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Tysabri and sunburn?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:02 am
by Meegs
Morning all,

so I've read about the possible link of Tysabri and melanoma (which is just fantastic * note the sarcasm), but is there any link between it and sunburn? I'm VERY fair skinned and am used to the sun being the devil.....

But I was out on Tuesday (wearing SPF 45) and i got a really bad burn on my chest/neck. I was only outside for 2 hours!! It's just very odd as the rest of me didn't burn (arms, face, legs, etc...) just my chest/neck. Is there some correlation to the Tysabri and more sensitivity to the sun?

If so? I'm screwed.


PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 6:30 am
by catfreak
Hey Meegs,

I am not fair skinned or dark, just in the middle and I don't burn very easily unless I stay out for a while (2 hrs) with no sunscreen at all. I normally use an SPF 15-30.

Well now I can walk around in my yard for 15 minutes, you know trying to soak up some Vitamin D and my arms and chest will burn. Not a bad burn, since it's only 15 minutes but image what 30 minutes would do.

May be a connection. I will ask when I have my infusion on Monday.


it happened again...

PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:43 am
by Meegs
so i was outside with a group of colleagues for less than 20 min yesterday, wearing sunscreen, and sitting in direct sunlight
and boom!

I have a burn again, and its so bad it looks like i was outside for hours on end! So i called the CARE program (TOUCH here in Canada) and she put me in touch with the drug safety officer and told me to talk to my neuro.

I go in for #5 tomorrow. If this sun sensitivity doesn't let up i dont' know what I'm going to do. I can't be glowing red all the time!!!