Update: you may or may not know

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Update: you may or may not know

Postby amelia » Wed Jul 12, 2006 1:24 pm

I spoke with our DR about setting up appt on infusion. The DR in Memphis is awaiting training to be certified. I call the 800# for financial assistance, just getting everything ready. Was told that Tysabri is not commercially available yet, but will be most likely this month. They are awaiting approval from the FDA on training materials for the infusion sites so they can turn around and certify them. Looks like last of July to August will be the brunt of infusions.
Just thought you may want to know.
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Postby leeeeeway » Thu Jul 13, 2006 7:43 pm

Hey Amelia!
I know you said Part D was a mess...paying out the WAZOO is the phrase I remember...did Biogen say they will be providing financial help on the part B that Medicare doesn't pay?

BTW, I very much agree with your other post that willingness to expose yourself to the risks of Tysabri is a function of how much disabililty you have already. I don't want this life. I am perfectly willing to be first, risks notwithstanding. If I was less disabled I think I would be less eager...

Lastly I pushed Biogen drug reps hard last night about getting an appt since all these hoops must be jumped through by the infusion centers first. One of them said first wk of August and the other said 4-5 wks. Matchs what you heard. Also asked my doc's nurse if she had her track shoes on. This will be a hard month for them all, I imagine...
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