Tysabri long-term use anyone?

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Re: Tysabri long-term use anyone?

Postby Natali » Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:13 am

I have heard that the risk of pml seems to decrease after 3-4 years and wonder if there have been any studies about that.

my last research found no evidence after 5 years with tysabri. i know there were cases of PML after 4 years. The lady who got pml started tysabri with me in november 2008. she survived it but is still in germany not that well. all i know is that there is nothing in each one of us to determine the risk. each individual reacts differenlty i guess. if it is luck or not, i know not. If only they could determine something common in the patients who got it the rest of us would know. Previous treatments do interfere. in my case i had similar treatments like metoxandrone and cell cept. i think if we avoid the fear we win. and as i read on top, i guess i agree with the person who didnt want to check for the virus. we know how to control our bodies much better. but we always remain numbers for statistical data. what i know is that the 2002 people who began with it are ok, but i dont know how they dealt with PML.
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