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Has anyone tried vinpocetine? It's been cited to increase cerebral perfusion.

Clinical Indications: Chronic Cerebral Vascular Ischemia
Two PET studies in chronic stroke patients have shown that vinpocetine has a significant effect in increasing glucose uptake and metabolism in the healthy cortical and subcortical regions of the brain, particularly in the area surrounding the region of the stroke. 21 A study in 15 chronic ischemic stroke patients found ...
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Low Cost High Dose Biotin

I have been taking Biotin for years, and for most of that time I have been using Pharmaceutical Grade Biotin Powder (significantly less expensive). In doing some research, I have discovered several companies are now offering low cost high dose capsules (about $60/month for 300mg per day dosage) - Just a couple of years ago, high dose biotin was several hundred dollars for a month supply of 300mg dosage. Here is a link to one ...
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MedDay’s Phase 3 Trial - impact on Optic Neuritis failed

I just saw this even though it is from a few months ago - hope it is not a duplication on TIMS.

MedDay’s MD-1003 PHASE III Optic Neuritis Trial Results For MS

A clinical trial of MedDay’s promising medication MD-1003 in a study of the drugs impact on Optic Neuritis failed to meet its endpoint in outperforming placebo towards improving vision for people who have multiple sclerosis.

Here is a link to the article ...
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Tecfidera Fertility for Men

Hi, I'm hoping to get some information from people who may know information or be in a similar position. My husband has been diagnosed with MS and is due to start Tecfidera soon. We want to try for another baby but we are worried as we don't know if the drug can cause infertility or birth defects. We have asked the MS nurse assigned to him but she can't give us a real answer on ...
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More evidence that gut bacteria may play a key role in MS

More evidence that gut bacteria may play a key role in MS

Two new studies from the U.S and Germany have added to growing evidence that gut bacteria may play a role in the brain inflammation caused by Multiple Sclerosis...Read more -
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Vascular hypoperfusion in acute optic neuritis

Vascular hypoperfusion in acute optic neuritis is a potentially new neurovascular model for demyelinating diseases.



Optic neuritis is highly correlated with multiple sclerosis and is a major cause of acute visual loss and long-term neuronal degeneration. Primary cerebral hypoperfusion has been reported in brain demyelinating diseases. This study investigated whether peripapillary perfusion is changed in patients with acute optic neuritis (AON).

This three-year cohort ...

Biomarkers for response to therapies

Having several disease modifying drugs available, is interesting to know what kind of response is expected for each one in a given patient.

Pharmacogenetic Biomarkers to Predict Treatment Response in Multiple Sclerosis: Current and Future Perspectives

The review only shows genes associated with responses to interferons, glatimer acetate and mitoxantrone. Could be interesting, anyway.
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microRNA miR-155 dysregulation

Authors of the article say that is not only a biomarker, but also a target for intervention. I put it here in biomarkers just to be conservative.

miR-155 Dysregulation and Therapeutic Intervention in Multiple Sclerosis.


microRNAs play a fundamental role in the immune system. One particular microRNA, miR-155 plays a critical role in hematopoietic cell development and tightly regulates innate and adaptive immune responses in response to infection.

However, its dysregulation, more specifically its ...
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Nuro wants another MRI

I just had one 2 months ago and now she wants another to see if my Avonex is causing lesions.
Is this something on the common side for nuros to do? It's a good thing right now my ins is paying for my MRI's other wise I would of said hell no!
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CSF testing and other questions

I'm a 39 year old female, with a 4 year old and a 9 month old.
I've had an MRI that shows T2 hyper-intensities in 2 of the 4 areas of the brain that may indicate MS. However, both neurologists I have seen say that I do not have the traditional history or current symptoms of someone with MS, so I have had a CSF test done (awaiting results - ugh!) and I will go ...
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