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Cytokine signature patterns provide insights....

Cytokine signature patterns provide insights into immunomodulatory drug effects

The use of cytokine signature patterns: separating drug naïve, interferon and natalizumab-treated multiple sclerosis patients.

O'Connell KE1, Mok T, Sweeney B, Ryan AM, Dev KK.


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory illness characterized by demyelination and axonal neurodegeneration. Here, we used serum samples from MS patients to demonstrate if "cytokine signature" patterns can separate different patient groups better than using single cytokines..... Read More - ...
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Could existing common medications help restore myelin in MS?

Could existing common medications help restore myelin in MS patients?

A common cold treatment and seven other drugs already approved for other conditions could help restore a protective coating eroded around neurons in multiple sclerosis patients, according to researchers led by a team at the University of California, San Francisco.

UCSF is spearheading a 50-patient clinical trial of the most promising drug — an over-the-counter antihistamine branded by Novartis as Tavist — that is expected ...
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Accessible toenail clippers

These look like they might be helpful for folks with MS. Has anybody tried something like this? ... B00DQ8X9M4

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Side effects after 3 weeks on Tecfidera

I have noticed aches in my joints, bloating, extreme fatigue and depression. When I talk to the nurse, she says, hopefully, in time, these side effects will go away. It has been three weeks, and I am considering stopping the medication, with a consultation with my neurologist, of course.
I am on other medications for my heart. I have A-Fibrillation and Cardiomyopathy. I had a double bypass in 2005. I was always healthy until I ...
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Migraine Headaches

Suzy Cohen gives solutions to help with Migraines and headaches. ... =575463591
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Stents in Poland

I was one of the first to have a jugular stent inserted in Poland - unfortunately.
My neurologist wants an MRI but the hospital won't do it without knowing the type of stent.
I have contacted Poland a number of times but without much luck.
My GP suggests trying the Polish Embassy.
Anyone have any suggestions or know the type of stent used?
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anyone familiar with this in texas

Repair Stem Cells Institute Launches New Affordable USA Stem Cell Treatments for MS

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GroundReport | Author: Ann Rion
Filed Under: Healthcare, News | Posted: 07/04/2014 at 1:41PM
0 Comments | Region: Texas | United States .

What better day to celebrate the major raising of the quality of low cost USA stem cell treatments for patients with Multiple Sclerosis? ...
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Do You Believe In Magic?

Currently reading this. It's pretty good and cuts through a lot of "woo" in CAM. I think it is worth reading for anyone with a chronic illness since there is so much snake oil out there.

Do You Believe in Magic?: The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine by Paul A., M.D. Offit

In Do You Believe in Magic?, medical expert Paul A. Offit, M.D., offers a scathing exposé of the alternative medicine industry, revealing ...
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Hello from Canada, eh!

Hello hello.

Will keep this short. Have PPMS that hit pretty quickly. Symptoms started 2009 (EDSS of 6.0 within months), official diagnosis in 2012. I'm now at about 6.5 and thinking of tricking out my rollator -- racing stripes! custom rims! :lol:

I'm pretty upbeat and positive but without the "woo" factor. I'm a very realistic person when it comes to my future, but it shouldn't be ...
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Waiting on diagnosis

This is all new and happening way too fast. I went to my neurosurgeon this week with a numb left arm, hand and fingers. Last time I had this problem it was the result of a ruptured disc in my neck which required immediate surgery. I assumed this would be the same case. During the examination I was asked numerous questions non-related to my neck and disc. Every question she asked I answered yes to, ...
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