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Copaxone for 10+ years?

Looking for those that have taken Copaxone for 10+ years and am interested in side effects that you have experienced. I was diagnosed in 1999 and have been on Copaxone since then (minus being off to get pg and have 2 kiddos). I have been experiencing bone pain for about past 3 years and am trying to determine if this could be a side effect of the Copaxone that started after all this time.

Thank ...
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New. MRI coming up. Am I on the right path?

Hi all, I'm a 31 year old mom and one of my boys has Autism. I mention this because there seems to be a link between moms with autoimmune issues and having children on the spectrum. I treat my son with diet and alternative treatments and he has reacted well to that.

I've been falling apart for years now. I admit that I am the worst at taking care of myself. Before going to my ...
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The start of an adventure...

Hi There!

I am a 48 year-old male recently diagnosed (last Monday) with relapsing/remitting MS.

This comes after 3 years of confusion created by doctors in various countries (in the Middle East) without the necessary experience of MS to make the correct diagnosis. Now I am in New Zealand and it took only 2 months to get the answer I always suspected.

I experience substantial balance problems and have great numbness/lack of feeling in both ...
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Someone there? Please help.

I got diagnosed with MS last year when I was 18 and got put on avonex. I took them for 3 months and stopped because I ran of refills. Every week on those 3 months were hell. It was to the point were I laid on the bathroom floor in so much pain. When I stopped for 2 months I felt normal. I forgot I even had MS. Then on my next doctor's visit I ...
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Neuro Visit and MRI Questions

Tuesday I saw a neurologist for the following reasons-tremors in hands, tingling in neck and on top of my head and elbows. Cramping and jerking movement in hands, sometimes the whole right side of me shakes, pain in my hands when I'm writing or doing anything fine motor related, dizziness, slurred speech at times, forgetfulness and pain in my eyes at times with flashing light on the right side of my right eye... Sometimes I ...
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Bone pain with Copaxone?

I have been dealing with various bone pain in feet, hips and knees for about the last 3 years. Has anyone else experienced bone pain? I have had many X-rays and MRIs and nothing significantly wrong can be found besides my MS. My neuro says pain is not related to my MS. I saw ortho last week and he asked if it could be a side effect of Copaxone. This thought never occurred to me ...
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Don't know what dose to start with in my situation...

Hoping someone can please advise. I've had RMMS for 12 yrs and am asymptomatic, no fatigue or any problems thank goodness!!! ... but I had horrible amount of lesions (huge progression in my MRI scans) which have been stable past 2 yrs. I am very athletic go jogging etc daily. I was on tecfidera and had to go off it. It is too toxic of a drug. Thus, I will now be going on LDN ...
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Not new to MS but can't find a stable job

Hello all I am in my fourth year of having MS and cannot find a stable job. I have a contract job that I can go back to in about 5 weeks. The bad thing is that it is shifts which somehow I handled it and called in when my legs were feeling weak. My last 4 months I was forced to work on a different crew and was no happy because I had to ...
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Rare, But Serious, Side Effect Reported With One MS Drug

A handful of people taking a medication called Rebif to treat multiple sclerosis have developed a serious condition that causes blood clots to form in small blood vessels throughout the body.

In a letter in the March 27 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, Scottish researchers reported that they found an unexpectedly high number of cases of "thrombotic microangiopathy" in people taking Rebif who suddenly developed severe high blood pressure. The condition is ...
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The Wheldon Protocol, Some Advice, Please...

Hello everyone,

My name is Craig and I am 39 years old. I was diagnosed with MS on my 30th birthday, even though they could trace it back to 1997.

After failed attempts on conventional treatments- the ineffective Rebif, to be precise- I started on LDN in 2009 with improved my symptoms immensely... at the beginning.

Last year, I stumbled upon the Wheldon Protocol- Sarah's story- and informed my GP I would like to try ...
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