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Post by concerned » 8 years ago

vivavie wrote:Zut! I let myself down, I swore I would not fall into these useless exchanges with _, _ and _. They feed on it.
shame on me but still good job debp!!!
I think _,_, and _ are really good guys, and I like them much much better than _,_, and _, who feed on something so vile it shan't be named.

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Post by CCSVIhusband » 8 years ago

Cece wrote:
patientx wrote:I don't think this is a matter for the FDA, anyway. As I understand it, the FDA regulates drugs and medical devices, not procedures.
Dr. Siskin canceled a patient appointment because of an FDA meeting and then Dr. Sclafani separately brought up the FDA in his spidey sense is tingling but nothing known. The FDA does regulate the use of stents.
Cece ... and HOW MANY HAS DR. SISKIN TREATED SINCE THAT CANCELLATION ... maybe it was just a one day thing that he did have a meeting for that you haven't let go of ... they're still taking appointments for dates that aren't the date of that FDA meeting too ...

like I said before, methinks people are making too much out of it ...

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Post by Johnson » 8 years ago

PCakes wrote: ... low-study/

I do not know if this study is blinded. I do know that the study is underway and that they are/were very particular with their choice of 'healthy' controls. No blood relatives. No known cardiovascular issues. A friend was graciously rejected, as a healthy candidate, due to PAD.
My wife volunteered for these trials (and was enlisted) and had an MRV this past Sunday. It does seem to be a blinded trial.
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Post by patientx » 8 years ago

Cece wrote:The FDA does regulate the use of stents.
But not how they are used.

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