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Discuss Tecfidera (BG-12, dimethyl fumarate) as an oral treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Tecfidera and certain foods causing flushing

Has anybody experienced flushing from certain foods such as tomato sauce or lemonade? I think it is the acid in these foods that is causing me to flare up. Could be nitrates as well. I had some summer sausage and it seemed to cause a flare up. Odd!
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Good news story (18 months on Tec)

Hi all,

just thought i would post a good news story to motivate those who may be struggling with Tec. When I started it i was hit really hard with the side effects - stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, intense flushing, itching, even hives. This lasted about 3 months for me but i was determined not to quit as i had already been on copaxone and after continued relapses and lesion formation through the 18 months ...
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Great MRI

I've been on Tecfidera since FDA approval and I would like to share my recent good news. Late last year I had my first MRI after taking Tecfidera for about a year and a half and after reviewing the MRI and comparing it to previous MRI's my neurologist told me that there was no new activity and that older lesions have faded and are possibly healing. YAHOO! After having been miserable taking Rebif and Copaxone, ...
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Tecfidera and vitiligo

Hello. I am new to this website. Thank you for all the valuable information. I was diagnosed with RRMS 10/13. My neurologist immediately put me on Tecfidera. I was so lucky with the start up of Tecfidera. I had very few side effect and thought I can handle all this. I have been on Tecfidera now 18 months and recently my vitiligo which has been stable over 10 years has exploded all over my body. ...
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Hubby may start on Tecfidera, questions

We are heading to the MS clinic today where my husband may be starting on Tecfidera. Long story short, dx w/ ms as a teen 30 years ago, told it was benign, clear now that it wasn't and he's been significantly impacted. Not clear that there have been any new lesions but certainly worsening of function.

My husband also had a whipple surgery 6 years ago due to a pancreatic tumor (benign thank goodness) ...
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Have modified Tecfidera startups been successful?

I started Tecfidera 4/10/15, with 240 mg twice a day beginning a week later as indicated. Having constant stomach issues now, and am considering stopping Tec permanently. Has anyone had success after MD modified startup schedule, eg taking 120 mg tablets for more than just a week?
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Biogen announces latest Tecfidera data

Biogen has announced new data that continues to support Tecfidera as an effective, long-term treatment for people who are living with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS)..... Read More -
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PML death linked to Tecfidera

The brain infection progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) has killed a Dutch psoriasis patient who was taking a high dose of a drug with ingredients similar to Tecfidera.

Tecfidera is used for multiple sclerosis, which the Dutch patient didn’t have, and the medicine was made in a compounding pharmacy and not by Biogen. Yet, according to, doctors claim the case suggests the infection could emerge in people who aren’t showing warning signs...... Read More - ...
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very late period.

I have been on tec since the 5th jan and i had a normal peroid in feb but it has now been 56 days since last period and i am definately not pregnant.
Is this happening to anyone else? how long did you have to wait between periods?
And did it make your period worse when it came on again?
Thanks for any reply, im freaking out a bit ...
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BG12 ...compounding pharm

Cigna denied my script for tec so I found a compounding pharmacy in Houston..the cost is 150.00 per
Mo. Walgreens cost for tec is 11,000 per mo. Big pharm is very proud of this stuff! Keep plugging along, don't give up!
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