PML Cases now reach 298

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Re: PML Cases now reach 298

Postby vesta » Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:53 am

That neurologist is killing you. The surefire way for me to have an "attack" is to walk into a neurologist's office, I avoid them like the plague. Stress is likely just forcing the blood right back up into your brain. This is criminal behavior. Yes, this is the CCSVI theory but I've found a simple neck massage forcing the blood down towards the heart is enough to stop an attack for me. If you can get some relief from the stress this person is inflicting on you, I have self help ideas on my site that might be of use to you, at least to start looking at things differently and open the possibility of self help and non drug options. My opinions don't matter, it's just opening a door to see things differently. No point arguing with a neurologist. Doing that is enough to make me good and sick. I can't believe you are being bullied like that.
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