Natalizumab treatment reduces fatigue in multiple sclerosis

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Natalizumab treatment reduces fatigue in multiple sclerosis

Postby MSUK » Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:04 am

Fatigue is a significant symptom in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. First-generation disease modifying therapies (DMTs) are at best moderately effective to improve fatigue.

Observations from small cohorts have indicated that natalizumab, an antibody targeting VLA-4, may reduce MS-related fatigue. The TYNERGY study aimed to further evaluate the effects of natalizumab treatment on MS-related fatigue...... Read More -
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Re: Natalizumab treatment reduces fatigue in multiple sclero

Postby HarryZ » Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:57 am

Can you imagine what the comments would be by the established MS world of medicine if someone outside of this group did a one-armed, non-controlled study of their drug and used the words "might" or "may" reduce fatigue to describe the results?!
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