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Message from WH

Post by sbr487 » 8 years ago

I left a note to the president (of US) about the sorry state of affairs in medical research. And the dangers of leaving funding to corporates blah blah ... MS and CCSVI as an example ...

Here is the response:
Dear Friend:

Thank you for writing. I have heard from countless
Americans struggling to afford health insurance, as well as health
professionals striving to provide care, and I appreciate your

I recently released my proposal to reform our health
insurance system. To learn more about this plan, please visit:


Reform must provide more security and stability to those
who have health insurance; give those without insurance affordable
options; and lower the cost of health care for our families, our
businesses, and our government.

I share the sense of urgency that many Americans have
voiced to improve health care in our country. Together, we will fix


Barack Obama
Pretty disappointing thought wasn't surprising. Looks like almost an automated response with right template. Maybe, others should also leave a message, who knows they might finally get the message. At least we wont regret later the lack of trying.

PS: I used WH in the subject to mean white house to avoid looking too dramatic

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