MN in 2010. It works very well and comes with three packs of electric nodes. I know for myself, this system cost $5100- out of pocket. And I tell you, it was worth every penny to be able to walk 'normally' again. The unit is in excellent condition and has very slight use, as I've only worn ...
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So stressed being in limbo...

Hi guys,
About a month and a half ago I ended up in hospital after experiencing a week long migraine, nausea and vomiting, neck pain/stiff neck, and numbness and tingling that would start in my foot and travel up through my body (on one side only, but could occur on either side). I was in hospital for 8 days being tested by neurologists to rule out anything serious. Their end conclusion was viral meningitus or ...
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Struggling with Tecfidera side effects

Prior to commencing Tecfidera I read with interest various ways to counteract the side effects of this medication & felt well prepared going into battle (thank you Ladymac et al for all the suggestions put out there...). The first week of the 120mg twice daily regime went relatively smoothly with a little bit of flushing, but nothing that aspirin didn't ward off. Tecfidera doesn't seem to like an empty stomach, so besides taking it with ...
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Tongue fasciculations???!

After a few weeks of off and on feeling almost like my tongue is numb, or I'm talking with something in my mouth, I checked my tongue to see if I was having an allergy and it may be swollen, I noticed it was twitching all over the place...

Went the my GP yesterday and he said it was indeed tongue fasciculations. Everything until now was pointing to MS (I have halfway DX of a ...
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