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Kind of a shock

PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:10 am
by koneall
My wife was opening mail and nearly collapsed as she read. Our insurance sent a message that my three-days in the emergency ward had cost $42,000. While visiting family in Colorado Springs I had an attack of vertigo, my introduction to MS. However all but $2000 was covered and paid. So that's my deductible and everything else til the end of the should be free????? I'm starting tysabri in a few days.

I don't understand insurance. My wife has had cancer three times and I think she knows all the doctors in Salt Lake City personally. So she tells me what to do and when to do it and I follow like a sheep.

Even with chemo and mastectomies and radiation I don't think she ever saw a bill as high as $42k.


Re: Kind of a shock

PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:28 pm
by David1949
I have a one word explanation for the high charges - crooks!

I had the CCSVI treatment several years ago. The doctor told me in advance that the procedure would cost $10,000 if I paid up front, out of pocket. That included everything, hospital, doctor everything. But I found out the insurance would cover it so I went that route.
So did the hospital bill the insurance company $10k ? Nope they billed $38,000 and the doctor billed another $8000. That's $46,000 for something that should have cost $10,000. The insurance company told them to shove it and settled it for about half that. I owed only the deductible of $3000. But those crooks billed over 4 times what it should have cost. And you can believe that they would have made a profit at $10,000.

I used to believe all the crooks in the country went into politics. But now I know many of them go into hospital administration.

Sorry to hear about your MS dx. I wish you well.