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A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.
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CCSVI Tracking Project

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CCSVI TRACKING [08/26/2010]

Male/Female: F
Age: 59
Date(s) & type of neurological diagnosis (RRMS, SPMS, PPMS, CIS, or other):
Lesion locations (most affected side, if known), number:
MS treatments:
MS symptoms before stenosis intervention:
Number of relapses before intervention (if applicable):
EDSS before CCSVI intervention (self-assessed or physician-assessed?):
[To review EDSS rating, click the following link: ... scale.html ]
FSS before CCSVI intervention:
[To calculate FSS rating, click the following link: ]
MSIS before CCSVI intervention:
[To calculate MSIS rating , click the following link: ]
Are you using Inclined Bed Therapy I.B.T? Yes

Have you had testing (and possibly procedure) for blockage yet: (Y/N)
[Some patients may wish to start with a baseline report, if Y, continue with next section]


Date/location of testing/procedure: My appointment is October 5, 2010 in Albany, NY
Type of venographic study: (MRV, Doppler)
Type of procedure:
Procedure/drug related symptoms:
[Repeat this section if there have been more than one procedure]

Number of relapses since first CCSVI intervention:
Impact on your MS symptoms in words (include date in brackets if there have been multiple updates):
EDSS as of this update (self-assessed or physician-assessed?)
FSS as of this update:
MSIS as of this update:

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