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PostPosted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:20 pm
by Luciano_Vascotto

The way I thought of doing this, even though it might sound a bit drastic, it would definitely get the point across. I was thinking of having all us MS ers get together and walking/blocking some of the thruways to the city, (I know what you might be thinking, but read on), example; in Toronto the Gardner Expressway at major off/on ramps. Handing out flyers to the drivers explaining why this is being done.
What Dr Zamboni's theory showed, was that the blood was being refluxed back to the brain because the jugular veins where constricted, therefore the toxins and whatever else the used blood carries, was not circulating out for it to be filtered properly. The CCSVI surgical procedure will open up the jugular veins/arteries in our neck, so the blood can drain/move properly. With the thruways not being fully accessible, it is an example of how having the CCSVI procedure will help us. Blocking the road arteries on the thruway to the city, is like the blood being partially locked to get out of the brain. There are other pathways that are taken, both in the brain and city scenario, but it is just not the same. On either the brain or city course of events, something is lost.
This is what I was thinking should be done; which should get the point across to all. I would think that this would also make it on different media circuits, giving us more exposure, to our cause.
This is a fight for our lives back. The CCSVI procedure might not give us everything back that the MS has taken , but some is better than none.
In a sense they claimed war. We can't sit back and be passive, we must show them we need this - NOW. Did Zamboni do tests before he did the surgery? On the ones he performed the surgery, did anyone get worse?
Start this occupation. I have MS. I'm in a wheelchair. I am tired constantly. This endeavour will take a lot out of me. I'm worried that I'll be starting something, I cannot finish because of my declining health. With all your help and knowledge, some of you would probably know what pit falls might come up and how to deal with them. Thank you all.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:20 am
by emess2
Great idea! I like the metaphor of blocked streets/restricted veins. I will be happy to join others on May 5 in Vancouver to publicize our predicament this way. I too am in a wheelchair and they won't find it easy to move me off the street!

Are there visual artists out there who could produce a head & torso with a road map superimposed showing blocked traffic instead of veins? This is an easily understood 'example' of stenosis. We can explain restenosis by saying that we're coming back to do it again and again until we get treatment.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:01 pm
by Luciano_Vascotto
I also posted this on YouTube adding to more exposure.