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A board to discuss the newly-released drug Tysabri, (formerly known as Antegren) as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

tysabri users, how are your relapses?

I was just wondering, if anyone who has begun taking the tysabri treatments, has been doing with flare ups? have you noticed that they are less frequent, more frequent, or the same?

my best friend starts hers on jan 12th. but she has started another flare up within a week and a half of the last one (that lasted 3 weeks), and she couldn't walk or speak real well, and could not eat (due to ...
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Tysabri and Optic Neuritis?

Just went and got second opinion for recurrent ON today (Had 2-3 attacks on ON (rt eye only) in the past 6 months). F47, No other physical symptoms or MRI leisions (2 sets taken, brain and spine 6 months apart). Also had one round of iv streoids 2 months ago. Vision returned soso, not great / washed out colors.

This 2nd MS Dr said to start on Thysabri next month, ASAP.
From what i read ...
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Tysabri Webcast

Last night, at John Hopkins Univ., there was a webcast for medical professionals. All the info is not available as yet but here is a synopsis of what was said.

The presenters were paid by Biogen. They did a good job of not showing bias, one way or the other, towards Tysabri.

The questions were solicited by the Consortium in advance and consolidated for the webcast. No additional questions were allowed during the presentation.

Tysabri ...
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Earlier Natalizumab Trial

I know that some readers may think that I make-up and create "stories" about Tysabri (aka Natalizumab). That, I simply don't do! Today I came across this link that was posted on the Brain Talk MS Forum. It was published by The New England Journal of Medicine which doesn't need an introduction to most people.

This is a short abstract of an earlier Natalizumab trial that shows totally different results than the Tysabri trials. How ...
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Tysabri: Fine Young Cannibal or CRAB's New Partner in Crime

I would like to hear some discussion on the possible meaning of the one-year SENTINEL trial information that was recently released. Right now, I am leaning toward pushing for combination therapy when I make the leap to Tysabri. But I would really like to be talked out of continuing the Avonex. The side effects have eased this past month (after a year on treatment), but it still feels as though I am playing Russian Roulette ...
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Age and MS

Dear all,

MS is often referred to as a disease of young adults. However, we are seeing postings from younger teens (16,17) with MS and people being diagnosed well into their 50s and 60s. Is anyone researching this area to establish whether changes are taking place from what was previously considered the norm? Can it tell us anything about possible triggers for the disease? For those diagnosed at 15,16,17 - it must be easier to ...
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Calling all Tysabri Users...

Please use this thread to keep the community posted on your experiences with this new therapy. The more detail, the better, as most everyone is very curious about this option and there is no more honest opinion than that of the patient.

Obviously at this early point, the reports will be limited to descriptions of the infusion and any noted side effects in the early going.

Thanks in advance for sharing!
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Concerned about "depression" as a side effect

I see that "depression" is listed as a side effect of Antegren. I'm wondering if they really mean "depression", or do they mean "suicide"?

I had to d/c Avonex last year because of overwhelming, bizarre, out-of-the-blue suicidal episodes that occurred exactly once a week (3 days after the shot). I wasn't even depressed; just went straight from happy to near-suicide, exactly once a week. Suicidal episodes started as soon as I got to the full ...
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Tysabri in the UK :{

Well maybe :( depends on your point of view - see other threads!

NICE's web site tells us this about this treatment.

Natalizumab for the treatment of multiple sclerosis

Scope Draft scope for consultation: October 2005
Appraisal Status Pending
Final Scope published 21 November 2005
Information meeting for consultees W/C 30 January 2006
Closing date for invited submissions 29 March 2006
First Appraisal Committee Meeting 6 September ...
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Trial results/Tysabri (Antegren) - confused

From what I have read there were 2 trials, the AFFIRM and the SENTINEL.
One with the medication alone and the other was the medication with Avonex. Which of these trials showed the 66% reduction? My daughter's neuro wants her to stay on the Betaseron and start on the infusions. He thinks I might have problems with my insurance covering both medications. With the price of those meds there is no way that I could ...
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