undiagnosed..sort of

This is the place to ask questions if you have symptoms that suggest MS, but aren't yet diagnosed.

undiagnosed..sort of

Postby mrsmsd122 » Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:05 pm

I am new here. Im a 25 year old female and have had a long two years dealing with what was first considered trigiminal neuralgia and now points to MS. My aunts on both my mother and fathers side have ms and so do my great aunts. My father was skipped and my mom diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromialgia. After the birth of my last and 4th child i began to experience eye twitches, migraines, extreme fatigue and pain and numbness in my face and arms. The pain was crippling and was immediatly diagnosed with trigiminal neuralgia and placed on tegratol and loratab for pain. Not gettinf any better i was referred to a neuro who sent me for 2 different brain mris that concluded i have lesions and black holes..lots of grey matter but the neuro said i was too young for msand he sent me to a neurosurgeon who told me there was no way i had trigiminal neuralgia and to investigate the possibilites with ms with my neuro. This went on for a year ans i was in a bad car wreck that they thought caused wry neck and a spinal injury. Now after a spine mri that was negative im being told once again to follow up wirh my neuro. The pain that radiates in my arms and the numbness i feel in my hands and legs..the burning the decreased eye sight..most days i can barely get my hands to do what i want them to. Upon receiving my letter to confirm my apt the notes said for follow up ob ms symptoms. To be honest i had hoped it was a spinal injury instead..but my question to any and all is what do i do now? Im at the point i cant work and im just so tired of all this. Does this seem to be ms? My family says yes and my neuro options are small in my town ..what would you do? Any and all advice is appreciated..also does anyone experience pain near hip that cant even be brushed by fabric??? Thank you all for reading.
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Re: undiagnosed..sort of

Postby jimmylegs » Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:10 pm

hey there, I would personally take a long hard look at nutrient depletion from multiple children and possibly from an inherited metabolic issue.. there are a set of nutrients known to be low in ms patients and some of them are the same as key ones depleted by building new human beings :) I can help with anything nutrition related, whether the problems turn out to be related to accident trauma, or ms, or something else altogether. and yes I have had hypersensitivity. had to buy all new soft loungy clothes at one point, b/c I could no longer tolerate jeans. it turned out that I was markedly deficient in all of the nutrients that are known to be low in ms. by known, I mean known in research, though mostly ignored in practice. when it comes to nutrition, patients have to take a lot on themselves.

this post outlines the approach I would take to assess anyone's nutritional situation and how to ensure it's as healthy as possible. that way you can be sure you have ruled out possible nutritional causes for any of your signs and symptoms

here's a short thread with a possibly relevant story that you might find interesting :) welcome to the forum!
odd sx? no dx? check w/ dietitian
DRI=MINIMUM eg bit.ly/1vgQclQ
99% don't meet these. meds/lifestyle can affect levels
status can be low in ms & other cond'ns
'but my results are normal'. typical panels don't test all
deficits occur in 'normal' range
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