BCP link/infxn in MS

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BCP link/infxn in MS

Post by mrhodes40 » Thu Sep 29, 2005 6:11 pm

This link tells of work that indicates that the human immune system is a perfect balance that is designed to precisely defeat bugs without causing self attack. It indicates that chronic infection might lead to autoimmune disease like MS and RA. Another link in the chain.
http://www.bostoncure.org:8080/article. ... ode=nested

Add to this the Prineas and Barnett work that says that MS is not autoimmune and you have a picture taking place. Add that others came after and reiterated the work, also stating that MS is not autoimmune and it fleshes out. Chauduri here http://www.jrsm.org/cgi/content/full/98/7/303. These people say that the nerve dies for some "unknown reason" and then the immune system comes in to clean up.

CPn as that "unknown" agent? Why not? since the RB, cryptic and persistent forms are inflammatory and cause the cell so invaded to be nonfunctional as it instead is doing the CPn work and not the work the cell was meant to do, well, that fits nicely.
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