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Greetings to all,

I wanted to report some FANTASTIC NEWS. For the FIRST time in 7 years since the official diagnosis, my Annual MRI with and without Contrast showed NO NEW LESIONS !. I am on month #4 of Tecfidera.

My Neuro exam showed 2 more changes, and these are changes in the last 3 months since the last time I saw my MS specialist. Both pupils are now the same size and reacting (one ...
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Is anyone actually seeing improvements or symptom reduction?

I had some interest in this med, but since it has been released, all I have read is about the side effects?! Just read down the threads in this forum, and its all side-effects and not much if any positive effects on MS symptoms; or have I missed the forest for the trees?

Has anyone actually noticed anything positive after starting this medication?
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Hi folks,

I'm on my 2nd go-round with Tecfidera (took it for 6 weeks, then meds ran out, then insurance was dickering around...long story short, I'm back on 120mgs 2'ce a day for a month, then I'll increase up to 240/xdaily after 6 weeks).

The last time I was on Tec I noticed an increase in fatigue - but I wasn't sure if it was the brutally hot weather or the new med. However, this ...
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How I got rid of Tecfidera stomach pain!

This is my very first post ever. I stumbled onto this site through a google search, looking for answers to stomach pain and Tecfidera. The info on the board ELIMINATED MY STOMACH PAIN. I wanted to write and share for everyone out there in pain and ready to give up. PLEASE READ ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE. I hope it helps someone.

Quick synopsis....been diagnosed with RRMS for 3.5 years. Been doing Rebif but stopped because I ...
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Biogen investigates death of patient who took Tecfidera

The death of a patient who had taken Biogen Idec Inc's new multiple sclerosis drug, Tecfidera, was unlikely to be linked to the medicine, the company said on Monday.

Biogen said it was made aware last week of the death of a 59-year-old woman who had been treated with Tecfidera, and that it was actively gathering facts about the case.

Based on the circumstances of the case and the cause of death, "a link to ...
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Will be starting BG12 in a few days

ok I have read some of the tips on taking BG12 I am a bit frightful for I have never had any problems on Copoxane my dr wants me to try this cuz I am not improving nor getting too much worse but can someone please advise me what kind of asprin I should try? Its only been mentioned coated I have stocked up on GingerAle and crackers Immodium anything else? oh lotsa water but ...
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Blurry vision on Tecfidera?

Has anyone experienced blurry vision or worsening eyesight after starting the higher dose?
I experience all of the flushing (face looks like I've had a serious allergic reaction or a severe sunburn) which is wonderful to deal with while at work. I also have the itching and stomach upset.
I fell for the first time in almost 4 years during the first week on the starter dose.
My fatigue has increased dramatically as has the ...
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Cannot tolerate disappointed

Hi all,

First off, wanted to say I am so happy for those that are doing well on BG12, I wish I could be you!

Dx with MS 2/11, tried Copaxone and Rebif, went off therapy for 8 months in anticipation of BG12, honestly - I thought it was too difficult to tolerate Rebif, and Copaxone gave me the heart attack like side effect twice and it scared me to death.

Finally received the drug ...
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Elevated blood pressure and pulse on Tecfidera

My husband started taking Tecfidera about 3weeks ago. He did great on the 120 mg 2x per day but midway into the 2nd week on the 240 mg 2x per day, he got very weak, had a fever, heart rate and pulse were elevated. Ended up having the EMTs come and take him to the hospital. Took him off the Tecfidera and he was well enough to come home in 3 days. His neurology said ...
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US neurologists prescribing oral MS drug Tecfidera.....

US neurologists prescribing oral MS drug Tecfidera in growing numbers

BioTrends Research Group finds that, despite being the third oral disease-modifying therapy (DMT) to launch in the U.S. multiple sclerosis (MS) market, 53 percent of surveyed U.S. neurologists have prescribed Biogen Idec's Tecfidera to at least one of their MS patients after only one month on the market. This rate for Tecfidera surpasses that for Novartis's Gilenya (19 percent), the first-to-market oral DMT, and Genzyme's ...
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