Short survey for my school leaving examination work :)

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Short survey for my school leaving examination work :)

Postby wylerj » Fri Sep 27, 2013 7:03 am

Dear MS-Patient,

Twelve years ago my mother came down with MS. The nescience about this theme has really employed me. That’s why I decided to make my work for general qualification for university entrance about this interesting issue.
I’m conscious of not-being the first guy who wants to do this and I’m also not the last one. However I would be really thankful if you would take just five or ten minutes to answer to my questions.
My work I specialize in the medicaments Tysabri and Gilenya. I’ll compare them in matters of clinic, social and society changement. That’s why this survey is now in this forum.

For answer my questions, I’d like to send you my finished work, if you like to get it. But you have to wait some months, because I’ll finish it in January 2014 (until then you can make the survey).

I’ll thank you in advenge for your help and I’wish you much power fort he future ☺

All your information I’ll use anonym and if you don’t want to answer the questions in the forum, you can send me the questions to the following e-mail adress

Best wishes Jeremy Wyler

P.S.: I’m sorry for my bad english, but I hope you will understand the questions ☺

General informations:
1. Age
2. Sex
3. When you got the diagnosis for MS
4. Which is the number of your Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS)

5. Is your possibility to move constricted?

Informations about Tysabri:
1. When you began to take Tysabri?
2. Why you decided to change to Tysabri
3. Please describe your satisfaction to Tysabri on a scale of 1 to 3 (1= really dissatisfied, 3 = really satisfied)
4. Have you already made a JCV-Test?
If yes: How was it, positive or negative?
If positive: Why you still use this medicament
5. Since you take the medicament, how has your movement changed? (1 = move more less before; 2 = move the same like before; 3 = move more then before)?
6. Do you have a pet or no more pet since you take Tysabri?
7. Do you gain weight since Tysabri?
8. Does the fear of a possible PML act a part of your everyday life?
9. Which are the most often side effects you have since Tysabri?
(Exempels: Fatigue, spacticity, flam, acne, bad liver datas, herpes zoster etc.)
10. Have you already thought about a Rebound when you would end the therapy with Tysabri
11. Do you have more side effects or depression after the injection then otherwise? Do you have more side effects or depression since you take Tysabri?
12. Have you already think of children?
13. Do you think you have too less possibilities to talk about your medicament or do you wish more possibilities?
14. Do you still/not anymore work since you take Tysabri?
If yes: What your chef says about your illness?
15. Have you already thought about a change to Gilenya?
If yes: Why have you stained by Tysabri?
16. Do you meet more people or friends since you take Tysabri?

Thank you really much for your answers!
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