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Antibiotics as a treatment in the UK.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 03, 2004 10:33 am
by SarahLonglands
To anyone thinking about trying the antibiotic treatment who lives in the UK.

It would probably be worth contacting your GP in the first instance, giving him/her David Wheldon's papers to peruse, unless you felt you have a very forward thinking neurologist, of course! If that fails, Dr. David Wheldon is a consultant microbiologist and does not charge for a private consultation, since his primary concern is to get people better. He can sometimes manage to persuade your GP to try the treatment straight off, otherwise he will see you, then you only have to pay for the private prescription. Consequently your GP, once he has seen you, can often be persuaded to cover the ensuing prescriptions through the NHS. This happens more often than you might think and is worth the try.

This saves the risk of ordering medication off-shore.