Recent Diagnosis of CIS - going down hookworm route with AIT

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Re: Recent Diagnosis of CIS - going down hookworm route with

Postby mrbarlow » Sun Oct 20, 2013 2:40 am

Thought I'd do an update as its almost 3 years since my attack of acute optic neuritis and 21 months since I started Hookworm Therapy. Its almost 4 years since I started getting 'MS' symptoms.

To summarise - I was on Rebif (3x44mcg) from Nov 2010 to Feb 2012. I was then on a reduced dosage of 1x 44mcg a week from March until Nov 2012.

To date I have had no further acute attacks. I have had a few possible minor flares characterised by a slight weak sensation in left left, some mild blurring in left eye and bouts of fatigue. All quite managable and have got better as I have progressively modified diet.

An interesting development is that I seem to have some form of wheat / gluten intolerance and should get my coeliacs disease result tomorrow. Irrespective of this I know cereals do not agree with me so I am aiming to eliminate them from my diet. Rice and corn in moderation seem ok.

I have just had another 35 larvae top up which takes my cumulative dosage to about 175 organisms.

To date side effects very limited. On the innoculation site (forearm or shoulder) I get quite an intense reaction and scabbing of the skin which is controlled with aloe vera gel and 5mg of prednisone a day for about a week. Possibly light gastric discomfort on and off for a week or two and thats it.

I also have a fairly comprehensive supplements program. I steer clear of artifical sweeteners. I limit red meat intake and avoid cereals and sugar. It maybe coincidence but since I started taking 20-30 grams of coconut oil a day / eliminated wheat I have noticed a marked reduction in the residual neuropathy that has been pretty constant for the last 3 years (tingling in feet).

3 years in I live a pretty normal life other than being a hookworm carrier and a diet / supplements junkie.
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