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stem cells vs. atherosclerosis etc.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:35 pm
by miri
The stem cell board seems less active with the advent of CCSVI, so i've decided to post here.

Assume that Jane Doe's arteries & veins are clogged with plaque, metals, plastics, thereby causing bodywide bottlenecks.

I cannot find even ONE video explaining HOW/IF injected stem cells can prompt ejection of cumulative junk prior to getting on with regeneration? Or is that why there's just a 33% proportion of stem cell recipients who are actually healed?

I.E. are even the Chinese insisting on basing everything on Western medicine, instead of innovating & integrating both detox, and on-screen visuals offering proof re: which detox method is most effective for most people. For examples of on-screen visuals, check out lifesystemusa's thumbnails. Also, do the Chinese integrate Infrared & vibrating machines in their physical therapy room, instead of only machines that are too strenuous for FM... for example: