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Problems I wonder if anyone has encountered.

I recently was diagnosed with MS in March of 2014. Of course with my luck, the week I went blind in my left eye every neuro-opthalmologist happened to be on a convention, so for a whole week i was tossed around to 5 different eye doctors, then finally me being in the medical field & worried I had a tumor behind my eye, asked the last doctor for a referral for an MRI on my ...

3 new studies: MS BBB break prior to immune cells

1. In vitro study of the direct effect of extracellular hemoglobin on myelin components.

The cellular biologists from the University of Guelph are looking at how blood particles damage myelin. They are seeing microscopic deposits of hemoglobin in the MS brain, around the veins. This blood contains iron, which when deposited into delicate brain tissue, begins a process of oxidative stress.

"This study provides new insight into the ...
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My neuro is wanting me to start Plegridy soon. Anyone have experience with that? So far I've only tried Tecfidera but had to stop due to side effects.
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MS weakness

I have searched all over webb but I do not really understand what ms-weakness is. Is ms-weakness like you muscle just dies out, with that i mean like you cant even lift 1 kg becuase of the weakness. Or is ms-weakness like it feels heavier, for example before somone could lift 40 kg 4x10 times now he can only lift in that arm 40 kg 2x10 times (is this perceived weakness or ms-weakness?)

The thing ...
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New study suggests Hepatitis B vaccine sparked rise in MS

"Whatever the mechanism, because of this unique event in vaccination history, of such a large number of people getting vaccinated against hepatitis B in such a short time, and the resultant dramatic wave of new cases, it appears highly likely that hepatitis B vaccination can trigger MS. The author of this paper actually goes so far as calling this 'an involuntary very large scale experiment carried out on a third of the French population'."

Link ...
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It's PPMS, I'm certain. Good bye guys, sorry for the rant.

Here I lay in bed, on Christmas Eve, contemplating ending my life. In my early years I wished I could sleep the entire day and wake up with the toys under the tree. Not anymore. Now I wish I would wake up healthy.
I have tried in vain to get people to understand that the nerves in my leg demyelinate in heat or after exercise to no avail. Why does my leg feel numb in ...
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In the diagnosis's my timeline...

Hello all. I am in the diagnosis process and thought I'd share a timeline...

September - went to neuro for left arm weakness and twitching. he diagnosed with carpal tunnel first and said second guess was slip disk in neck. he noted some thumb wasting in his exam but no weakness. i requested EMG but he gave me a splint and said to come back in 2-3 months

Unfortunately, I couldn't wait and got anxious ...
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MS and vascular problems associated

Of course, to have two conditions associated does not imply causality, but I think the association between MS and vascular problems cannot be discussed anymore.

A systematic review of the incidence and prevalence of cardiac, cerebrovascular, and peripheral vascular disease in multiple sclerosis

Findings regarding the prevalence of vascular comorbidities in multiple sclerosis (MS) are conflicting.

The objective of this review is to estimate the ...

Maybe it is possible to protect the BBB

This is a recently published article about the BBB breakdown. It is still too early to know whether it is important, but I think it is worthy to have it around here.

Interleukin-34 Restores Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity by Upregulating Tight Junction Proteins in Endothelial Cells.

Interleukin-34 (IL-34) is a newly discovered cytokine as an additional ligand for colony stimulating factor-1 receptor (CSF1R), and its functions are expected ...

Using no-evidence-of-disease-activity standard for patients

Using no-evidence-of-disease-activity standard for patients with multiple sclerosis

Maintaining "no-evidence-of-disease-activity" (NEDA) was difficult over time for many patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) but the measure may help gauge a patient's long-term prognosis, according to a study published online by JAMA Neurology.

NEDA has become a new goal for the treatment of MS and an outcome measure because of multiple and increasingly effective therapies for relapsing forms of the neurodegenerative disabling disease. But it's unknown what ...
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