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Really Think So Now

This is my second time posting about this. I have now a Neurologist, a Radiologist and my Family Doctor all saying that I have MS. But I have another Neurologist who read the films who said that my lesions are from my migraines. So the facts are 1.) There are lesions 2.) I have chronic migraines 3.) I am having some sort neurological attacks. There are 5 lesions and from what I understand diagnosing migraine ...
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Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Provides Surprising Pain Relief

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Provides Surprising Pain Relief ... in-relief/

There are two powerful opioid antagonists: 1) naloxone (Narcan) given as an injection or nasal spray in the case of narcotic overdose and 2) naltrexone administered orally in the treatment of alcohol dependence and to block opioid activity in the brain. There is a growing interest in low dose naltrexone (LDN). Doses range from 3 to 4.5 mg ...
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2017 study: Meeting MS Patients' Mental Health Needs

Meeting the mental health needs of people with multiple sclerosis: a qualitative study of patients and professionals ... 16.1180547

To explore perspectives and experiences of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and health care professionals of mental health support for MS in the UK.

Method: 24 people with MS, 13 practice nurses, 12 general practitioners (GPs) and 9 MS specialist nurses were recruited through community groups and primary ...
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MS Mental Problems

I have started an essay on mental problems which a person with MS might encounter. I wonder what others in this forum might think of it...

MS Mental Problems

I have MS.

I have been in denial about it, resisting the tendency to think and talk about my disease, because if I think and talk about it too much, I become boring to listen to.

People will think, sometimes rightly, that I am obsessed ...
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Should I tell my boss?

I’m trying to decide if I should tell my boss about this. I would love a set schedule because some of the long hours I work sometimes are exhausting. The problem is I’ve done it happily for 3 years, and it will look strange if I suddenly want to stop. I would like to think she’s a better person than to try to fire me or get me to quit over this, but so many ...
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World Without Zinc

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Has anyone else tried clemastine fumarate @ new relapse?

I’m pretty sure I started my first noticeable relapse since rituxan (2013) on Monday. It started as a new numb feeling on top of right foot and started traveling up my leg throughout the day and I could feel the ms hug starting. I never have one-sided issues and the non-relapse sensory issues come and go within hours. This lasted a full day and is still there. BUT I took a single dose of clemastine ...
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2017 study: magnesium zinc and postpartum depression

encountered this study while looking for research on anxiety and magnesium.

thought here would be the most suitable place on the forum to file this tidbit.

Effects of zinc and magnesium supplements on postpartum depression and anxiety: A randomized controlled clinical trial ... 16.1235074
"Postpartum anxiety and depression are prevalent disorders. The authors of this study aimed to determine the effects of zinc and magnesium supplements on ...
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Aged Black Garlic

I take a lot of supplements and have been for several years and just discovered this one, Aged Black Garlic. It seems very interesting and while I do take a garlic supplement, have been considering trying it and if I like it, making my own and consuming it on a regular basis. Anyone here taking it? Your thoughts...
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no more supplement effects after a long period

Dear All,

I've been taking supplements (Bcomplex, D3 vit, C vit, Calcium, Zinc etc...) for many years.

I feel nowadays that positive effects, mainly regarding my energy level, are gone.

Did you experience the same thing?
What should I do?

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