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Lucchinetti pattern III and CCSVI

This is an old article but I found it just now. I found it specially interesting because CCSVI theory didn't still exists at the time it was published.

It says that the Lucchinetti pattern III could be produced by "a pathologic process similar to ischemia". The author besides hypothesizes two possible mechanisms: vascular impairment leading to defective microcirculation, and local production of toxins that alter the mithocondrial energy metabolism.

The original text: (available at ...

Optic neuritis on MRI 6mo later?

At the end of November, I had a major problem with my left eye. (I'm 32.) Overnight, my vision went from normal to an absolute blur. (I could see nothing on the Snellen chart.) I saw the ophthalmologist about it two weeks in, but he could see nothing inside my eye that might have caused the problem. Although that is a common finding in optic neuritis, he would not diagnose it as optic neuritis because ...
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Undx help please.


I am a 47 year female. Been sick for 15 plus years. I was sent to a MS clinic when it first started. Had evoked potentials and head and spine MRI without contrast. Also did a neuro exam with a neuro psychologist. They ordered an EEG but I didn't get it done. I am not sure what the results of the MRI and EP were I assumed negative because they said the test results ...
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haven't been here in a while so let me reintroduce myself

Hello everybody,

I run a activity group for people with MS in New York City (surprisingly there wasn't one anywhere in the tri-state area) and if you're interested please do join, it's free! -

Several meetups on the schedule with more to come. Suggestions always welcome.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Thanks, ToNY :-)
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Shoulder weakness, fatigue, constant muscle pain

Hi -
I am 39 year old female that has been suffering with chronic pain for at least 8 years. My first noticable symptoms started about 8 years ago after the birth of my first child. I suffered what was thought to be an injury during child birth that left my right shoulder and partially left shoulder with severe nerve damage causing muscle atrophy and severe pain that lasted several months. The severe nerve pain ...
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What to make of this....ideas needed!

Hi all, first visit here, I wonder if anyone has any ideas about this?

I have l'hermittes sign.

Following a bout of flu in Feb 2015 I had a spell of dizziness which started my referral an ENT who said labrynthitis, then vestibular neuritis as I had no hearing damage and passed all the audio/visual tests. Told to do a load of neck exercises, vestibular rehabilitation for the ear/balance issue. I reckon 250,000 vigorous ...
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This is AWESOME! What do you think??

Came across this on my FB newsfeed today. I LOVE IT!

:) ... html?25730
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Drugs for Dizziness?

Are there any good drugs for dizziness out there? My husband has PPMS and the dizziness has become debilitating. He was prescribed betahistine but it doesn't really help at all. A little background…he was diagnosed in 2009, went to Poland for CCSVI in 2010 and had a couple of good years with little progression. Things have really been declining in the cognitive area now, so hoping there might be some medication out there for the ...
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MS drug linked to rising JC virus antibody levels

People who take the drug Tysabri for multiple sclerosis may have up to a 10 times greater risk of developing a risk biomarker for activity of a virus that can lead to an often fatal brain disease, according to a study published in online issue of Neurology Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation..Read more -


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