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I need a pair of glasses but I cannot adopt them


I have been diagnosed MS 14 years ago and using betaseron for 13 years. One of my first attacks was from my right eye and at first minute I lost 70% vision in my right eye, then it recovered upto 10% loss. Still my right eye is not as good as the left one but it is really hard to say that it has a persistent problem.

Anyhow, at the first years of my ...
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Pregnant with ?ms symptoms

My symptoms started about 16 months ago, about 9 months after my first son was born. At first it started off with a burning pain in my right big toe that eventually spread to tingling throughout my whole right foot. The tingling came and went and didn't bother me too much. About 9 months ago I developed tingling in my right hand as well as my foot, I finally worked up the courage to visit ...
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Grrr now my legs feel like concrete with pins and needles

So I had a scare of a relapse a few weeks ago but it was just a psuedo relapse. Everything got back to normal but as of thursday my legs have been like heavy weights but at the same time I have pins and needles from my stomach down to my toes. Two of my fingers on each hand also have pins and needles as well. I have had these symptoms before, other than the ...
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Intermittant fasting

Dr. Mosley tell us about how the intermittent fasting has reverse his diabetes. The purpose of fasting is to allow your body to repair itself. The body spends most of it's energy processing food. If your body is not processing the food you eat it has more energy to repair itself. ... =624314713
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social events

If you and your spouse are invited somewhere, how do you decide if you are going? I have to use a scooter. Walking is extremely difficult. I want to know if I'm being a cry-baby in having to stay at home. Is this normal? Please be as specific as possible.
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My blood tests are fine, my sleep study results were fine and my nerve conduction test was good. All I have are symptoms, prominent ventricles for age and white matter volume loss unusual for age. My doctor ordered a lumbar puncture next because my insurance denied the MRI with contrast. My neurologist told me that MRI with contrast won't find lesion and is only used for cancer or other masses. Should I believe her or ...
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Are Plavix/blood thinners needed 3 years after azygos stent?

IR who performed venoplasty 3 yrs ago put a stent in my azygos and recommended I take Plavix forever. I can no longer take Plavix or aspirin, and I won't take Coumadin as an alternative. Is there any reason I can't be off all RX drugs at this point? I've never had blood clots or any other blood related problem, and I eat a heart-healthy diet.

Diet effect on MS

Interesting study on diet and susceptability to MS.
CONCLUSION: The study generally supports a protective role for components commonly found in plants (fruit/vegetables and grains) and an increased risk with high energy and animal food intake.
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MS Body Type?

Odd study but the statistical significance they found was undeniable. Women with MS are tall and skinny, Men with MS are tall. I am 6'3" my parent were 5'8 and 5'2. I also have 11% bodyfat, but I been on a powerlifting regimen at the gym for a year.

"...An intriguing finding of this study is that body height of patients with MS tends to be greater than ...
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PPMS CSF induces inflammatory demyelination....

Progressive multiple sclerosis CSF induces inflammatory demyelination, axonal loss, and astrogliosis in mice

Cristofanilli M, Rosenthal H, Cymring B, Gratch D, Pagano B, Xie B, Sadiq SA.


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease characterized by inflammatory demyelination and neurodegeneration throughout the CNS, which lead over time to a condition of irreversible functional decline known as progressive MS.

Currently, there are no satisfactory treatments for this condition because the mechanisms that underlie disease progression ...
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