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First attack in almost five years

PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 7:20 pm
by Mary
I am just coming out of my first attack in almost five years. I had one episode five years ago, double vision, and that led to a mri and then an 'unofficial' diagnosis (because there was one incident, one sympton). I was hopeful that maybe I was one of the few who would have one isolated incident and that would be it, but no such luck (and not very likely I guess, but hope springs eternal). I'm pretty bummed out but I'm trying to count my blessings that I have gone this long without trouble. It's the same thing this time around, double vision that started to correct itself after about a week. I'm in my third week and I have some almost double vision on one side if I look hard to the side. Dizziness is the bigger problem right now but if this episode continues to follow the same course as the last one I should be all straightened out in about another week for a total of one month of trouble. I have taken LDN for four years, started at 3mg and have been taking 4.5mg for quite a while now. It is the only thing I've taken. So there it is - just an update of my experience with LDN.