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ponesimod (or gillenia) effects

I have been proposed to try to take part in ponesimod clinical trial, third phase (without placebo). Ponesimod is a drug made by Actellion, the Swiss pharmaceutical company. That is a drug close to gilenia and RPC1063. they all three sequester lymphocytes into lymph nodes.

Does it worth it? Is gilenia really effective drug? What is the estimated rate of disability slowing? What side effects have to be aware of?
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Canadian researchers from Sunnybrook and U of Toronto....

Regional reduction in cortical blood flow among cognitively impaired adults with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients.
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Autoimmunity could be ‘dialled down’ study finds

A new study shows how dangerous autoimmune responses, seen in conditions such as lupus and multiple sclerosis, might be "dialed down" without compromising the immune system's ability to fight viruses and bacteria...Read more -
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To do or not to?

Hello everyone! My physician has recommended Botox treatment for a temporary brow lift. I did an extensive research and found that it is the application of botox. This involves the injection of the botox into the areas between and at the outer corners of the eye brow. I have bee thinking about it for a while but also worried about its side effects. Drooping eyelids seem to be the side effect of botox injections. Anyone ...
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Double Vision, peripheral neuropathy, Incontinence

Hi All,

I'm a 42yr old male, in pretty good health (generally)

About a year ago I experienced an period of double vision, this was predominantly at the end of the day so I just put it down to eye strain (I'm a computer worker) This lasted about 4 weeks and then just went away.

About two months ago more symptoms started. Initially a burning/itching sensation in my left arm into my hand, this gets ...
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Fungus and nails hand and foot

Has anyone in this group had to deal with fungus fingernail and toenail? After being on Copaxone for almost 3 years all the sudden a fungus outbreak has occurred starting on big toenail. I do workout but have only used the shower at the gym 3 times, months ago. Do you think we who have MS and are medicated are more susceptible to foreign invaders such as fungus infections? I have been using tea tree ...
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'Can you stop my multiple sclerosis?'

Missed the #BBCPanorama programme 'Can you stop my multiple sclerosis?', you can view it here #ms

If you have questions our Helpline is open from 9am today - phone, email and live web chat available.
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PPMS spinal fluid induces MS in mice

I may of read a quick mention of this result, but this is the actual study! I did a search on TIMS, and could not find a mention of the study, even though its from back in 2014.
And the actual publication:

Progressive multiple sclerosis cerebrospinal fluid induces inflammatory demyelination, axonal loss, and astrogliosis in mice.
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease characterized by inflammatory demyelination and neurodegeneration throughout the CNS, ...
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Having Trouble Walking, full of questions!

Hi, I have not been diagnosed yet but the neuro suspects MS. I have been having a list of weird unexplained neurological issues for years. I had chronic migrains, vertigo, almost always have some level of nausea, blurred vision that comes and goes, double vision that came and went, pain in my eyes more so my left eye than right, facial twitches, weird sensations on my skin in different places, random boughts of itchiness, feeling ...
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