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Discuss Tecfidera (BG-12, dimethyl fumarate) as an oral treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Gum tenderness/weirdness?

I'm having some gum/mouth tenderness between the sides of my mouth and my gum lines in all back quadrants of mouth, up and down. (I've never had any serious gum or dental problems.) I have no idea whether the gum/mouth stuff is related to starting on Tecfidera about three weeks ago or whether it's totally coincidental. Please chime in if you've experienced anything similar or read about anything. No other changes in meds, diet, anything ...
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Tecfidera How to minimize or Eliminate Side Effects


I thought I would restate part of another post I have responded to some folks and give better detail so anyone considering taking Tecfidera or getting on it and having gastric issues might benefit by some suggestions that is working for me and several other folks that were in the first wave of getting on the new med. I received most of my tips from my MS Specialist at the MS Center of Atlanta ...
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Here I go again

I posted earlier about my terrible experience with Tecfidera and I saw the Neurologist yesterday and they feel it is worth giving it another try.

It is believe that the symptoms I experience last Saturday where my bodies reaction to the removing the Tecfidera and I am doing IV steroids to balance everything back out. Once I come of the steroids, I will start a modified dose of Tecfidera, here is the plan:

I will ...
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NOT Everything is..........

One of the stories that a very lovely woman who has had MS for over 20 years really moved me into a different direction between the time I was "officially" diagnosed and now, over 7 years later.

We feel like the ground under our feet is shaking with symptoms and many looks or statements that maybe our "illness" is all in our Head. (Really? Come on....)

We feel like no one believes us, and maybe ...
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My Experieince with Tecfidera

I am new to this board so I would like to start out by saying I have never been able to take maintenance drug for MS because of the sever reaction that my body has to the drugs. I watched Tecfidera through the FDA and watch in amazement when the only major side effect reported were flushing and food poisoning. I was so excited that there was finally a drug that I could take.

I ...
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Significant quality-of-life benefit with BG-12

A post hoc analysis of phase 3 studies in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) clearly showed that those taking the oral agent BG-12 (dimethyl fumarate; Tecfidera, Biogen Idec Inc.) experienced significant improvements in physical and mental functioning, general well-being, and overall health status, whereas those receiving placebo typically reported declines in these measures of quality of life....... Read More -
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Side effects

Hi all! Started Tecfidera about 10 days ago and wanted to know what side effects everyone is dealing with. I had the heat/bad flushing for a day or two. My main concern is the nausea and stomach pain. My MS dr actually had me cut back to one pill a day to alleviate some of this. Anyone else experience nausea/stomach pain? So hard not to be able to find more info on side effects because ...
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Anyone taking this medication yet?


I have quite a bit of pressure from my doctor to take Tecfidera. I was told about all the "mild side effects". From what I have read about the side effects I am not sure that I would still be able to function at work or anywhere else for that matter. Has anyone started taking this medication and if so how tolerable are the side effects?

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Oral treatment for MS, Tecfidera, approved for use in Canada

A new oral treatment for those living with multiple sclerosis has been approved for use in Canada.

Tecfidera is an oral medication recently approved by Health Canada..... Read More -
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Ingredient in new MS drug, Tecfidera, linked to PML

The active ingredient in a drug that’s expected to become a popular treatment for multiple sclerosis has been linked to four European cases of a rare but sometimes fatal brain disease called progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML)........ Read More -
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