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Hsct patients in Ireland

Hi I'm wondering is there anyone out there that could help me with my research. I have ms I'm 25 year old male. They are unsure as to which particular type I have they said PPMS first now they think it's RRMS. I was on copaxone for a short few months as I was not benefiting from it. I have been on LDN since 9 weeks after I was diagnosed. I'm still working full time ...
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At wits end! Does this sound like it could be MS?

This is a list of symptoms I am going to give my doctor. I am seeing an internal med doctor next week. I am desperate. I can't figure out what is wrong with me. The leg pain is so bad that I am having difficulty seeing how I am going to deal with it. It should be noted that I have a high pain tolerance - I previously had two ruptured cervical disks and went ...
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Does this sound like ON to you?

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Does this sound like on to you?
Hi all,

I am still undiagnosed, and thus is my first post here, but my question is vision-related.

My visual symptoms are what made me consider the possibility that the paresthesia I was experiencing might not be "nothing."

What I have experienced is very hard to describe, and ...
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Time line ??

Howdy, sorry we are all hear :sad:

Anyway, I'm Karen am 42 years old, mom to 10 (ages 20 - 2) and live in South Texas.

Saw my GP this morning and pending an MRI of my neck (which has known issues) I am off to a neurologist.

I think her biggest concern is that I have some pretty siginificant hyperreflexia, 3 beats of clonus in my ...
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This is what happens without childhood vaccinations...

FYI - this is what's happening in Ohio these days, due to parents' avoidance of vaccines in their school age children -- an outbreak of mumps that's continuing to spread. I'll just quote two articles about it.

“Lack of vaccination helps spread mumps” -- from The Columbus Dispatch, Friday April 4, 2014 ... pread.html

More and more kindergartners each year start school in Ohio without having been vaccinated ...
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Dr. Trutt discusses antioxidants

Dr. Josh Trutt of New York discusses Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, Curcumin and other antioxidants such as Astaxanthin. One of the several interesting topics he discusses is that several studies show that the best levels of Vitamin D3 for all cause mortality reduction are around 40 ng/mL or 100 nmol/L.

More info at
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Selfish Post, but too tired to read through all the info..


Must be perfectly honest, I'm being lazy by posting this. I could and should read old posts to see if anyone else has similar issues. However, too much reading. I'm really tired and tired of worrying..

The whole subject of M.S. is one I avoid. I was diagnosed with TM in 2011. 95% full recovery. Still had minor issues, sensory related, but compared to most I felt blessed and just went on with life. ...
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Copaxone for 10+ years?

Looking for those that have taken Copaxone for 10+ years and am interested in side effects that you have experienced. I was diagnosed in 1999 and have been on Copaxone since then (minus being off to get pg and have 2 kiddos). I have been experiencing bone pain for about past 3 years and am trying to determine if this could be a side effect of the Copaxone that started after all this time.

Thank ...
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New. MRI coming up. Am I on the right path?

Hi all, I'm a 31 year old mom and one of my boys has Autism. I mention this because there seems to be a link between moms with autoimmune issues and having children on the spectrum. I treat my son with diet and alternative treatments and he has reacted well to that.

I've been falling apart for years now. I admit that I am the worst at taking care of myself. Before going to my ...
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The start of an adventure...

Hi There!

I am a 48 year-old male recently diagnosed (last Monday) with relapsing/remitting MS.

This comes after 3 years of confusion created by doctors in various countries (in the Middle East) without the necessary experience of MS to make the correct diagnosis. Now I am in New Zealand and it took only 2 months to get the answer I always suspected.

I experience substantial balance problems and have great numbness/lack of feeling in both ...
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