nausea and vomiting from antibiotic regimen?

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nausea and vomiting from antibiotic regimen?

Post by mmpetunia » 6 years ago


i have given the idea of treating my MS with antibiotics a great deal of thought. i was just put on antibiotics for a wicked sinus infection (swollen face and gums, pain throughout midface, a for-me fever, pain chewing and opening mouth, etc) and after one dose i am nauseous to the point where i am scared what the second dose may bring...up. which got me thinking about long term antibiotic usage. is nausea and vomiting a common side effect? i never used to be this sensitive and i avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary but this round really has me questioning whether i could tolerate multiple antibiotics long term. what do you do if major side effects pop up?
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Re: nausea and vomiting from antibiotic regimen?

Post by SarahLonglands » 6 years ago

What antibiotic are you taking for this? They are all different and some will make you feel nauseous, others not. For instance if you are taking doxycycline nausea is common unless you line your stomach first with something. Milk is good for this but I see that you are on a dairy free diet. Try soy milk or soy yoghurt instead. Or just eat a couple of crackers and drink plenty of water.

Also you will need to take a probiotic after the course, if it is only for a week or for longer term use, take the probiotic at the same time but at least two hours apart from the antibiotic.

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