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Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.


I was just diagnosed yesterday and my MS specialist recommended tecfidera as first line therapy. Anyone with experience with this?
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Helminthic Therapy

Dear All,

I am on Gylenia since September 2014 and I would like to start the Helminthic Therapy but I am worried that since I am already under an immuno supressant medication I may be exposing myself to too many risks as my body immune response to any other viruses/ cancer would be completly incapacitated.

I have asked 3 neurologysts and 1 is against, 2 are neutral regarding the use of helminths but none of ...
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Frends please read LINDA BLOOM storey how shover cmd m.s relapses
read ... inda+Bloom
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Ms doesn't exist you all been lied to

Ms is a symptom of Lyme which is an multi parasitic and bacterial infection.

Please educate yourself doctors admit the tests aren't 100%
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PointsNorth's Current Regimen

PointsNorth's Regimen
Last Updated: January 22, 2016

Probiotic breakfast and dinner
105Kiu D
K2 100mcg x 2

Magnesium 500mg 5/day
B12 Transdermal Adenosylcobalamin/methyl/hydroxy
B12 Siden
HomocysteX Plus - Bs with TMG ... -plus.html

Progesterone 200mg sublingual
K2 100mcg x 2

Restricted Calcium intake
Lotsa water 1L+
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Hello everybody. Thanks for reading my post.
I was diagnosed with MS 7 years ago after an optic neuritis which was treated with esteroids and fully recovered from it. I had
another flare up in March this year which affected the sensitivity of both my legs but I fully recoverd after a month. I have NEVER used any medication. I feel good, have no signs of tiredness whatsover, I swim on a daily basis..basically I ...
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PPMS and diet

Hi There,

I would like to ask people suffering from PPMS what diet they are following.

I am following the Swank diet at present and it seems to be OK. I have tried the Wahls and Jelinek diets in the past, neither of which suited me particularly well. The Wahls diet is too restrictive and also expensive, and the almost vegan style of the Jelinek did nothing for my health or mood.


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Just Started Tecfidera

Hello everyone!

I just started taking Tecfidera. I was officially diagnosed this August after an MRI showed two areas of inflammation. This is day 2 of the medication.

I wanted to wait to see if I would have any of the side effects I'd been hearing about far, so good. I set the alarm on my smart phone to remind me to take it at 8am and 8pm. I believe I haven't had any ...
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Regimen so far

Hi, I am new to this - was diagnosed last year - started Copaxone about a month ago now and am taking 5000 IU's of Vitamin D a day.

I don't know if this is too much, but was recommended to me by my eye doctor I saw when I went to see if I could get on the study for the drugs - I was doing a study for Fingolimod vs Copakone - I ...
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Just started Aubagio


I have been very lucky and have had very few relapses the last several years. In the past I was on Avonex and Copaxone but went off both for various reasons.

I was even told a couple of years ago that it seemed I was progressing to secondary MS because I was not having relapses but my minor symptoms were not going away and at times seemed to be worsening.

They stopped trying to ...
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