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The Brave Dreams clinical trial of venous PTA

This trial will be accepted by most physicians and scientists. While it recommends follow-up trials the main conclusion was that PTA (the so-called and misnamed "Liberation" procedure) is safe, but ineffective. This was a sham-controlled, randomized trial, with randomization 2:1 in favour of the real procedure. This procedure, PTA, cannot be recommended for treatment of MS.

I have long been in favour of this procedure, and I believe I have had temporary and long-term ...
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~ Incidental Findings ~

Everything in the photo below is considered an "incidental finding" and there's still no answer for what's causing my symptoms. The movement disorder specialist says the lesion is in one focal area and therefore wouldn't cause the symptoms that I'm having. She went on to say that she thinks it's incidental but offered to refer me for a second opinion. I have a follow-up appointment with the neuro-ophthalmologist on the 21st. If there are ...
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Symptom: Ataxia

Ataxia describes a lack of muscle control or coordination of voluntary movements, such as walking or picking up objects. A sign of an underlying condition, ataxia can affect various movements, creating difficulties with speech, eye movement and swallowing. Many conditions can cause ataxia, including alcohol abuse, certain medications, stroke, tumor, cerebral palsy, brain degeneration and multiple sclerosis. Inherited defective genes also can cause the condition. ... c-20355652

Sensory ...
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Should I

I have been diagnosed with MS by a neurologist who said he did so by my exams and the MRI was just proof. Another neurologist told me it wasn't. My family doctor really thinks it is at first I did not but now I am starting to believe it. I am having horrible Central Neuropathic Pain Related Headaches that take 3 days to build up 2 days at way past a 10 on the pain ...
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Really Think So Now

This is my second time posting about this. I have now a Neurologist, a Radiologist and my Family Doctor all saying that I have MS. But I have another Neurologist who read the films who said that my lesions are from my migraines. So the facts are 1.) There are lesions 2.) I have chronic migraines 3.) I am having some sort neurological attacks. There are 5 lesions and from what I understand diagnosing migraine ...
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Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Provides Surprising Pain Relief

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Provides Surprising Pain Relief ... in-relief/

There are two powerful opioid antagonists: 1) naloxone (Narcan) given as an injection or nasal spray in the case of narcotic overdose and 2) naltrexone administered orally in the treatment of alcohol dependence and to block opioid activity in the brain. There is a growing interest in low dose naltrexone (LDN). Doses range from 3 to 4.5 mg ...
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2017 study: Meeting MS Patients' Mental Health Needs

Meeting the mental health needs of people with multiple sclerosis: a qualitative study of patients and professionals ... 16.1180547

To explore perspectives and experiences of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and health care professionals of mental health support for MS in the UK.

Method: 24 people with MS, 13 practice nurses, 12 general practitioners (GPs) and 9 MS specialist nurses were recruited through community groups and primary ...
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MS Mental Problems

I have started an essay on mental problems which a person with MS might encounter. I wonder what others in this forum might think of it...

MS Mental Problems

I have MS.

I have been in denial about it, resisting the tendency to think and talk about my disease, because if I think and talk about it too much, I become boring to listen to.

People will think, sometimes rightly, that I am obsessed ...
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Should I tell my boss?

I’m trying to decide if I should tell my boss about this. I would love a set schedule because some of the long hours I work sometimes are exhausting. The problem is I’ve done it happily for 3 years, and it will look strange if I suddenly want to stop. I would like to think she’s a better person than to try to fire me or get me to quit over this, but so many ...
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World Without Zinc

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