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MS Protocol

I'm wondering if anyone can explain how an MS protocol brain MRI differs from a regular brain MRI. I'm assuming that it's more likely to show up lesions (if any exist) but I can't seem to find specifics about it. Thanks in advance for comments!

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Doctor Torre Is Researching Inclined Bed Therapy

Dr J.P. Torre is conducting a study on Inclined Bed Therapy. He is asking for people to join his online study. Please Help to get the word out.

This is very exciting and a long awaited breakthrough. Please help to shout this from the roof tops.

"- There are convincing facts about IBT including NASA research and it is certainly intriguing that ancient Egyptians slept inclined.
- There are numerous reports that Inclined sleeping has ...
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Could this be two different kinds of MS?

In this article they say that the MRZH reaction (at least two of measles, rubeole and zoster reactions) increases sensitivity of body fluid diagnosis in MS. But for me this is pointing to the possibility of two different kinds of MS. Those with oligoclonal bands (OGB), and those without OGB, but with MRZ reaction.

what do you think?

Source: ... 2816303265
MRZH reaction increases sensitivity for intrathecal IgG ...
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2017 study: (Aquatic) Exercise Is Good For You...

Influence of aquatic exercises in physical condition in patients with multiple sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disabling chronic disease of the nervous system in which the myelin system of the central nervous system is deteriorated.
This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of an aquatic exercise program on the physical condition of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis.
The study included 26 participants divided ...
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shaky legs

Hey, all. Quick question. My office had a fire drill today and I had to walk down 18 flights of stairs. Now my right calf shakes when I stand up. This is the same leg that I usually have trouble with. Is it normal for my calf to shake? It also shakes if I wear high heels so I pretty much stick to flats these days unless I have an occasion that I have to ...
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Report highlights Alemtuzumab as one of many 'rip-off' drugs

Report highlights MS drug Alemtuzumab as one of many 'rip-off' drugs

Multiple sclerosis (MS) drug Alemtuzumab has been highlighted as one of a number of drugs being sold at extortionate prices to rip-off the public and the NHS...Read more -


youtube video: AHT (Autohemotherapy)
This is a video on AHT: Autohemotherapy. It's a simple technique. I've been dealing with DVT, a clot in my arm. The pain is miserable. Three treatments of AHT seem to have fixed it. The video says it can work for autoimmune disease.
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Effect of high-dose simvastatin

Effect of high-dose simvastatin on cognitive, neuropsychiatric, and health-related quality-of-life measures in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis: secondary analyses from the MS-STAT randomised, placebo-controlled trial


In the 24-month MS-STAT phase 2 trial, we showed that high-dose simvastatin significantly reduced the annualised rate of whole brain atrophy in patients with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS). We now describe the results of the MS-STAT cognitive substudy, in which we investigated ...
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Could it be that CCSVI just makes MS worse?

Could it be that CCSVI just makes MS worse?

This is an idea that came to me after reading an article named "The topograpy of demyelination and neurodegeneration in the multiple sclerosis brain" ( I enclose here some quotes:

"Their location (of the lesions), shape and patterns of active demyelination are compatible with the view that they are driven by a soluble factor, produced in the inflammatory infiltrates of ...

Neurofilament light chains (NFL)

In the search of a body fluid biomarker for MS, currently the main candidate are neurofilament light chains (NFL). They are short pieces of neurons that enter the CSF and the blood stream when neurons are killed. Therefore they are under study as a biomarker of neuronal damage.

They are not specific of MS and they appear in any disease that affects the CNS, but once MS is diagnosed, they can be used to monitor ...
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