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Hi All,

My quick history:

2010: optic neuritis right eye, confirmed on orbit MRI but with negative brain and spine MRIs. Four months to 20/15 from 20/40 but it took over two years to regain full color and contrast. Still see snow to this day, but hardly notice.

2015: Fatigue and strange exertion related symptoms following a one day splitting headache and mild fever. Also had my first opthalmic migraine in this post fever period, ...
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Do you think I may have MS?

I realize that only a doctor can diagnose MS, but, I felt that some thoughts from people who have the condition might be helpful/insightful to me, so, here I am.

Here's what I've experienced so far:

On February 10th, I came down with a bad headache accompanied by fever blisters. I did not have a fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose, or anything like that. I just felt absolutely terrible and had very bad fatigue ...
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Identification of naturally occurring fatty acids of the myelin sheath that resolve neuroinflammation
Sci Transl Med. 2012 Jun 6;4(137):137ra73.

    Lipids constitute 70% of the myelin sheath, and autoantibodies against lipids may contribute to the demyelination that characterizes multiple sclerosis (MS). We used lipid antigen microarrays and lipid mass spectrometry to identify bona fide lipid targets of the autoimmune response in MS brain, and an animal model of MS to explore the role of the identified ...
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A model of de-myelination for multiple sclerosis

A model of de-myelination, as it really is.
By Simon Ewart-Grist

For this demonstration you need -

1. A supply of ordinary round party balloons.
2. A pair of bead magnets, 3mm dia.
3. A digital clock plugged into the mains

In theory, you only need one balloon but the first is bound to burst, so several are recommended. If you don't have, or can't borrow from a friend, the 3mm diameter bead magnets, I'm ...
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temporary paralysis

I have a question. For about a month I'm getting partial temporary paralysis to my right hand and parts of my face - mostly lips, chin and the right eye. It happens when I make sudden movements like stand or decide to jog or run, for about 10 seconds - I can't use my left hand, can't speak, I kind of freeze. After 10 seconds or so I get well again.
It's a strange feeling ...
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who's on twitter

interesting new campaign #thisisms
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Purple Foot!

How many people have a purple foot? I had one and after a ccsvi procedure it went away. I waas just reading the biotin thread here and someione said there purple foot went away..
Do others have this? Never heard it mentioned before as an ms symptom.
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Do lesions grow bigger or do they stay the same size?

I had my second MRI done last week and compared to the one done the beginning of November there are several new multiple lesions. There is a larger one that hasn't grown or shrunk down since my first MRI. My neurologist has me set up next week to do a lumbar puncture and they are sedating me. I don't know what stage or even what kind it is yet. How do I know its not ...
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Rash on hands and arms?

Hi, everyone. I was diagnosed on February 28, although my new neurologist who diagnosed me believes that I started showing symptoms eight years ago.

I started Tecfidera on March 11. I had a lot of stomach issues, and I still have some, but at least I can walk without being doubled over in pain. I followed Ladymac's recommendations and they definitely helped. Today, for the very first time, my face and neck turned red as ...
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Possible overdose?

Hi there
I was doing the protocol but without a doctors help.

Foolish I know.

Everything was going great for over a year but Ive run into a few issues.

I have a feeling I may have taken too much D3 and have suppressed my parathyroid gland as I am having all the classic symptoms of low parathyroid.

Does anyone know what I should do? Up my calcium, magneisum and fluids and discontinue the D3 ...
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