Tysabri: Then and Now

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Tysabri: Then and Now

Postby amelia » Fri Oct 13, 2006 8:16 am

It is amazing the changes in the way you go to your DR and asked to be put on Tysabri; Then and Now.
Then: Gary was an immediate canidate, perfect canidate for Tysabri. "As soon as it comes out, I'll put you on it"
Now: It won't do Gary any good. It doesn't do good for Progressive MS. You know you could die on it. It don't make you better. You know you could die on it. It causes PML. You know you could die on it.

First of all, Gary is in line to get it. Filled out paper work, did the MRI thing and all. Just waiting for Biogen approval now.

We learned for the first time that Gary is now considered "progressive" but with relapses. No surprise, but why have they not said anything until now.

I know where all of this comes from. God forbid that anybody would sue the company or the DRs. But my, how things changed from the Tysabri: then and Now.
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Congrats Amelia!!!

Postby msladyinca » Fri Oct 13, 2006 7:43 pm

Wooooohoooo! I bet hubby is relieved!

My Tysabri infusion Monday is all confirmed at set to go! I called my Kaiser infusion center yesterday and confirmed my vial of Tysabri is at their pharmacy, waiting for me Monday, woooooohooooooo!

I'm getting excited, finally believing all roadblocks have been cleared and I'm going to receive my drug of choice again.........I can hardly wait! Ok, I've waited for 1 year and 10 months for it, what's 4 more days, but it's there!!!

Lauren :)

PS: I called my case worker at MSActivesource JUST TO BE SURE THERE WAS NO HOLD UP, and when she said, "Lauren, I promise you, everything here is done", she confirmed my patient registry number, and then said, "I can hear the excitement in your voice, good luck Monday!" She is actually very sweet, but I'm thinking, I don't need luck when I have the BEST MS medication waiting for me Monday! Woooohoooo
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