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Tovaxin update from Opexa

You all (trial participants) are following this more closely than I am, so I don't know if this is old news...

Opexa Therapeutics Gives Update on Phase IIb Trial of Tovaxin(R) for Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Sep 11 2007, Business Wire - Opexa Therapeutics, a company involved in the development and commercialization of cell therapies, today provided an update on its 150-patient Phase IIb safety and efficacy study (TERMS) of Tovaxin in multiple sclerosis. The ...
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Tovaxin Users - Where are You?

No one has written on this page for over two weeks. I check it out everyday to see how the Tovaxin users are doing. How is the trial going? Does anyone know anything new?
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European patent for Tovaxin !

Quoted from : Opexa required european patent for Tovaxin, and M. CEO seems to be interested in european development of Tovaxin. Maybe a hope for a clinical trial in Europe soon ?

<shortened url>
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I am getting impatient again with the extension. I just posted in the general discussion about recent changes in my ability to void urine and am just absolutely maddenned with my constant downhill slide this year. During this trial, I have had more stuff get worse than the five years prior combined. I know there is nothing many of us can do, but being in this trial and not getting the drug is like the ...
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injection# 2

Hey All,
Although I have been trying to curb my time spent "in forum" (I am finding the less immersed I am the better my denial works), I thought I would post an update. I had my 2nd series of injections on 8/3/07. Pretty standard stuff. No site reactions either time. I do however seem to get ill post injection. A few days of flu-like symptoms and a serious case of done-in even from an ...
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Anyone watching OPXA stock?

What in the heck is going on besides the stock market sucking right now?
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When is it done???

So after reading a bunch of confusing crud I've decided the trial is over sometime between now and hell freezing over. Also, it's when the info will be released.

Whats the real story and what does it take for fast tracking?
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Tovaxin and fatigue

Ok so my issue with MS is fatigue. I slept today for 4 hours. I take a vitamin that helps with it but even with all the other limitations, I want the fatigue gone.

One thing I've got the impression of is MS fatigue is gone with Tovaxin. Does it eliminate fatigue? They even had an animation on their site saying that. How is everyone doing with the fatigue? Heck with doing somersaults. Is anyone ...
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Peptides and Re-Tests / Trials

I was wondering, Opexa have made major improvements on the efficacy of Tovaxin by increasing the number of "Peptides" used, to identify MRTC's. In each case, they did not appear to be required to go back to Phase I trials.

Does this mean, that after it has gone through Phase III, they will be able to improve the process by increasing the number of Peptides without needing to go through the 3 phases of trial ...
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News on the Tovaxin Extension Trials

Opexa Therapeutics Reports Positive Top-line Data in Phase I/II Extension Trial with Tovaxin™ for Multiple Sclerosis
June 21, 2007 09:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Effectiveness Shown in Relapsing Remitting Subjects Across Both Phase I/II Dose Escalation and Extension Trials

THE WOODLANDS, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Opexa Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:OPXA), a company involved in the development and commercialization of cell therapies, today announced positive top-line data in an open-label Phase I/II extension clinical trial of the investigational ...
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