Autoimmune disease after alemtuzumab treatment for MS

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Autoimmune disease after alemtuzumab treatment for MS

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Summary: Alemtuzumab is a monoclonal antibody, which is a candidate treatment for MS. One of the potential side effects of this medication was the development of autoimmune disease.

In this study the authors prospectively analyse both clinical and serological data of patients with MS treated with alemtuzumab. It was found that autoimmune disease developed in 22.2% of those treated with a range of different systems affected, with thyroid autoimmune disease being seen most commonly (15.7%). It was found that sex and age did not have an influence on the frequency of disease; however smoking and a family history of autoimmune disease did increase its frequency.

This study provides information on the development of autoimmune disease, which could be presented to patients being counseled prior to treatment with alemtuzumab.... Read More - ... ageid/1307

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