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For those of you thinking about starting on Tecfidera

Hi. I just wanted to encourage anyone starting Tecfidera. I had a hard time choosing Tecfidera because of the side effects. When you do a web search, there is not even one person saying, "Hey, you might not get these side effects" or "Its not that bad." Even my own Neurologist told me I might be wearing Depends. This is my 4th medication in 3 years since my diagnosis, and I always have a hard ...

Do I have MS

I'm 38 years old, and every time I go to my family doctor she blows me off, makes me feel a bit like a hypochondriac. I didn't realize that all the things that are wrong with me could be linked to MS until I was up late last night researching my symptoms. I happened to notice that everything that is going on with me are possible symptoms of MS. Now I'm a little worried. Here's ...
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Dr. Jelinek and OMS/1-Day Conferences in the US

Thought this might be of interest to those of us curious about Dr. Jelinek's work. These are day-long sessions in New York, LA, and Boston. I feel very lucky to live near Boston!:

Also, if anyone here can speak to following his protocol, please do!
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HELP me with MS water fasting

Hello every one,

I read water fasting can cure MS or at least it can help ease some of symptoms, so about 2 weeks ago i decided to start fasting for 21 days and now i'm in day 12 of my water fast, first 3-4 days was hell and i was so hungry up to day 7 and now hunger is gone i feel like i can continue this more than 21 days that i ...
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Frends please watch this vedio ... b-71285713
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girl with anti-MOG and venous sinus trombosis

Everything is together in this case. Venous sinus trombosis, auto-anitbodies (anti-MOG) and CSF hypertension. ... ?aid=69423

Eye movement

Have you ever had a symptom where one of you eyes does the move properly? I recently had some face freeze for the first time when I realized only half of my lips smiled, but that cleared up within a couple of days. Then I started having double vision I realized it is because my right eye does not move to the left anymore, so anytime I look left my brain gets all confused and ...
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Anyone getting flushing 3-6 hours after taking Tecfidera?

Hey, on the full dose of Tecfidera for about two months now. It's the first treatment I've tried - just been diagnosed over the past year. I've been generally tolerating it well (taking morning and night with food) with only occasional flushing issues.

Fast forward to this week, and the pattern seems to be changing. I've been getting red 3-6 hours after I've taken the pill for the majority of the week. I am wondering ...

Tired of the run around

I've been given the run around by doctors for about 3 years now. All of my symptoms point to MS, tingling, loss of balance, brain fog, etc. I even recently found out that the bladder issues can cause frequent UTIs, which I've had for years and have been to the ER for many times, including a bout of sepsis.
I've had several big episodes, the first being a few weeks where I couldn't walk and ...
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The Sugar Industry Paid Off Harvard Researchers

Following the saga of the sugar story as told by Dr. Robert Lustig, diet-f9/topic19622.html, we now learn that the sugar industry had paid off Harvard researchers in the 1960's to write a review paper promoting the role of fats in heart disease while stating that sugar had no role in heart disease and contained just empty calories that only led to a higher incidence of tooth decay.

Millions of ...
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