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so, i just had a few days of increasing urinary frequency and issues w urgency. it was interfering with my day to day activities and i didn't take quick enough action.
night before last was bad - a painful night peeing every hour or so, and never feeling like i *didn't* have to go. and there was plenty of visible blood.

i started double dosing daily zinc and selenium, i spent 24 hrs eating a ...
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My symptoms started four years ago. It started with my left arm and left face going numb. I see my primary doctor and they did a MRI of my brain and cervical spine. MRI came back negative. Then I developed numbness in my whole left leg. Went to see my first neurologist. And what she ordered another MRI of my brain and entire spine. My MRI came back with no lesions. She said no lesions ...
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MS mom needs medicine

Dear all,

First of all I want to express my admiration for your courage in facing MS and your kindness in supporting the patients.

My name is Hadeel and I have created this account on behalf of my mother "Hedaya" who has been diagnosed with MS in 2007.
We are Palestinians from Gaza, but my mother lives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and I am currently studying in Germany.

In July 2014, my father ...
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Walkaide 20-100 for sale

I have a Model #: 20-100 Walkaide available for sale. It was purchased for around $5000.
I have used it for approximately 3.5 years. It is in very good condition and works perfectly. It has worked well for me and I have had no issues. My disease has changed and I need to look at other options. Otherwise, I'd still use it happily.

Medium sized cuff
9x packages of WalkAide Premium Electrodes - Size ...
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The man who planted trees

David Milarch has a mission, to clone the oldest trees and preserve their genetics and use those trees to help rebuild the forests to the benefit of all living things on the planet. His story is discussed in Jim Robbins' 2012 book "The Man Who Planted Trees." It's a book worth reading.

TEDx San Jose, CA

TEDx Jackson Hole, WY

More... ...
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Abnormal blood test results

Hi folks

I was feeling exhausted all time so the doc sent me off to get a lot of things tested and I got the results yesterday.

Ok so my iron is low. I forgot what the number was but she gave me a print of part of the results and there are 2 more abnormal ones I am more worried about.

Serum gamma GT level is 51iu/L - this should be between 9 and ...
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Tecfidera and certain foods causing flushing

Has anybody experienced flushing from certain foods such as tomato sauce or lemonade? I think it is the acid in these foods that is causing me to flare up. Could be nitrates as well. I had some summer sausage and it seemed to cause a flare up. Odd!

Good news story (18 months on Tec)

Hi all,

just thought i would post a good news story to motivate those who may be struggling with Tec. When I started it i was hit really hard with the side effects - stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, intense flushing, itching, even hives. This lasted about 3 months for me but i was determined not to quit as i had already been on copaxone and after continued relapses and lesion formation through the 18 months ...
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When I sleep (even a nap), my leg gets so stiff that it is a total struggle to get to the bathroom. I stretch and exercise ALOT. I am progressive. Is anyone like me? This is so stressing. :cry:
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Ok, call me crazy but is this my answer? Candida overgrowth?

For background, go here general-discussion-f1/topic26400.html

I found out about this last night and maybe I am crazy, but this just fits way too well to be the culprit. This would explain everything down to even my bad acne break outs.

I went through two steroid treatments, one late 2013 and then early 2014. Shortly after those treatments I have had weird mucus and often a dry mouth. I also, ...
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