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Welcome to the world's leading forum on Multiple Sclerosis research, support, and knowledge. For over 10 years, This is MS has provided an unbiased community dedicated to Multiple Sclerosis patients, caregivers, and affected loved ones.

Phase IIb SPMS Trial Results

Opexa's stock price crashed on Oct. 28th. It's now at 67 cents/share.
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Organic or non-organic food?


I'm curious.

Do you consume only organic food (organic meat, vegetables, and cereals) on your diet?

If yes, Do you think that non-organic food is related to MS?
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Age of multiple sclerosis onset linked to latitude

A large international study led by the University of Tasmania’s Menzies Institute for Medical Research has found that the age at which symptoms of multiple sclerosis first start is strongly linked to latitude...Read more -
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MS and Extreme Thirst, Fatigue/WEakness, Low T

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forums and was diagnosed with MS just about a year ago after months of testing. I am 29 years old and an avid runner and hard core mountain bike rider. I wanted to specifically indicate that before jumping into an issue I have been experiencing over the last several months. I typically experience the normal symptoms including but not limited to blurry vision, weakness and fatigue in my ...
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Hello...newbie..not sure where to post..

Hi everyone! I'm sure your forums are BOMBARDED on the reg with people asking....'Does this sound like MS?'.'s another one.. lol
I'll try to keep it short.
So, I'm a personal trainer and a body builder and up until about a year ago did very heavy Olympic and other types of lifts, every single day on my own, and while teaching. So of course I would become injured on occasion. It started about 3 ...
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HI Friends very interesting story from DR. HOLZ
His book on SECRETS OF ABORIGINAL HEALING from his experiences of healing his progressive M.S plus quadriplegic
and the DRS that he had 2 years to live but went to live with remote australia tribe and had remarkable healing
please read more ... .undefined
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Had to Walk Out on Mayo Clinic - Rochester and Need Advice

Hello, everyone. I recently had a very negative experience with MAYO clinic regarding my ongoing MS-like symptoms, and I'm hoping people on the board can give me advice. Background: I'm a 36 year old female Ph.D. student in English Literature and Disability Studies. In 2014 I began experiencing odd symptoms: began with balance issues and falls, later numbness and tingling in right hand, arm, foot, or leg intermittently, muscle spasms, jaw pain, swelling of knee, ...
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steven novella's article on CCSVI ... sclerosis/

Any thoughts? We are an echo chamber of denial and belief and that is why doctors, academics, scientists, and science communicators should engage with social media communities? The welcome mat is out for all comers.

Tooth fairy science? He had a valid point, about the need to establish foundational research before moving on to subsidiary concerns, but bringing in the tooth fairy comes across as mocking. ...

Anyone getting Rituximab for PPMS?

I know the FDA has fast tracked the ocrelizumab trials but is there anyone out there with PPMS or SPMS getting the infusions?

I know of someone about to start after working through the "insurance system" with their Neuro. If so, how is it working and how are the side effects?

I thought there would be more chatter on this site about the impending first drug approved for PPMS. I know about the studies, I ...
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New here

I am 38 year old female with 3 kids
So far I am undiagnosed
Undiagnosed for 3 years
First symptom was thoracic chest pain
Followed by sciatic left leg pain whith negative emg negative mri
Few months later chiro and physio said my gait is not right
Atrophy developed in left leg
Hip mra negative
A year later severe back ache followed by same symptoms on right leg
Neuro observed hyperreflexia
In both knew ...
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