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Possible MS? 'lhermittes' + blind spots

So. Long story short; for the last 3 years I have experienced some symptoms, that I believe could be caused by MS. I'm the right age group; 24 year old female, scandinavian.

Because of the 'vagueness' and random ways my symptoms have been appearing, I have been pretty much brushed off by neuros. They (quite obviously) think the symptoms are caused by anxiety and tense muscles in my shoulders.

I just visited a neuro today ...
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Can Cymbalta hide symptoms?

Hi. I know I am a little old to be diagnosed (41 yo female), and I did have an MRI which was normal, but I am still not convinced. Actually, I do not have ANY diagnosis at ALL from my neurologist, but yet I still have symptoms. So frustrating. Anyway, he put me on Cymbalta, and although my symptoms are better, I still have them. Here goes.

Not sure what is related and what isn't ...
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Experimental drug shows promise in MS treatment

A new experimental drug has shown promise in treating multiple sclerosis in mice model. Study author Dr. Scott Zamvil said, “This study has given us more insight into how laquinimod works. But because this was an animal study, more research needs to be done before we know if it could have similar results in people. these results are promising because they provide hope for people with progressive MS, an advanced version of the disease ...
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So confused

Back in 2011 I was in hospital for numbness of the right side of my body they diagnosed it as conversion disorder and since then I just thought that was the diagnosis for all my problems with my right leg. Recently I've been having severe lower back pain also. They say it's minor lumbar scoliosis but I still get numbness in my right leg along with other symptoms. I just feel like everywhere I go ...
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Is this MS...

Hello. I'm new here. I have an undiagnosed condition. First it was possible rheumatoid arthritis...but the panels came back negative. Then it was fibromyalgia, but a rheumatologist my mother sees said it's not likely because I'm male. Then there was a mention of possible MS. I'm going to my local doctor today. A little scared. I've been describing my symptoms for a long time. Never really got an answer. I joined here to really just ...
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Go Fund Me again...

This is cross-posted from General Discussion, because some only read the CCSVI forum. Plus, I am inordinately proud of my prototype...

I have decided on the RGB Shades which was a successful Kickstarter project. I am nearly ready to start using them. I have bought an Arduino and a little daughter board with an accelerometer and gyroscope on it. There is also a thermometer on the same chip but I don't think I'll need it. ...
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Inhibiting the Autoimmune Response to Treat Multiple Sclerosis

Full text: ... %2931097-X
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Has anyone who's had this MS thing for awhile had any improvements while on the high doses of Biotin? Have been taking Biotin for a year and haven't seen one thing improve. Thought at least the nails on my right hand would. Need to order more Biotin if I'm going to stay on it.

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For those of you thinking about starting on Tecfidera

Hi. I just wanted to encourage anyone starting Tecfidera. I had a hard time choosing Tecfidera because of the side effects. When you do a web search, there is not even one person saying, "Hey, you might not get these side effects" or "Its not that bad." Even my own Neurologist told me I might be wearing Depends. This is my 4th medication in 3 years since my diagnosis, and I always have a hard ...


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